He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 86.1

Chapter 86.1 – Childhood Friend

The two people who jumped in front of Xu Jian excitedly were no other than Tang Li and Du Zezhou.

Tang Li and Xu Jian knew each other, but the other party didn’t know that he was Milk, so Xu Jian pretended to meet for the first time. As for Du Zezhou…

When Xu Jian sized up Du Zezhou silently, Du Zezhou and Tang Li looked at him while stroking their chins. Then, Tang Li’s eyes narrowed, muttering to himself, “Why do you look so familiar?”

Hearing Tang Li’s words, Xu Jian’s throat tightened and his heart raised to his throat, thinking — Could it be that Tang Li saw that he was Milk that he had tossed around before?

So perceptive? No way?

Du Zezhou turned to look at Tang Li: “You knew each other before?”

Tang Li stared straight at Xu Jian, neither saying yes nor no. In the end, Qin Chen, who came from the terrace, found Xu Jian, who was ‘besieged’, and walked over to push the two away and rescue the uneasy Xu Jian.

Qin Chen took Xu Jian’s arms, but his words were directed at them:

“What are you two doing blocking people by the door?”

After sweeping a glance at Qin Chen’s arm protecting Xu Jian, Tang Li and Du Zezhou looked at each other, with the meaning in their eyes:

Tch, they’re still not together yet, look at Qin Chen’s way of protecting the calf.

Naturally, Tang Li wouldn’t let go of this great opportunity to ridicule Qin Chen. He winked at Qin Chen and smiled meaningfully, “Don’t worry, we won’t do anything to people, you don’t need to be so nervous.”

Du Zezhou smiled and raised his hand to pat Qin Chen’s arm, and raised his chin at Xu Jian to indicate.

“Won’t you introduce us?”

Knowing that Tang Li and Du Zezhou had always been characters who enjoys watching the fun, and were afraid that they would slip up later, Qin Chen gave them a warning glance.

Tang Li understood the meaning in his eyes but deliberately pretended not to know. He stretched out his hand to Xu Jian without fear of death and smilingly took the initiative to introduce himself. “Hello, little brother. My name is Tang Li, and I’m Qin Chen’s childhood friend.”

Seeing the wicked smile on Tang Li’s face, Qin Chen felt his temples jumping and began to regret calling this troublemaker to come.

Facing the smile on Tang Li’s face, Xu Jian instantly remembered the days of being tossed around by him on the set and hesitated to reach out for two seconds.

“Hello, I’m Xu Jian, Qin Chen’s… friend.”

When he said the word ‘friend’ Xu Jian paused, obviously deliberating his words.

Tang Li quickly held Xu Jian’s hand, with a dawning expression on his face.

“I said, why do you look so familiar, I’ve seen your photos on the internet before. You were on the hot search with Brother Chen. It turns out that you and Brother Chen are in the same industry ah.”

Looking at Tang Li, who held his hand and kept shaking it, Xu Jian realized that he didn’t think he was Milk.

After a false alarm, Xu Jian breathed a sigh of relief and smiled at Tang Li, “Yes.”

He was such a flop and Qin Chen was so hot[1]Very popular in this context, saying that he was Qin Chen’s colleague, he was still a little embarrassed.

Patting away Tang Li’s hand that had been holding Xu Jian’s hand, Qin Chen looked at him, displeased, “Okay, you just have a good memory.”

The beaten Tang Li wasn’t annoyed, and after retracting his claws, he said lightly, “Cheapskate.”

Just a simple handshake, he doesn’t want to give. The vinegar spirit reincarnation of the cheapskate ghost.

After hearing Tang Li’s endless tirade, Xu Jian was a little unable to follow his thinking: Who’s a cheapskate?

Xu Jian subconsciously turned his head to look at Qin Chen, the latter calmly spoke, “He’s never been in tune.”

Xu Jian understood Qin Chen’s hint. After all, he had experienced Tang Li’s irregularity. Thinking of Tang Li’s theatrical nature, he wasn’t tangled in an instant.

After Tang Li’s introduction, it was Du Zezhou’s turn. When he shook his hand, Du Zezhou’s face was full of smiles and enthusiasm:

“You’re Xu Jian ah, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you, I’m Du Zezhou… hiss—”

Before Du Zezhou had time to say the second half of his sentence ‘I’m also Qin Chen’s childhood friend’, he felt Xu Jian’s hand strength suddenly increase. Caught off guard, he didn’t hold back and sucked in a breath of cold air.

Without time to take into account Du Zezhou’s somewhat distorted expression, Xu Jian’s heart was like a roaring sea. He didn’t expect Qin Chen to actually take the golden master[2]financial backer home directly!

His face changed, and finally, Xu Jian stared at Du Zezhou with an ugly expression. His eyes seem to burn a hole in his face.

Du Zezhou didn’t expect Xu Jian who looked refined and thin, to have a hand so strong that he felt extreme pain in his hand.

Thinking that Xu Jian didn’t intend to do it, Du Zezhou struggled to retract his hand but raised his eyes to meet the other party’s unfriendly gaze. Du Zezhou: “?”

Perceiving that something was wrong with the atmosphere, Qin Chen pulled the two apart and looked at Xu Jian with concern, “What’s wrong?”

Xu Jian, who was immersed in the shock of ‘his beloved actually brought the golden master in front of him’, suddenly returned to his senses when he heard the words. He first looked at Qin Chen in a flash, then turned his head to look at Du Zezhou, who was standing behind Tang Li, clutching his hand and staring at him with astonishment.

Xu Jian: “……”

Facing the three people’s gaze, Xu Jian felt that he was a dumb man after eating Chinese goldthread, and he couldn’t say his bitterness.

Pulling out a dry smile, Xu Jian said to Du Zezhou, “Sorry, I was distracted just now.”

Without looking in the mirror, Xu Jian knew that his current expression must be very ugly.

Not only did Xu Jian himself felt this way, but Qin Chen also saw the four characters ‘forced smile’[3]强颜欢笑 on his face, secretly frowned, and looked at Du Zezhou in a flash, with the meaning in his eyes:

What did you do?

Du Zezhou felt that he was more wronged than Dou E, and shook his head frantically under Qin Chen’s gaze—

I’m not, I didn’t, I don’t know anything, don’t blindly put a label!

And Tang Li’s eyes turned around on the three, wishing for the whole world to be in chaos, and raised his eyebrows: Oh my, it seems that there is a story ah.

Seeing Xu Jian’s reaction when he heard Du Zezhou’s name, Tang Li had already made up a ‘you love him, he loves him, but he loves him’ a large-scale love-hate drama. The plot has ups and downs, making people clap their hands, and say dog blood sour.

Wonderful, wonderful.


While Xu Jian went to his room to pack his things,   Du Zezhou secretly pulled Qin Chen to the side, frowning so much that he could kill a fly, “Does the one in your family have an opinion of me ah?”

It was obviously fine at first, but after he got to him, his face changed, making him feel all over the place, frantically thinking in his heart if he had offended Xu Jian.

However, the conclusion is that he is a game player, and he hasn’t encountered Xu Jian’s circle before, let alone offended.

Qin Chen couldn’t figure it out either, “You really didn’t know him before?”

“Really!” Du Zezhou almost raised his hand and swore, “I’ve never seen him before!”

Tang Li, who was in charge of organizing the refrigerator and kitchen, came out with potato chips in his arms and saw Qin Chen and Du Zezhou whispering next to each other, and went over with great interest.

Seeing the potato chips in Tang Li’s arms, Qin Chen reminded, “You robbed his food and let him see it. Be careful.”

Tang Li was fearless, the potato chips were crunchy, and he joked, “Brother Chen, your future boyfriend has a bit of a temper ah.”

Knitting his brows, Qin Chen spoke for Xu Jian, “He has a very good temper, there should be some misunderstanding.”

Tang Li nodded, “I think so, too, and it feels like this misunderstanding is not small.”

As soon as Tang Li’s voice fell, Du Zezhou hurriedly touched Qin Chen with his elbow, “You quickly go and ask. I always feel that I carry a big mouthful of black pot. If you don’t make it clear, I may not be in the mood for dinner today.”

He could feel Xu Jian’s faintly discernible hostility towards himself.

Qin Chen glanced at Xu Jian’s closed door, and finally nodded, “I’ll find the chance to ask.”

After hearing his words, Du Zezhou grabbed Qin Chen’s arm, learning from Tang Li’s usual drama, he raised his hand and wiped his non-existent tears from the corner of his eyes, and spoke with grievances, “You must ask clearly and return my innocence ah.”

Listening to Du Zezhou’s pretentious tone, Qin Chen and Tang Li gave him a blank look in unison[4]to agree by chance or take the same action without prior discussion. Tang Li laughed and cursed, “F&^# you, you’re disgusting.”

Coincidentally, when Xu Jian opened the door and came out, he saw Du Zezhou holding Qin Chen’s arm with both hands, and the three of them were talking and laughing.

Stabbed by this scene, Xu Jian pursed his lips, and calmly closed the door without saying anything.

In the next second, Xu Jian, who was praised by Qin Chen for having a good temper, threw himself on the bed, punched and kicked the newly folded quilt pillow, and almost bit his mouth to vent his anger.

Xu Jian vented on the cotton silently in the room for a while. In the living room, Du Zezhou suddenly sneezed without warning. Qin Chen and Tang Li saw this and were instantly a few steps away from him.

Looking at the two people who avoided him like snakes and scorpions, Du Zezhou: “……”

Raising a hand to point at Xu Jian’s room, Du Zezhou looked at Qin Chen seriously, “I think your object is cursing me inside.”

Afraid that Xu Jian would hear it, Du Zezhou could still lower his voice when he said this, sounding pitiful.

Raising his hand to slap down his hand, Qin Chen looked at him angrily, “It’s over ah. Don’t push everything on people’s heads. What does your sneezing have to do with Xiao Jian?”

Tang Li smacked his lips at the words, and winked at Du Zezhou, “Xiao Jian, really intimate name.”

Qin Chen ignored the two who were deliberately joking and went to tidy up the cloakroom, leaving Du Zezhou and Tang Li in the living room, not knowing what they were discussing.



1 Very popular in this context
2 financial backer
3 强颜欢笑
4 to agree by chance or take the same action without prior discussion

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