He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 91

Chapter 91 – Cute

The cat’s sense of smell is extremely sensitive. Qin Chen had the smell of other cats, and there was more than one.

Xu Jian was shocked, his pair of ice-blue eyes widened, and he meowed wildly at Qin Chen:

I thought you came back so late because of work, but I didn’t expect you to go out for a long time!

Is it because I’m now Fat Xu Milk so it doesn’t feel good to rub me? Or have you, Qin Chen, gotten too complacent?!

Looking at Xu Jian, whose fur suddenly exploded and meowed at him for no reason, Qin Chen couldn’t analyze the meaning of his excited tone and demeanor, his eyes had some confusion, “What’s wrong with you?”      

While speaking, Qin Chen stretched out his hand to help him smooth his fur. Facing Qin Chen’s outstretched hand, Xu Jian ungratefully raised his meat pad and slapped it away, stomping on the sofa which means:

Don’t think of touching me until you make it clear!

Xu Jian’s emotions came inexplicably, and he still didn’t let him touch. Qin Chen, who didn’t know what he had provoked, took out a laptop that hadn’t been used for a long time.

After turning it on, Xu Jian pa pa pressed the keyboard with his two front legs, as if he had a big grudge against it:

[Where did you go today?]

Qin Chen took a look, it turned out to be an inspection. After a smile, he told Xu Jian about his schedule for today.

After recording the interview, he went to the company, and it didn’t sound like there was a problem.

Xu Jian’s face was written with disbelief: [Then what’s the cat smell on your body?]

Seeing the word ‘cat smell’ Qin Chen finally understood what Xu Jian’s abnormality was due to, and he explained it not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“Knowing I have a cat, so today’s interview location was set by the program team at a Cat Café. The cat smell you mentioned should’ve been gotten by that time.”

After staying for nearly two hours at the Cat Café, Qin Chen didn’t smell anything himself, but he didn’t expect Xu Jian’s nose to be so quick, so he rubbed it a little and found it.

The Cat Café is a paradise for all cat lovers. In it, you cannot only drink fragrant coffee and delicious pastries, but you can also rub kittens of various breeds and personalities.

After listening to Qin Chen, Xu Jian half narrowed his eyes at him thinking: You went to a Cat Café, aren’t you overjoyed?

He could imagine Qin Chen hugging around in the Cat Café.

Looking at Xu Jian’s eyes, knowing that he strayed off, Qin Chen reminded, “You forgot, I have never been liked by small animals.”

As someone disliked by animals, the Cat Café has more than dozens of cats, but none of them were willing to approach Qin Chen’s body. Thus, after the two-hour interview, he just watched the host be hugged left and right, and the cat owner, who was fighting for favor have her calf rubbed.

On the other hand, Qin Chen, not only was his arms empty, but he didn’t even have a master around him. It was useless to tempt them with dried fish and nutritional cream, and the cats simply didn’t care about him at all.

Compared with the side of the room, Qin Chen seemed to be getting more miserable.

At that time, the host was surprised when he saw it, and he resisted his smile and joked, “It seems that these cats know that you have a cat at home, so they avoid suspicion.”

Qin Chen, who was surrounded by furry in the store and couldn’t even touch a cat’s hair, listened to the host’s words, and pulled the corner of his mouth at him, “Maybe bah.”

Qin Chen went to the Cat Café but he didn’t get to rub a cat, and he still smelled of it. Xu Jian thought that he had other goblins behind his back, and the gain wasn’t worth the loss. Xu Jian felt miserable when he heard it.

The misunderstanding was resolved. After knowing that he thought too much, Xu Jian returned to Qin Chen’s side. The fluffy cat’s face rubbed against the back of Qin Chen’s hand, which had just been pawed by himself.

Seeing his well-behaved appearance, Qin Chen pretended to be serious, “You misunderstood me, do you want to just muddle through cuteness like this?”

It was he who didn’t distinguish right from wrong in the first place. Xu Jian thought for a while after listening to it, then performed a cat roll on Qin Chen’s legs. Then, he raised his eyes to anxiously look at him, and softly called out, “Meow~”

Xu Jian: Is this okay?

Qin Chen was so meng-ed that his heart fluttered, but his expression was still tense, asking, “That’s it?”

Qin Chen was just originally teasing Xu Jian, but Xu Jian obviously took it seriously. He first looked up at his stony face, hesitated for two seconds, then stretched out his tongue, licking gently on the back of his hand.

A little itchy. Qin Chen didn’t tense and raised the corner of his lips, looking at the currying favor on Xu Jian’s face, and suddenly sighed softly, “It would be great if you were a human now.”

Xu Jian: ……

Retracting the tongue licking the back of his hand, Xu Jian turned around and left—Rogue!

Qin Chen, who took advantage of the verbal advantage, looked at Xu Jian’s tail wagging behind him, smiled, and asked, “You won’t watch TV anymore?”

Xu Jian meowed without looking back which means: Not watching, going to sleep!

Qin Chen smiled and shook his head. When the TV was turned off, he got up to wash and change clothes.


The casting of <Chaotic Steps and Flying Swords> has come to an end, and the start of filming is scheduled for January 25, with less than a week left to go.

Pan Min said that the <Chaotic Steps and Flying Swords> is expected to be filmed for more than three months, leaving little lovey-dovey time for Xu Jian and Qin Chen together.

Qin Chen received a phone call while eating at noon that day. After hanging up the phone, he looked at Xu Jian with a serious tone, “The previous investigation of Jiang Linxie has come to fruition.”

Xu Jian hurriedly asked, “What’s the result?”

Qin Chen frowned.

“During the time you went to Wetland Park, he stayed in the company and didn’t leave.”

Xu Jian breathed a sigh of relief after hearing this, “This shows that he didn’t lie and really saw the photo on the Internet.”

Qin Chen shook his head, “It was 1:43 pm when he sent me the message, but when the photo appeared on the Internet, it was 2:21 at the earliest.”

Xu Jian was photographed by passersby on the same day. Several people did post on public platforms such as Weibo and forums, sharing the beautiful fat cat they saw today.

It was because of the heavy workload of finding Xu Jian’s photo’s first appearance on the Internet that it was delayed for so long.

Xu Jian’s mind didn’t turn for a while, “What do you mean?”

Qin Chen said slowly, “It means that he couldn’t have seen the photo on the Internet. When he sent me the message, your photo of that day hadn’t appeared on the Internet.”

Xu Jian was baffled, “Then President Jiang neither left the company nor saw it on the Internet, so where did this photo come from?”

After saying that, Xu Jian thought for a while and added, “Could it be that someone else took it and sent it to him privately?”

Qin Chen wrinkled his brow, “I have to ask him this.”

Xu Jian looked at him when he heard the words, asking, “You’re going to ask President Jiang?”

Qin Chen nodded, “With this plan, I always feel that he hid a lot of things from us.”

Qin Chen felt that Jiang Linxie, this person, was full of strangeness.

Xu Jian didn’t think Jiang Linxie had problems, but since Qin Chen said so, he also nodded his head, “Okay, I’ll go with you when the time comes.”

Everyone is all friends, and mutual suspicion is not good. If there is a problem, speaking out is the best solution.

“Right,” After talking about Jiang Linxie, Qin Chen remembered another important thing again and looked up at Xu Jian, “Your[1]Note: this is said in plural form filming site is at Beilin City. This time is really the coldest in Beilin, do you have enough winter □□[2]Censored words clothes?”

Xu Jian: “Enough. I’m going to bring two coats and a down jacket.”

Most of the time in the crew, they wear drama costumes, and there aren’t many opportunities to wear personal ones.

As soon as he heard Xu Jian’s words, Qin Chen knew that this is a person who had never been in the winter in the north, “The snow in Beilin in winter can reach your knees. You don’t have enough. After eating, I’ll take you out to buy some outfits.”

Xu Jian waved his hand, “No need to buy, I’ll just bring a few more pieces when it’s cold.”

Previously, Qin Chen bought Xu Jian a pile of clothes, which were available in all seasons, spring, summer, autumn, and winter, enough for him to wear for several years.

Qin Chen raised his eyebrow after hearing this and suddenly asked, “Do you have snow boots?”

Xu Jian opened his mouth, “Ah?”

Before Xu Jian could react, Qin Chen said a bunch of things like the name of dish: hot packs, padded thick warm clothes, scarves, gloves, earmuffs, padded socks, hand warmers, hot-water bottle, antifreeze cream…

Xu Jian was stunned when he heard it, and waited for Qin Chen to finish before he said, “So, so many things?”

Those who knew thought he was going to Beilin to film, but those who didn’t know would think he was moving.

Qin Chen looked at him with a serious face and said in the tone of a senior, “Trust me, you’ll need it.”

The temperature in the north is often below zero in winter, and there is no heating on the set. Some crews will use air-conditioning pipes to send hot air, but in most cases, they still rely on a healthy environment and various tools to keep warm.

Qin Chen was experienced in filming, and Xu Jian believed in what he said[3]to believe firmly without a doubt [idiom], so after lunch, the two drove out.

An hour later, in the mall, Xu Jian looked at the earmuffs in front of him with complicated eyes, and turned to Qin Chen in a flash, “Do you think this is good?”

Qin Chen, who was wearing a mask, nodded at the words and asked in return, “Is it bad?”

Xu Jian: “……”

Xu Jian looked at the earmuffs in Qin Chen’s hand and fell into contemplation.

The color of the fluffy earmuffs is a decent dark gray, but the problem is… both sides of these earmuffs are made into the shape of a cat’s face, and there are two ears on each side.

It’s a very cute shape, but he is a grown man wearing it, isn’t it acting too young and too cute?

Xu Jian didn’t dare to imagine himself walking around the crew wearing such kawaii earmuffs at that time.

Thus, not only did he reject it in his heart, but he also rejected it with his mouth, “Not really good.”

Qin Chen put the earmuffs in front of Xu Jian and compared them, smiling, “I think it suits you very well.”

Seeing that Qin Chen really wanted to buy it, Xu Jian’s mind turned at a lightning speed and looked at him, “Do you like this? I’ll buy it for you!”

Then go home and wear it for me to see.

Qin Chen shook his head, “You wear it.”

Looking at each other for two seconds, finally, Xu Jian took the cat earmuffs out of Qin Chen’s hand and put them back. He casually took a plain black one and threw it into the shopping cart.

“Since we don’t want to wear it, then don’t buy it.”

Qin Chen took Xu Jian’s arm to prevent him from leaving, picked up the cat’s earmuffs again, and lowered his demand, “It’s fine if you don’t buy it, then you can try it on to satisfy my eyes’ cravings.”

Xu Jian’s footsteps paused and subconsciously refused, “No bah, there are so many people…”

Qin Chen stepped up to block in front of Xu Jian, and quickly put the earmuffs on him while saying, “Don’t worry, I’m blocking, no one else can see.”

Xu Jian’s action of wanting to take the earmuffs off paused because of Qin Chen’s words. He swept a glance at the people around him, hesitating in his mind:

No one was paying attention to them, Qin Chen’s request wasn’t excessive, just try it on, it’s nothing.

Just as Xu Jian was struggling for a few seconds, the sound of ‘click’ brought back his thoughts. He fixed his eyes to look and saw that he(QC) was holding his phone to take a photo of him.

Xu Jian: “!!!”

Quickly taking off the overly cute earmuffs, Xu Jian looked at Qin Chen, “What are you doing, delete it quickly.”

It’s too shameful.

Qin Chen quickly clicked a few times on the phone, waved the phone screen at Xu Jian, and smiled at him, “Won’t delete it, it looks good, and it will be used as a wallpaper.”

Xu Jian stared at it and saw Qin Chen’s wallpaper. He was wearing cat earmuffs and his eyes are looking blankly at the camera.

Looking at himself like a fool, Xu Jian:

What’s it like to have a boyfriend who can’t take pictures?

Xu Jian replied: Want to hit the wall.

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: My 181 was photographed by you into 108!

Qin poop scooping officer: So how many times are we going to do it again? There are also cat ears and rabbit ears…

earmuffs...hee hee | Cool pets, Tabby cat, Cat love

Jie Jie: Can’t find a suitable gif for this chap XD


1 Note: this is said in plural form
2 Censored words
3 to believe firmly without a doubt [idiom]

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