He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 89

Chapter 89 – Peace of Mind

The girl gave Xu Jian a blow to his heart and didn’t say anything. After her boyfriend heard it, he also turned his face and glanced at Xu Jian, then sighed with his girlfriend, “F&^%, this is really fat, isn’t this a pig?”

Xu Jian not only dealt a blow to his heart, but also ushered in a fatal blow, causing double damage.

Xu Jian twisted his face angrily, wanting to argue for himself in a few words: You’re the pig, your whole family is a pig!

He is a little bit fat now, but he hasn’t reached to the level of a pig yet, ok?!

Before he opened his mouth, the girl took the lead in teaching the boy a lesson for him. She raised her hand and pinched the soft flesh on her boyfriend’s waist. The originally pretty and gentle girl raised her eyebrow and glared at him, “No swearing!”

The boy let out an ‘ouch’, twisted his waist to the side to hide, shouting in pain while hugging the girl’s waist to beg for mercy.

Looking at the flirting couple, Xu Jian’s mouth twitched: Tut, what kind of dog food is sprinkled, who doesn’t have a boyfriend or something?[1]Jie Jie: *cries in the single dog corner* XD

A great person don’t remember little offenses of others[2]a person of great moral stature does not remember the offenses committed by one of low moral stature, Xu Jian held back from rushing up to scratch the boy, turned his head and continued to study the route home.

His boyfriend is still waiting for him at home.

Furthermore, if you are scratched by a cat, you will get vaccinated in most cases. Xu Jian doesn’t want to go out and lose himself, and even let Qin Chen pay the money for vaccination.

He can’t afford to lose this cat face.

On the huge bus stop sign, the station names are densely packed and there are many stopping routes. Xu Jian squinted his eyes for a while, while in the background, sounds of people around him discussing his body shape and coat color in a low voice. His neck was sore before he found a familiar stop name on the ‘0218’ bus—

Wen Shen Park.

Wen Shen Park is the park near their apartment.

Looking at Wen Shen Park, which is more than a dozen stops away from here, Xu Jian was silent for two seconds, looking down at his four short legs, thinking bitterly:

Another day of walking till the jio is swollen.

This scene is déjà vu.

There was another line, but Xu Jian didn’t know the road, so he squatted alongside it and waited for ‘0218’ bus to come, ready to follow the bus when the time comes.

Xu Jian also thought of freeloading the bus back so as not to walk anymore but thought about the limited space in the bus compartment. If someone caught him as a wild cat, he would’ve nowhere to hide.

To be safe, Xu Jian finally decided not to be greedy for this convenience.

After all, whether he is Xu Jian or Milk now, he has the master.

The display screen reminded ‘0218’ that there are still two stops to arrive. Xu Jian turned his head to look at the perimeter where the bus was coming, ready to follow as soon as the bus started.

Seeing a snow-white plump cat guarding the platform and not leaving, the topics of the people around him gradually revolved around him, and some people took out their phones to take pictures.

Xu Jian can clearly hear someone say the words ‘Tangyuan, orange cat, bear, pig, short legs,’ and so on.

Xu Jian was still angry at first, but then calmed down. As always, he used the rhetoric of ‘The fat one is Milk, not him, Xu Jian’.

Although the cat’s speed is fast, it’s not as fast as the bus and Xu Jian’s physical strength and endurance cannot keep up, so he chased and lost the bus.

Panting slowly to the intersection, Xu Jian stopped and waited for the next bus while resting to see which way he was going.

After following four ‘0218’s like this, Xu Jian was tired and hungry, wondering in his mind when he would get home at this pace.

By the time the fifth ‘0218’ bus was running that he couldn’t even see the exhaust gas, Xu Jian’s physical strength has reached its limit. He jumped onto the roadside resting bench with the last bit of strength with drooping ears and hanging eyes, ready to fight again slowly.

After running for so long without eating lunch, Xu Jian, who was lying on the bench, felt stars and dried fish spinning around in front of him as soon as he closed his eyes.

Tired to the point of almost getting out of his body.


Not knowing how long it took, just when Xu Jian was exhausted, half-closed his eyes, and drifted to sleep, an anxious voice suddenly exploded in his ears.

Hearing this familiar voice, Xu Jian thought he was delirious and heard it wrong.


When the second sound sounded, Xu Jian’s out-of-body soul instantly returned to its place, his ears resting shaking listlessly on his head twitched and stood up, and his eyes opened abruptly towards the source of the sound.

A car slowly stopped at the roadside, looking at the familiar model, Xu Jian stood up and shook his head incredulously, suspecting that he was delusional—

This car is like Qin Chen’s car, even the color is the same.

When Qin Chen got down from the car with an anxious-filled face, calling his name almost at the running speed while walking towards him, Xu Jian was finally sure that it wasn’t a fantasy nor hallucinations.

Qin Chen really came to him!

Xu Jian’s originally dim eyes suddenly lit up, and he opened his mouth with a milky and pitiful cry to Qin Chen, then he subconsciously walked towards him.

Immersed in joy that Qin Chen had come to pick him up, and didn’t have to race with the bus anymore, Xu Jian didn’t pay attention to his current situation, and took two steps forwards while still in the chair.

Qin Chen, who was anxious to anger to find his boyfriend, saw Xu Jian and saw that he didn’t seem to be hurt except that his expression was a little sad, and he finally put down his heart.

However, before he could breathe a sigh of relief, his expression tightened after seeing Xu Jian’s movements, and hurriedly said, “Don’t move!”

As Qin Chen’s words fell, his(XJ) heart and eyes were full of Qin Chen, who descended like a god to rescue him. Xu Jian didn’t pay attention to his feet. He walked to the edge of the bench and stepped on air. He fell straight from the bench in a daze.

The body structure of cats is different from that of humans. The height of the bench is not high, and the chances of cats falling from it and being injured is minimal.

Qin Chen understood everything, but seeing Xu Jian fall, his face still changed as if his heart was seized and hurriedly ran towards Xu Jian.

When Xu Jian stood up from the ground in a daze, Qin Chen just approached him, and squatted down to carefully hold him into his arms, his tone was worried, “Did you fall somewhere? Does it hurt?”

Xu Jian didn’t fall in pain, but he looked up at Qin Chen with a pitiful expression on his face. Suddenly, the bridge of his nose became sore, and he aggrievedly whimpered, burying his head in Qin Chen’s arms.

Hunger, exhaustion, surprise, and etc. were mixed together, and after seeing Qin Chen, they all turned into grievances.

Xu Jian’s snow-shite cat fur became gray because of running, and the four meat pads were all covered with dirt. Qin Chen, who had always loved cleanliness, wasn’t only not disgusted, but felt distressed. He blew his hair while he comforted him softly, “It’s okay, I’ll take you home.”

Qin Chen went out in a hurry, he didn’t wear a mask; there were many pedestrians on the street. For fear of being recognized and blocked, thus Qin Chen whispered comfort to the pitiful Xu Jian in his arms while walking quickly towards the car parked on the side of the road.

Xu Jian was lying in Qin Chen’s arms, with a familiar smell filled his nose, it made him feel at ease.

Driving all the way home, Qin Chen found Xu Jian on his lap clutching his clothes with his paws, and he didn’t even know when he fell asleep.

Picking up Xu Jian gently, Qin Chen lowered his head and kissed his ear, then walked home.


Xu Jian dreamed of the ruins and the bell full of white flowers from before. Unlike last time, there is a winding path among the flowers this time. The gentle ringing is no longer far away that he can’t find the direction, it’s much clearer.

During this period, Xu Jian felt as if he was a puppet on a string, □□[3]censored words at the mercy of others, but his soul didn’t stop walking for a moment.

Xu Jian was woken up by hunger. When he woke up again, he found himself back to a human being. His home clothes were on him in a regular manner, his shirt was buttoned to the second one, and was well-covered with the quilt.

He got up holding the quilt and looked at the clothes he was wearing. He didn’t have to think about who wore it for him.

After imagining the scene of Qin Chen helping his naked self to dress, Xu Jian’s thick face turned red.

The curtains of the room were closed, the light was dim, and there was no mobile phone around him. Xu Jian couldn’t tell whether it was day or night for a while.

Opening the door and walking across the hallway, the living room was naturally well-lit, and it looks like it’s still daytime.

Without seeing Qin Chen, Xu Jian rubbed his eyes, opened his mouth and called out, “Qin Chen?”

Hearing Xu Jian’s voice, Qin Chen, who was in the kitchen, hurriedly responded, poking his head out to look at him, “Awake?”

Smelling the fragrance coming from the kitchen, Xu Jian gave a ‘mmm’ from his throat and walked curiously towards the kitchen, “What are you doing?”

Qin Chen turned off the fire and brought out a soup and replied, “I’ll heat up the food, are you hungry? Wait a moment, then you can eat.”

Guessing that Xu Jian mustn’t have eaten lunch, fearing that he was hungry, Qin Chen asked someone to bring food over when he got home. As a result, Xu Jian still had no sign of waking up when the food arrived. Instead, he went out and became human again.

Seeing that Xu Jian’s arms and legs are hanging out, Qin Chen found clothes and pants for him to put on. Xu Jian also didn’t wake up when he was getting dressed, but merely frowned and grunted twice impatiently.

He made two vague sounds like a cat’s cry. Thanks to Qin Chen’s determination, he was able to sit still and put on his clothes with difficulty.

Xu Jian slept for several hours. Qin Chen felt that time was almost up. He went to sleep again and woke up with an uncomfortable stomach, so he started to heat up the already cold dishes. After preparing the dishes, he was ready to wake him up but didn’t expect him to wake up at the right time.

After hearing this, Xu Jian turned his head and saw that there were already four dishes on the table.

The hungry Xu Jian felt even more hungry when he saw the food. He didn’t have time to ask Qin Chen how he found him as he sat down and began to eat.

Qin Chen gave him a bowl of pork ribs soup as he quietly watched him eat—

The little ancestor is really hungry.

Xu Jian eats quickly, but his table manners can be unexpectedly seen. He doesn’t eat like wolfing down food, but he chews faster and his eyes are also focused.

When he was almost done eating, Qin Chen began to ask him what happened today, how he could run so far, and how he could suddenly change back into a cat during the day.

When he talked about this, Xu Jian felt aggrieved, he put down his bowl and wiped his mouth, and told Qin Chen the cause and effect of the incident like a child complaining.

Of course, in order to save his face, Xu Jian didn’t say that the people waiting for the bus at the bus stop said that he was round and fat, but emphasized that he was smart and knew how to follow the bus.

Hearing Xu Jian say he didn’t eat and ran with the bus, Qin Chen felt distressed and his expression was self-blaming, “Blame me, knowing that your physical condition has been unstable these two days, I still left you alone at home.”

He didn’t pay attention to the fact that he changed into a cat in advance before, that’s why today’s situation appeared.

After hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian was taken aback, then hurriedly waved his hands, “What’s that got to do with you, I went to run out by myself.”

Afraid that Qin Chen would take everything on himself, Xu Jian hurriedly changed the subject and spoke with suspicion, “But how did you find me ah? Didn’t you go to the company?”

Qin Chen put away his distressed and self-blame when he heard the words, looked at Xu Jian’s and became serious, and slowly said, “It was Jiang Linxie who reminded me.”

“President Jiang?” With an unexpected answer, Xu Jian looked at Qin Chen blankly, “How does President Jiang know where I am?”

Qin Chen didn’t say anything, took out his phone and opened the chat log and handed it to him.

Xu Jian took it in doubt and looked down, and saw the following conversation between Jiang Linxie and Qin Chen a few hours ago:

Jiang Linxie: [Qin Chen, I saw a cat online that looks exactly like your Milk!]

A few minutes later, Qin Chen replied with a question mark: [?]

Jiang Linxie: [Picture]

Jiang Linxie: [This one, it really seems like, if not for the cat photo that is twice fatter than Milk, I would suspect that this is Milk.]

Jiang Linxie: [Having said that, whose pet cat is this ah. It’s like feeding a pig. The little guy in the photo is so round that he’s rolling on the ground.]

At that time, Qin Chen didn’t care, and thought to himself—How could he be outside if Milk was obediently reading the script at home.

But after the photo was loaded, Qin Chen stood up from the sofa, startled Pan Min beside him, and raised her head to ask, “What’s wrong?”

Qin Chen had no time to care about the sight of the people around him, his eyes fixed on the cat in the photo, not calm anymore—

Isn’t this his boyfriend, Xu Milk?

The author has something to say:

Jiang Linxie: Who keeps cats like feeding pigs?

Jian Cat, who had a triple blow in one day: I’m very fine, no need to comfort me 🙂

Qin poop scooping officer looked at President Jiang, frowning: Shut up, you!


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1 Jie Jie: *cries in the single dog corner* XD
2 a person of great moral stature does not remember the offenses committed by one of low moral stature
3 censored words

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