He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 90

Chapter 90 – Coincidence

Judging from the chat log, it should be Jiang Linxie who saw a cat that was exactly the same as Milk except for their body size online. In line with sharing, he sent it to Qin Chen.

As a result, Qin Chen took a look. This body shape, this coat color, this small short legs, and this appearance… Isn’t this Milk, the original Milk?

Xu Jian hadn’t changed into a cat during the day for a long time. Worried that something would happen to him, Qin Chen hurriedly asked Jiang Linxie where the photo was taken, and Jiang Linxi replied:

[On Wetland Park at Shangjiang Road. I heard that they[1]JL didn’t used he/it so I just went with they to have the sentence make sense.were running after the bus, but I don’t know what was wrong, probably running for fun bah.]

Qin Chen went through the route in his mind. Wetland Park took more than half an hour to drive from where they lived, so he couldn’t attend to the company’s work anymore. After hurriedly talking to Pan Min, he drove straight to Shangjiang Road.

After reading the chat log, Xu Jian was in a very complicated mood.

It felt like since the last time he weighed, adjectives such as ‘fat, plump, round’ have been tied to him and he can’t get rid of it, and people say it wherever he goes.

Trying to ignore the fact that Jiang Linxie’s turning around and saying that he was a pig, Xu Jian returned the phone to Qin Chen and smiled dryly, “A mistake[2]to act before thinking, thanks to President Jiang this time.”

If it weren’t for Jiang Linxie to come here like this, he would’ve definitely chased ‘0218’ by himself for the whole trip today, and he would basically be a lump of wasted cat when he got home.

Qin Chen thought differently from Xu Jian, and frowned after listening to him, “You really think it’s a coincidence?”

Xu Jian blinked at him, “Otherwise?”

After asking, Xu Jian laughed and joked casually, “It can’t be that President Jiang knew that I was there early in the morning, right? Didn’t he say he saw the photo on the internet?”

Nevertheless, Qin Chen nodded, “It’s not impossible.”

Qin Chen thought it was too much of a coincidence. According to the time, Jiang Linxie sent him a message not long after Xu Jian became a cat.

Seeing his serious face, Xu Jian was a little surprised, and his tone couldn’t help but also become more serious, “Do you think President Jiang knows?”

He consciously told Xu Jian that it was impossible. Jiang Linxie wasn’t a god, how could he know so much.

Qin Chen always felt that Jiang Linxie isn’t simple, but he also didn’t say anything at the moment. “I just think it’s too much of a coincidence. As to whether it’s really a coincidence or there are other reasons, we have to investigate to know.”

Upon hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian looked at him in surprise, “You want to investigate President Jiang? How?”

Jiang Linxie and Xu Jian aren’t only friends, his life was exchanged for the lives of Xu Jian’s parents, so Xu Jian subconsciously doesn’t want to doubt him.

Seeing Xu Jian nervous like that, Qin Chen was unhappy, and looked at him, “So concerned about him?”

Although he hadn’t been in a relationship before, it also didn’t prevent Xu Jian from smelling a faint sour scent from these words. His desire to survive made him shake his head like a rattle, and denied, “No, I just think we’re all friends, and President Jiang is also very good to me. Of course, he’s certainly not as good to me as you. He and I are just friends, but you’re different…”

Xu Jian’s explanation finally ended with madly blowing of rainbow farts to Qin Chen.

The compliment was too obvious, but Qin Chen was very delighted. After nodding in satisfaction, he spoke unhurriedly, “Don’t be nervous, I just asked someone to check if Jiang Linxie had been to Shangjiang Road today.”

Afraid that a certain someone’s jealousy would turn again, Xu Jian didn’t answer the topic nervously, and asked curiously along with the words, “What if President Jiang went to Shangjiang Road?”

Qin Chen: “He said he saw the photo online. If he went there, it means he lied.”

Xu Jian incessantly asked hundred thousands of questions above his head, “If he didn’t go, will it prove that there is no problem?”

Qin Chen smiled, “Maybe.”

Xu Jian: “?”

What kind of answer is maybe?

Without giving Xu Jian the chance to ask again, Qin Chen restrained his smiling expression and looked at him. After eating one’s fill, he began to settle the scores at an opportune moment, saying how dangerous it was to chase the bus and run wildly on the street. What if someone or a car didn’t see him, hit him?

He also said that if he’s unfamiliar with the place, he shouldn’t run so far alone. What’s to be done if something really happens?

Knowing that he caused him to worry today and that he lacked consideration about today, Xu Jian lowered his head and let him say them, without refuting a word.

Listening to Qin Chen’s nagging, a new word that Xu Jian had seen on the Internet before suddenly emerged in his heart—Fatherly Boyfriend.[3]Online catchphrase describing a boyfriend who treats his partner like a daughter. They may not be very old, but they are like an old father to you [which can also be understood as a mature mind]. … Continue reading

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that Qin Chen was in line with the characteristics of a ‘Fatherly Boyfriend’. Xu Jian thought about it and couldn’t help laughing.

Seeing his laugh, Qin Chen’s voice stopped, then helplessly sighed, “You’re still laughing, do you remember what I told you?”

With his thoughts pulled back, Xu Jian looked up blankly, “Ah?”

Qin Chen has always been unable to do anything about him, he looked at him happily and amusedly, and finally got up to clean up the dishes.

Standing up politely, Xu Jian smiled at Qin Chen with his dimple showing, “I’ll do it, I’ll do it, I’ll wash.”

Raising his hand to avoid Xu Jian’s hand, Qin Chen swept a glance at his legs and asked, “You’ve walked so far today, don’t you feel tired?”

Xu Jian honestly shook his head, “Not tired ah.”

It was Milk that walked, and it has nothing to do with him who restored to factory setting after changing to human.

Qin Chen pointed to the living room with the chopsticks after listening, “Then go watch TV,  you still haven’t finished watching the finale of the blue cat before?”

Xu Jian corrected, “It’s Rainbow Cat and the Blue Rabbit.”

Qin Chen, who basically doesn’t watch anime and cartoons, didn’t bother to dwell on these details and nodded extremely perfunctory, “En, red hair.”[4]Quite the same sounds but different meaning/characters. The part of the title XJ said was 虹猫[hóng māo] which means Rainbow Cat, while QC just said 红毛[hóng mào] which means red hair.

Xu Jian: “……”

Forget it, don’t bother with people who don’t have a childhood.

When he went to bed and washed up that night, Xu Jian saw the bell that was placed with the razor and remembered that he took off the bracelet when he washed his hair a few days ago and forgot to put it on.

“I just said something seems to be missing from my hands these days.”

Talking to himself and putting on his bracelet, Xu Jian washed his face again before going back to the room to sleep.


Since the unexpected situation suddenly happened in Wetland Park, Xu Jian honestly stayed at home for a few days, reading the script and memorizing his lines at home, and went out to walk around the community when he felt bored.

Determined not to go far, he was afraid of becoming a cat again.

However, as if against him, he didn’t go out these days and returned to the pattern of becoming a cat every night. But now he would kiss and hug Qin Chen a few times a day, so the time of the change every day is not fixed.

Unlike the leisurely Xu Jian, Qin Chen is much busier than him. Father Qin has the intention to let him take over Leyu slowly and will arrange work for him, so he has to go to the company to stay for a few hours every day.

When he went out that afternoon, Qin Chen told Xu Jian in advance that there was an interview today. After the interview, he would go to the company and would come back very late, and told him not to wait for him and go to bed early.

Xu Jian politely responded, but in his heart he was thinking: We didn’t sleep together anyway, there is no waiting for you to sleep together.

Xu Jian didn’t plan to wait for Qin Chen to come back, but when he was waiting for dinner to eat, he casually opened the current popular comedy variety show, then got out of control.[5]Once it get started, there’s no stopping it.

Xu Jian, who doesn’t really follow variety shows, found that this variety show was unexpectedly good and interesting; full of humor. So after watching one episode after another, after watching the latest season, he found the first episode and started to make up for it.

Nearing twelve o’clock in the evening, Qin Chen, who had returned from the company, thought Xu Jian must’ve fallen asleep long ago, but as soon as the door opened, he heard the sound of cheers and laughter from the TV.

Qin Chen was stunned for a moment when he heard the sound of TV, and subconsciously raised his wrist to check the time.

After taking off his coat and putting down his things, Qin Chen approached the living room and saw a certain white cat leaning against the sofa with his upper body, paralyzed on the sofa in a relaxed posture, staring intently at the TV.

Next to Xu Jian, there were two small dried fish wrapped in some napkins.

He glanced at the sofa and saw Xu Jian dàyé’s[6]as if like a boss/arrogant person lying posture, and Qin Chen couldn’t help laughing and said, “Xu dàyé.”

Xu Jian, who was addicted to variety shows, instantly turned his head when he heard the voice and saw Qin Chen whom he didn’t know when had returned and was looking at him with a smile but not a smile.

Seeing Qin Chen, Xu Jian realized that it was already so late. He quickly adjusted his posture, stood up from being a paralyzed cat, and opened his mouth to sell obedience.[7]Similar to sell meng in this context XD.

“Meow meow~”

You’re back ah.

Taking the small dried fish away and sitting next to him, Qin Chen patted his thigh that means: Come up.

Xu Jian obediently jumped onto Qin Chen’s lap, and Qin Chen rubbed his arm with his head intimately when he breathed his hair.

Qin Chen was enjoying it, but Xu Jian’s movement of rubbing his clothes suddenly stopped, and then frowned—This is…

After confirming, he moved his nose again. This time, Xu Jian finally confirmed that in addition to the smell of laundry detergent at home, Qin Chen also had the smell of other cats.

Cat smell!

Xu Jian was shocked. He jumped from Qin Chen’s lap to the sofa and looked at Qin Chen with a shocked expression, “Meow ao—”

You actually have another cat behind my back!

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: You actually went behind my back, gf!!!

When the boat of love is overturned, it will overturn.

Qin poop scooping officer: ……

You listen to my explanation.

XJ: You actually have another cat behind my back!!

Angry Cat Triggered GIF - Angry Cat Triggered Ahhh - Discover & Share GIFs

Jie Jie: I feel like I already used this gif before, but it fits in this chap again XD

Everything Is Star Stuff — AAAAAAAAAAAH

Jie Jie: Another gif as recommended by Kii (ThatLazyPotato) XD


1 JL didn’t used he/it so I just went with they to have the sentence make sense.
2 to act before thinking
3 Online catchphrase describing a boyfriend who treats his partner like a daughter. They may not be very old, but they are like an old father to you [which can also be understood as a mature mind]. They are always worried about you, afraid that you will encounter difficulties, so they are always on call and can’t wait to give you everything.
4 Quite the same sounds but different meaning/characters. The part of the title XJ said was 虹猫[hóng māo] which means Rainbow Cat, while QC just said 红毛[hóng mào] which means red hair.
5 Once it get started, there’s no stopping it.
6 as if like a boss/arrogant person
7 Similar to sell meng in this context XD

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