He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 87.1

Chapter 87.1 – Stir Up

Qin Chen originally wanted to take advantage of the verbal opportunity to tease the thin-skinned Xu Jian, but he didn’t expect him to readily admit it.

After speaking, he and Qin Chen looked at each other for two seconds, and Xu Jian reacted slowly to what he just said.

Qin Chen and Du Zezhou are childhood friends, and it’s a good thing that the two are innocent. However, this does not mean that Qin Chen is interested in him and can lay down his cards on the table ah.

The beauty was mistaken. Xu Jian scolded himself in his heart for being unpromising. He talks too much when he is happy.

Xu Jian, who was panicked, took out his lifelong acting skills, put out a magnanimous noble appearance, and pretended to play it cool and found a remedy:

“I’m just kidding.”

Catching the panic that flashed in Xu Jian’s eyes, and then listened to his unconvincing explanation, Qin Chen carefully guessed him about right, and suddenly smiled when he looked at him.

Xu Jian looked at the smile on Qin Chen’s face, his heart was scared, the alarm bell in his brain was ringing, his hands behind him subconsciously wanted to slip, and he bluffed, “You, what are you smiling at?”

Xu Jian realized a serious problem—

Since Qin Chen has nothing to do with Du Zezhou, then he shouldn’t be a straight man, right? Don’t you know that when you harbor intentions for him, you feel that you wanted to beat yourself up, so that you can dispel the thought of thinking about him?

When he thought of Qin Chen’s skills, then thinking about his own body that he estimated to be knocked down with two punches, Xu Jian was terrified.

Xu Jian had just raised his butt, and before he could separate from the sofa, Qin Chen, who had noticed his thoughts, raised his hands and pressed his shoulders first, fixing him in place.

Xu Jian, who was restrained, heart jumped. He subconsciously raised his hands to cover his face, ‘We’re all in the entertainment industry, don’t hit people in the face’. Before he could say it, he was pushed down by a force and laid his back on the sofa. He could only open his eyes wide and let out a short sound from his throat:


Qin Chen took down his hands that was covering his face and held them. While Xu Jian thought, ‘Sure enough, he’s going to hit the face!’ and closed his eyes tightly.

With his eyes closed, his hearing was extremely sensitive, and for a moment, Xu Jian even felt the flow of air in his ears.

Qin Chen was approaching.

Ready for Qin Chen to beat him up, Xu Jian raised his heart to his throat. The next second, there was a tingling pain on his left face, but the touch was warm and moist, not a cold hard fist.

Xu Jian suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Qin Chen who was pressing on him in disbelief.

Because of Xu Jian’s brain hole opened and forcibly pulled, Qin Chen bit him like a punishment, and after meeting his rounded eyes, he lowered his head and bit him in the face.

His smiling voice came from Xu Jian’s ears, “Sorry, I took it seriously.”

Qin Chen’s voice was slightly lower at this time, as if it was coming from a fine and expensive cello. Xu Jian put his hand on his chest, and he could feel it trembling.

Facing Qin Chen, he began to burn and feel numb. Xu Jian looked at him as if his head was tied in a knot: What did he mean by taking it seriously?

Propped on the sofa and looking down at Xu Jian, Qin Chen carefully looked at the two extremely symmetrical shallow teeth marks on his face, left and right, and nodded in satisfaction.

He was very satisfied with his masterpiece.

Raising his eyes and looking into Xu Jian’s dumbfounded and astonished eyes, Qin Chen sighed softly, “Xu Milk, are you really stupid or faking stupidity? I like you, can’t you really feel it?”

When he thought of Xu Jian misunderstood that he and Du Zezhou have an improper relationship, Qin Chen wanted to see what else he had in mind besides potato chips, coke, and crayfish.

Xu Jian: “! ! !”

Hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian was shocked and subconsciously opened his mouth, “You like me?”

Seeing Xu Jian look like he knew for the first time, Qin Chen completely lost his temper:

“How can I kiss you if I don’t like you? Do you really think I’m a good person and kindly give you Yang Qi?”

Xu Jian: “…. Is, Isn’t?”

Xu Jian lost confidence in Qin Chen’s eyes for no reason. He really thought Qin Chen was kind.

Knowing that Xu Jian was slow in terms of feelings, Qin Chen didn’t expect him to be slow to this extent. As it turns out, he was previously teasing a clueless blockhead that hadn’t been enlightened!

Qin Chen was so angry in his heart; he asked rhetorically, “Would you hug and kiss people because of kindness?”

He didn’t expect his image in Xu Jian’s heart to be so glorious and great.

Xu Jian seriously thought about Qin Chen’s question, and before he could come up with a reason, Qin Chen suddenly pinched his face, and deliberately made a resenting evil voice, “You actually still hesitate!”

His thoughts were pulled back by Qin Chen’s pinch, and Xu Jian defended himself confidently:

“I was just thinking about whether emergency artificial respiration is included in the situation you said.”

Qin Chen laughed angrily, pinched his face, then pulled his earlobe, “What do you think?”

Seeing Qin Chen’s expression, Xu Jian wisely changed the subject and spoke straightforwardly, “I know you treat me well, but I always thought you liked Milk, and just liked my fur.”

Qin Chen: “? ? Am I that kind of person?”

Who would kiss someone just because they like a cat? This is not the same as love me, love my dog.

Xu Jian thought about the extent of Qin Chen’s plush control, then nodded solemnly, “Yes.”

Qin Chen: “…..”

In order to prove his conclusion, Xu Jian began to put his hands into it and say his arguments, giving examples one by one to illustrate the depth of Qin Chen’s plush control.

Looking at the chattering mouth in front of him, Qin Chen’s eyes sank, and he just lowered his head and blocked it, sealing all four, five, or six points behind Xu Jian in his mouth.

Xu Jian, who was talking, was attacked by surprise, and he almost didn’t catch his breath. The second before he suffocated to death, he remembered Qin Chen’s previous words—his nose was used for breathing, so he quickly took a breath.

Feeling the rise and fall of his chest, Qin Chen stifled a laugh, taking advantage of the gap between the breaths, he teased, “Not bad, you haven’t forgotten to breathe.”

Xu Jian raised the corners of his eyes when he heard the words, the meaning in his eyes—Of course.

Not knowing whether it was because of lack of oxygen or embarrassment, Xu Jian’s face was very red, his eyes were gleaming, and the corners of his slightly red eyes swept away. In Qin Chen’s eyes, it was full of seduction.

Facing Xu Jian’s eyes, Qin Chen followed a cat in his heart, and the cat kept sweeping around with its tail.

Qin Chen’s heart softened into a piece, and he rubbed his forehead against Xu Jian intimately. Contrary to the gentle movement, his tone was indisputable, “Since it’s been stamped, you’re my person from now on.”

Qin Chen was afraid that Xu Jian’s imagination would be wide open, then he would misinterpret this kiss by pulling some nonsense. He wasn’t at ease, so he deliberately emphasized it again.

What answered Qin Chen was Xu Jian’s curved eyes and a kiss printed on the corner of his lips when the other party raised his head.

With both hands around Qin Chen’s neck, Xu Jian was in a happy mood, “Then you are also my person.”

After saying that, Xu Jian smiled sweetly at Qin Chen again, and added, “Boyfriend.”

Qin Chen immediately accepted his ‘boyfriend’ setting, feeling good, and began to implement his rights as a boyfriend with the person in his arms.

Two healthy and vigorous men, before they broke through this layer of window paper, the two often flirted with each other intentionally or unintentionally. Except for holding and nibbling each other with restraint in the name of crossing the sun, they had to hold back on their own when they’re caught in the fire.

It’s different now. After laying their cards on the table, the two people openly fooled around on the small sofa, and their coats were mercilessly thrown on the floor between their intimacy.

Xu Jian’s shirt was pulled out from the waist by Qin Chen, revealing a section of his dazzling white waist and abdomen. Qin Chen’s eyes darkened when he saw this, and stretched out a hand to touch it—

The slightly cool skin is smooth and delicate to the touch, and the feel was somewhat better than the soft cat hair.

Xu Jian was ticklish, but he wasn’t tensed by Qin Chen’s touch. He bent his back and laughed twice without holding back. The charming atmosphere was diluted a lot.

Seeing this, Qin Chen raised a brow, “Ticklish?”

As he said, Qin Chen’s movements didn’t stop. Xu Jian laughed at first, but after laughing, he couldn’t laugh anymore.

Qin Chen’s fingers seemed to be charged, and a strange feeling he had never experienced before spread from his fingertips to Xu Jian’s heart, making him unable to hold back and hum in a low voice.

As soon as his voice came out, the atmosphere became a bit more intense, and Qin Chen’s movement became even more uncontrollable.

Just when the ambiguity factor floating around filled the room, both of them had fire in their eyes, and they were about to fire their guns. Qin Chen’s staring red eyes lowered and wanted to kiss Xu Jian, but he kissed a mouthful of cat hair instead.

The four eyes of each other, the human face and the cat face were frozen together.

Qin Chen: “? ? ?”

Xu Jian, who was caught off guard and suddenly changed back into a cat, opened his eyes and looked at Qin Chen, also confused — What’s the situation? Why did I changed back?

Looking at the cat lying on his back, Qin Chen’s temples jumped, and he didn’t squeezed a word out of his mouth for half a day.

Qin Chen: “……”

Xu Jian: “……”


One person and one cat seemed to have been hit by the pause button and fell into a strange silence.

Looking at each other, not knowing how long it took, Qin Chen took a deep breath to suppress the fire in his heart, got up without saying a word, leaned on the back of the sofa, and rubbed his eyebrows with his hand.

Xu Jian Cat also rolled around and stood up from the sofa. He first glanced at the blue veins besides Qin Chen’s temples, then looked down, then glanced at the place where he had already reacted.

Although he didn’t want to be like this now, he suddenly changed back into a cat, and it was him who ran away after stirring it up, so Xu Jian knew that he was wrong. He raised his paw somewhat guiltily, and tentatively patted is thigh:

“Meow… meow?”

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