He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 85

Chapter 85 – Interest

‘Knock knock knock.’

Xu Jian looked at the Moments of Jiang Linxie’s circle of friends. The more he looked at it, the more mysterious it became. Then there was a knock on the door.

Xu Jian turned his head and opened his mouth at the door: “Meow~”

Come in.

Qin Chen pushed the door in and turned on the light smoothly. Without waiting for Xu Jian to ask him what happened, he calmly said, “We’ve been deceived.”

Xu Jian originally shrank half of his body in the quilt, but after hearing Qin Chen’s words, his whole body peeked out and stepped on the blanket to look at him.

“Meow meow?”

What was deceived?

Qin Chen sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at him, “I just called to ask the property. Among the existing owners in the community, none of them is named Sun Liyu.”

Xu Jian was taken aback, and Qin Chen continued, “The business card he gave, the number on it is empty and cannot be reached. I checked the company he said on the Internet, the company really exists. The manager is indeed surnamed Sun, but he’s not called Sun Liyu, but Sun Qiang. There is a photo of Sun Qiang on their company’s official website.”

Without asking, Xu Jian knew that Sun Qiang and Sun Liyu are definitely not alone.

Sun Liyu deliberately gave a fake business card just to increase the credibility of his words and gain their trust.

After all, under normal circumstances, no one will call the above contact information in front of others after taking the other party’s business card.

All this was planned by them. Their original purpose was to ‘invite’ Qin Chen to come with them. If they ‘invite and didn’t move’, they would go out of the rhetoric that they had prepared a long time ago.

Thinking of this, Xu Jian’s expression became serious. Those two, sure enough, were no good, full of lies, and even deceived them all over.

Stepping on the quilt and turning around the bed twice, Xu Jian was looking for his notebook for typing. As if knowing his intention, Qin Chen picked him up from the bed and rubbed his (QC) face on his(XJ) neck.

Qin Chen used to rub and kiss him often. At that time, Xu Jian had no other ideas except to sigh that he was really a heavy plush control.

But now it’s different. He clearly knows that he likes Qin Chen, and the other party makes this kind of intimate action to himself(XJ). Xu Jian’s whole cat stiffened, and his four legs maintained the posture of being lifted without moving.

Just when Xu Jian didn’t dare to come out, Qin Chen, who was sucking on the cat, buried his face in him and suddenly sighed:

“Today’s situation was really too dangerous, fortunately, you’re here.”

Xu Jian: “……”

Recalling the scene where Qin Chen was holding the cat and solved the thin bamboo pole with one hand, Xu Jian was in a complicated mood—

Sorry, your performance really makes me feel the words ‘dangerous’…

Xu Jian believes that with Qin Chen’s skills, even if he didn’t suddenly jump out, he wouldn’t be at a disadvantage.

Qin Chen drank wine. At this time, there was still a faint smell of wine on him. Xu Jian, who was being held, already harbored mischief. At this time, he was assailed by the smell of wine and even his state was rippling. He couldn’t help but lift his paw and hook Qin Chen’s lapel, then slightly inclined his head, his furry face facing Qin Chen’s bare neck.

The cat’s tongue has barbs, for fear that Qin Chen would notice it, Xu Jian didn’t dare stretch out his tongue, but just gently touched his neck twice. Then, he quickly moved his face away as if he had stolen honey.

The cat-sucking Qin Chen really didn’t notice Xu Jian’s little movements, he rubbed his face again, then held his plate face and said:

“You still have an audition during the day, so don’t think so much. Let’s talk about it after the audition.”

Xu Jian narrowed his eyes at him, with the meaning in his eyes: If you really don’t want me to think too much, then don’t tell me about being deceived ah.

Pinching his face and pulling on both sides, Qin Chen touched his cat’s forehead with his forehead intimately, “I’m just telling you so you don’t feel guilty, that person deserves a claw.”

After Wu Ling and Sun Liyu talked about Sun Xiang, Qin Chen noticed that Xu Jian’s gaze drifted to Sun Liyu’s injured hand from time to time full of regret and guilt written on his face.

He’s just worried that Xu Jian won’t sleep because of his claw. When Qin Chen found Sun Liyu and them were lying, he told him(XJ) as soon as possible.

Xu Jian didn’t expect Qin Chen to observe so carefully. He raised his leg and scratched his face with his paw, and turned his eyes in embarrassment.

When he moved away, Qin Chen took advantage of Xu Jian’s inattention and kissed him on the cheek, “Good night, Xu Milk.”

When Qin Chen’s figure was no longer visible, Xu Jian lay on the bed thinking about his good night with a smile—Qin Chen clearly knew that he was a human being and still did intimate actions toward him repeatedly. Does it mean that he might also have some interest in himself?(Person XJ)—This idea came out in his heart for the first time.

With this question in mind, Xu Jian didn’t sleep well as he should and yawned twice in the morning.

The audition was scheduled for 10 am, and his assistant Zhu Liang and Pan Min would pick up Xu Jian at 9:20 am. Taking advantage of his free time, Xu Jian asked Qin Chen about last night’s events.

Qin Chen saw that he looked like he wouldn’t stop until he said so, so he had to say, “I originally wanted to wait for your audition to end and tell you these, but seeing you like this, you’ll think about it all day long if I don’t tell you.”

“Of course.” Xu Jian said, “Don’t you know, when talking about the seriously ill Sun Xiang yesterday, that Wu Ling was almost crying. The acting skills are so good, I really believed it.”

Xu Jian still sighed in his heart, but he didn’t expect it to be fake.

Looking at Xu Jian who was angry when he mentioned Wu Ling, Qin Chen smiled, then said, “The property said that there is no owner named Sun Liyu, but it does not rule out that the house is under other people’s names. They are watching the surveillance to inspect, and to see where they went after leaving the parking lot last night.”

Xu Jian frowned when he heard this, and told Qin Chen about seeing Wu Ling several times in the community before, and asked, “Isn’t he your sisheng fan ah?”

Qin Chen: “It’s unlikely.”

Although the behavior of sisheng fan is uncontrollable, they are still essentially because of love for celebrity artists. Just like true love fans, if their favorite idol actor was injured, they will be the first to howl in distress and scold the agency for inaction.

And last night, Sun Liyu would do something to Qin Chen if he didn’t agree with what he said, unlike a sisheng fan could do.

Looking at the frowning and thinking Xu Jian, Qin Chen slowly said, “No matter who they are, they’re not good people anyway. Since they already set their eyes on this place, then it’s not safe here.”

There was Liu Qianqian[1]A walk down memory lane XD: QC’s fanatic admirer in front, and Wu Ling and Sun Liyu in the back; this place can’t be lived anymore.

Xu Jian looked up at him after listening, “What you mean is…”

Qin Chen didn’t hesitate to speak, “Move.”[2]Move houses in this context

“Move?” Xu Jian was stunned, “Not gonna live here anymore? Where are you moving to?”

Qin Chen shook his head, “Not where I’m moving to, but the two of us moving together.”

Meeting Qin Chen’s gaze, Xu Jian’s heart jumped. He looked away as if he had been burned, staring down at the dining table without speaking.

Seeing that Xu Jian didn’t say anything, Qin Chen thought he was unwilling, but before he could persuade him, the person across him suddenly raised his eyes to look at him and asked awkwardly, “So you want to buy a new house again?”

This was agreed upon. Qin Chen’s expression became a little more relaxed, and he didn’t answer but asked, “What kind of house do you want to live in?”

Xu Jian shook his head after hearing this, “I’m fine with anything.”

But after saying that, Xu Jian blushingly added, “Not too expensive, I don’t have much money now.”

Qin Chen has several properties under his name in Nanfeng City, so there is no need to purchase another one at all. But after hearing Xu Jian’s words, he raised his brows and teased him, “How much can you take out.”

After listening, Xu Jian carefully calculated in his heart, then held out three fingers.

Qin Chen just wanted to say ’30,000′ when he saw it, but Xu Jian bent one of his fingers again, leaving only half of it.

Qin Chen was stunned, “How much is this? 25,000?”

Xu Jian shook his fingers, Qin Chen guessed wrong, he was still a little happy. “250,000.”[3]Around 37.4k USD

Qin Chen didn’t expect Xu Jian still had so much money. “Didn’t you say your money was invested in buying a house?”

Xu Jian squinted his eyes and smiled, “Yes, a large part of the 250,000 yuan was collected from the rent.”

If it hadn’t been for buying a suite in full the year before, Xu Jian would’ve more current assets.

Qin Chen looked him up and down, and joked, “Mr. Xu, I didn’t expect you to hide so deep.”

Xu Jian withdrew his hand, felt a little embarrassed and rubbed his nose when he heard the words, and said in his heart: It took a long time to save the collected rent.

Qin Chen smiled, “Okay, now that the fund is there, then you can audition at ease today. I’ll solve the house matter and we’ll move as soon as you come back.”

Xu Jian was a little surprised hearing this, “Can you find a good house in one day?”

Qin Chen: “Find an acquaintance and do things quickly.”

Xu Jian was somewhat nervous when he heard this, “Who is the acquaintance you mentioned?”

Qin Chen said a name, Xu Jian breathed a sigh of relief—Although it’s a name I never heard of, fortunately, it wasn’t Du Zezhou.


After 9 am, Xu Jian went to audition, while Qin Chen began to look for a house.

They moved in a hurry and could only move to the house they bought before, but after Xu Jian said so, Qin Chen had a new idea.

Since Xu Jian took the initiative to pay, he wanted to buy another set. The names of the two people were written on the title deed, and they would move when the renovation is complete.

Du Zezhou and Tang Li heard from somewhere that Qin Chen was moving. They asked in the group chat if they needed their help. Knowing that Xu Jian didn’t want to see Du Zezhou, Qin Chen wanted to refuse, but he changed his mind. Sooner or later, they’ll have to meet. It’s good to take advantage of this opportunity to meet.

So Qin Chen agreed and told Du Zezhou and Tang Li in advance that Xu Jian was also in this matter.

Du Zezhou and Tang Li, who had just originally casually asked if they wanted help, heard that Qin Chen’s future boyfriend was also there. They first sighed that Qin Chen was actually hiding his wife in the golden house[4]a golden house to keep one’s mistress [idiom]; a magnificent house for a beloved woman until now, and then enthusiastically said that they would come right away.

In order to have a look at Xu Jian, Tang Li and Du Zezhou both chose to skip work.

For the two who can’t wait, Qin Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and replied:

[He has something to do, not sure when he’ll come back.]

Du Zezhou was in high spirits: [It’s okay, we can wait for him!]

Tang Li: [I don’t care, I’ve already packed my things!]

Qin Chen couldn’t stop them, so he let them skip work.

In less than half an hour, Du Zezhou and Tang Li’s cars were parked downstairs in Qin Chen’s community. As soon as they entered the door, they probed their heads and looked inside. Tang Li kept asking, “Where’s the person? Where’s the person? Hurry, let me have a quick look.”

Qin Chen looked at him angrily, “I said he hasn’t come back and gone to work.”

Du Zezhou’s face was obviously at a loss, “It’s been half an hour, he still hasn’t come back yet ah.”

They’re all here and they can’t come in vain. Tang Li and Du Zezhou both rolled up their sleeves to help Qin Chen pack his things. When they saw the two bedrooms and two beds, Tang Li hated the iron for not becoming steel and criticized Qin Chen:

“The person has been abducted home and still separated. Are you Qin Xiahu?[5]He was actually Zhan Huo, courtesy name Qin later changed to Ji, was an ancient Chinese politician. He was canonized as Hui and is now commonly known as Liuxia Hui. He was a man of eminent virtue and … Continue reading Don’t know how to cherish such a good opportunity.”

Du Zezhou leaned against the door frame, rubbed his chin, and shook his head, “I finally know why you’ve been chasing for so long and still a future boyfriend.”

Qin Chen: “……”

Finally, the two spoke in unison: “The revolution hasn’t yet succeeded, Comrade Qin still needs to work hard ah.”

Throwing a pillow at the two, Qin Chen: “You two talk a lot.”


Xu Jian performed very well during the audition. On the way back from the end, Pan Min unexpectedly received a call from the crew, saying that Xu Jian passed the audition, and Qi Feng’s role was set for Xu Jian.

The reply was as expected, Pan Min thanked them and hung up the phone. When she turned her head to look at Xu Jian, there was a smile in her eyes, “It’s done.”

Xu Jian’s eyes lit up, “It’s over?!”

Pan Min nodded, “You’re set, good job.”

Later, Pan Min asked Xu Jian if he wanted to celebrate. Xu Jian declined thinking about the move, saying he would invite Pan Min and the others to dinner another day.

Pan Min was very satisfied with Xu Jian’s humble and unperturbed attitude, and nodded, “It’s okay. I’ll tell you when the crew sends the script and contract.”

When he got off the car in the community, Xu Jian’s mind was full of thoughts, thinking about it in the elevator when he went upstairs—

How will Qin Chen react when he hears this good news?

With this in mind, Xu Jian raised his hand and pressed on the fingerprint lock. Then he raised his hand and opened the door, he said while entering the door, “I’m back.”

As soon as Xu Jian’s words fell, he heard two voices in the room that did not belong to Qin Chen:

“Come, come, you’re finally back!”

“Let me see what he looks like!”

Xu Jian, who closed the door with his backhand, paused, and before he could react, he saw two figures rushing towards him in the living room out of the corners of his eyes, and they were in front of him in a blink of an eye.

Seeing the two people who suddenly appeared and stared at him full of excitement, Xu Jian was startled and looked dumbfounded at the same time:

“You guys… who ah?”

The author has something to say:

Du Zezhou & Tang Li: Finally saw him!

Jian Cat: ? ? ? Who are you guys?

I have read all the comments,[6]Comments in jjwxc but yesterday’s comments made me a little discouraged, so I’m here again bababa[7]sfx sharp noise/gunfire XD:

As I said before, there are two plot points that are connected. Wu Ling’s matter is not to pull out Jiang Linxie, but to pull out Qin Chen’s family to lift Xu Jian’s misunderstanding of his (QC) being kept. Of course, Wu Ling’s matter is not over yet…

After reading the comments of the little angels, I also found that I have a lot of problems. Mastering the rhythm of the plot is really my shortcoming. I always unconsciously drag the plot and it becomes a slow burn. Thank you all for the reminder.

I will pay attention in the future! I appreciate everyone’s continued support.

shooketh XJ:

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1 A walk down memory lane XD: QC’s fanatic admirer
2 Move houses in this context
3 Around 37.4k USD
4 a golden house to keep one’s mistress [idiom]; a magnificent house for a beloved woman
5 He was actually Zhan Huo, courtesy name Qin later changed to Ji, was an ancient Chinese politician. He was canonized as Hui and is now commonly known as Liuxia Hui. He was a man of eminent virtue and is said on one occasion to have a lady on his lap without the slightest imputation on his moral character. Link
6 Comments in jjwxc
7 sfx sharp noise/gunfire XD

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