He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 87.2

Chapter 87.2 – Stir Up

Qin Chen, who was holding back, let out a long breath, and his voice was a little hoarse, “I can’t do anything to you now, so don’t make a sound.”

Qin Chen seemed to have a breath stuck in his throat, and he couldn’t swallow or exhale.

The blockage makes him want to hit someone.

Knowing that he needed time to deal with his current physical reaction, Xu Jian, who was afraid to stir up the fire and get burned, reluctantly retracted his meat pad. After taking a careful look at him, Xu Jian silently moved to the corner of the sofa.

Looking at Qin Chen, who was exuding low pressure all over, Xu Jian secretly grimaced:

It’s not that I want to turn back into a cat, it’s not time… is it?

Hm? Time?

Xu Jian turned his head and glanced at the still bright sky outside the window. He was stunned at first then came to his senses—

No ah, they haven’t eaten dinner yet. Now it’s past six o’clock at most, why did he changed back to Milk?

The boyfriend who was making out with him suddenly became a cat, and Qin Chen, whose arrow was on the string, had no choice but to hold back. Fortunately, he had strong willpower and finally eased over after a few minutes.

Sitting upright and turning his head to look at Xu Jian, who had shrunk himself into a cat ball and was trying his best to reduce his presence, in the end, Qin Chen was helpless and just pretended to threaten fiercely:

“You won’t be so lucky next time.”

After hearing his meaningful words, Xu Jian subconsciously shrank back into the sofa again, and began to feel pain in his butt in advance.

I’m even a little glad that I just turned back into a cat.

Otherwise, they will go through the whole process as soon as they determined the relationship, and this progress was out of control, and it’s too fast.

He was fascinated by Qin Chen’s beauty before, but now that he sobered up, Xu Jian began to feel fortunate in his heart that the critical moment stepped on the brakes.

Seeing his pitiful look, Qin Chen sighed and asked, “Why did you changed back earlier today?”

Xu Jian shook his head, “Meow~”

That means: The cat doesn’t know either.

Qin Chen frowned, looked at him and mumbled a guess, “Could it be that you’ll change if you’re too excited?”

As for why Xu Jian was excited, the two of them knew very well. Xu Jian’s cat face was red and he opened his mouth to retort, “Meow—”

Who was excited just now? This is slander, slander!


After Xu Jian stirred up Qin Chen’s fire, he patted his butt and changed back to a cat in advance. The reason for this was not discussed by one person and one cat, but dinner was still eaten.

It’s a lie to be affectionate and full of water or something.

Between making it yourself or having the restaurant deliver it to your door, Qin Chen didn’t hesitate to choose the latter. He had no intention of cooking after a stifling loss.

While waiting for dinner, Qin Chen finally had time to settle the scores, and @Du Zezhou and Tang Li in the group chat.

Next to Qin Chen, Xu Jian sat on the sofa with the tip of his tail dangling from the edge of the sofa, watching the finale of <Rainbow Cat & Blue Rabbit: Legend of the Seven Swords> with a more serious expression than him.

On the other hand, after Tang Li and Du Zezhou left from Qin Chen’s house. The two had too much to say about Qin Chen and Xu Jian, so they simply found a restaurant to eat dinner together.

The two even made a bet. The content of the bet was when will Qin Chen be able to abduct his boyfriend, who he hasn’t gotten, into bed to confirm the relationship.

Du Zezhou and Tang Li discussed seriously. If the Qin Family’s uncles and aunts knew that Qin Chen was plotting to kidnap a man home, they wonder how they would react.

When Qin Chen was looking for them in the group chat, Tang Li and Du Zezhou had just finished discussing the topic of ‘Why Xu Jian is hostile to Du Zezhou’.

Seeing Qin Chen looking for them, Tang Li and Du Zezhou looked at each other, then pa pa typed the words:

[What’s the matter, Brother Chen?]

Qin Chen: [Do you guys know what good deed you’ve done?]

Tang Li was really thick-skinned and replied, [Stopped at the red light, go at the green light, and yield to pedestrians to help Grandmothers cross the road. Brother Chen, which one are you referring to?]

Du Zezhou: [……]

Qin Chen: [Do you know why Xiao Jian’s expression when he looked at Du Zezhou was wrong?]

Tang Li and Du Zezhou were excited when they looked at each other, and Du Zezhou asked, [Why?]

Du Zezhou felt that he was really miserable, being disliked by others without knowing why.

Qin Chen: [Because he heard Tang Li’s words before, he thought I was supported[1]like being kept in this context, and thought our relationship was abnormal.]

Tang Li: [……]

Du Zezhou: [? ? ?]

Du Zezhou didn’t hold back a ‘I f^%#@g’ and also couldn’t manage about typing slowly, so he directly sent a voice message:

“Support? How the f&^3 do I have the money to support you? How can there be such a misunderstanding? No, that’s not right… god f%$&#!g damn it, support!”

Because of too much shock, Du Zezhou’s whole person wasn’t good, and his speech became incoherent. He, who is usually elegant and gentle, didn’t hold back a word and cursed a few dirty words.

Even if he had the ability to support him, Du Zezhou also dare not ah. He’s afraid of being mixed up by the Qin Family’s uncles and aunts with his parents.

And supporting Qin Chen… Just visualizing that image, Du Zezhou felt a chill down his spine.

Thinking of this, Du Zezhou was so frightened that his voice split, and Tang Li, who was sitting opposite him, didn’t get much better. He got up from his chair with a ‘cèng[2]dragging your feet while walking

“When did I say this? I don’t carry this pot!”[3]I won’t take the blame!

Tang Li knows that he is usually a bit out of tune, but he would never make such jokes that undermined his friends’ innocence.

He is unscrupulous, but there are principles, okay!

Hearing Tang Li’s words, Du Zezhou hurriedly cleared the relation, “I don’t carry this pot either, I don’t know anything!”

Hence, Qin Chen briefly recounted what happened in the video call between Tang Li and him and emphasized the words ‘bed servant’.

After listening to this, Du Zezhou thought for a while, it was reasonable and justified. It is indeed easy to make people think wrong, but he still won’t carry this pot, so he quickly sold his teammate:

“This has nothing to do with me. It’s Tang Li who added his drama. Those weren’t my original words!”

Seeing Du Zezhou crazily throwing the pot[4]Shifting the blame, to pass the buck, Tang Li was shocked, glanced at him resentfully, and questioned, “Where is your loyalty?”

Du Zezhou’s face was cold, “Disaster is coming. Brother, take care.”

Tang Li: “……”

After making such a big mishap, he was more or less responsible for losing his responsibility. It was strange that he was used to talking wickedly, but he didn’t expect Xu Jian to be a serious person and took the joke to heart.

But Tang Li thought about it again, and asked Qin Chen in the group:

[No, I remember when I was video calling with you, wasn’t it just you and Milk? How did Xu Jian hear me say this? Did you say that?]

Xu Jian can’t talk about Milk’s matter, Qin Chen casually guff: [He was also there at that time, but he has always been thin-skinned, so he didn’t appear on camera.]

The thin-skinned Xu Jian’s pointed ears moved. After hearing Qin Chen’s words, he turned his attention away from the exciting TV, turned his head to look at him with discontent, and silently accused Qin Chen of lying without making a draft. That means:

Who’s thin-skinned? Don’t talk nonsense!

Du Zezhou’s focus was skewed: [Damn! It turns out that you and Xu Jian hooked up in August. I didn’t expect you to do a good job of keeping secrets.]

When Tang Li saw that the opportunity was coming, he quickly followed: [Yes ah, even we were kept in the dark, it’s not too loyal enough! Luckily we’ve grown up from childhood to adulthood.]

And it’s been so long, he haven’t taken the person down, wasting his excellent face.

Qin Chen didn’t buy it: [Don’t think of changing the subject. Say bah, how can you compensate me?]

If it weren’t for these two, he would’ve gotten someone long ago.

Tang Li and Du Zezhou looked at each other, then Tang Li sent a red envelope to Qin Chen with a note—This enough?

Qin Chen clicked the red envelope to see, a cent.

He (TL) sorrowfully asked: [… What do you think?]

Du Zezhou didn’t rushed to death like Tang Li, and seriously said: [Well, aren’t you chasing Xu Jian? We’ll make a plan.]

Qin Chen who was rubbing the cat typed with one hand:

[You don’t have to, already caught up.]

[From now on, only the two of you are single, so don’t envy me.]

When Du Zezhou and Tang Li saw Qin Chen’s message, they brushed the screen with exclamation marks and expression packs.

Tang Li: [You moved so fast?!]

Du Zezhou was also surprised: [When we left, didn’t you still have a falling out?]

The progress was so fast, don’t tell me it’s a fight on the bed?

Qin Chen: [What, from what you guys mean, you don’t seem to want us to be together very much?]

Tang Li and Du Zezhou looked at each other. That’s not true, it’s just… none of the two of them were right with the bet they just made.

But the good brother got what he wanted and found himself a partner. They were still sincerely happy for him. Tang Li typed back:

[Happy, how can we be not happy. Congratulations on finally having a s** life after living for more than 20 years.]

Du Zezhou: [Congratulations, congratulations. I will invite you two to dinner when I have time.]

The words s** life poked Qin Chen’s sore spot. Thinking of Xu Jian’s sudden change back to a cat just now, his face darkened, and the conversation changed:

[Even if there’s congratulations, you still need to think about how to compensate me :)]

Tang Li, was like a veteran. Seeing Qin Chen’s sudden change of attitude, he had a bold idea, and asked without fear for death:

[What? Brother Chen, are you not very harmonious in your s** life with your family? Can’t you or can’t he?]

Seeing Tang Li’s message, Du Zezhou sucked in a breath of cold air, and sweated for him in his heart, thinking—

You won’t die if you don’t seek death.

Qin Chen almost blacklisted Tang Li from the drifting bottle contact[5]Friendship is about to break which is mainly meant to be a joke. It’s also actually used to be a feature in WeChat where users can write a message and leave them in the virtual ocean of internet … Continue reading, gritted his teeth, and replied:

[You don’t have to worry about it, let’s not be too harmonious with each other.]

Tang Li held back his laughter and jumped repeatedly on the edge of death:

[I know a Chinese doctor who specializes in this area, why don’t I refer you to him.]

Du Zezhou thought Qin Chen would reply to Tang Li with a ‘scram’, but he didn’t expect the other party to say:

[No need, leave it to yourself.]

Xu Jian knew that Qin Chen was chatting with Tang Li and the others, but when he turned his head unintentionally, he saw that the other party was staring at him, looking as if he was about to eat him whole.

Staring at Qin Chen’s gaze, Xu Jian’s heart was scared, he silently moved a step to the side, and opened his mouth:


I’m just a little cat now, don’t look at me with those eyes!

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: You calm down, calm down!

Qin poop scooping officer: I’m enduring [gritting his teeth]

Tang Li: Little expert in courting death.

Du Zezhou: The first person to carry the pot.

XJ: Don’t look at me like that!

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1 like being kept in this context
2 dragging your feet while walking
3 I won’t take the blame!
4 Shifting the blame, to pass the buck
5 Friendship is about to break which is mainly meant to be a joke. It’s also actually used to be a feature in WeChat where users can write a message and leave them in the virtual ocean of internet for anybody else to pick up.

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