He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 93.1

Chapter 93.1 – Decisive

It was the first time Xu Jian encountered this kind of thing, and it was a lie to say that he wasn’t nervous.

Qin Chen looked at the traffic around him and took the time to hand his phone to Xu Jian, “I turned on real-time location. The red dot is us, the blue dot is Sister Pan and them. Pay attention to our distance and tell me when we’re almost a kilometer apart.”

After taking the phone, Xu Jian nodded hurriedly, staring at the red and blue dots for a while, then looked at Qin Chen worriedly, “Should we call the police?”

As a good young man with five talks and four beauties[1]Requirements for revolutionary culture, five talks/emphasis refers to decorum, manners, hygiene, discipline, and morals, while four beauties refer to the beauty of the mind, language, behavior, and … Continue reading, the concept of ‘looking for the police if there is something’ has long been ingrained in Xu Jian’s heart.

Following and blocking this kind of thing, the situation is grave enough to call the police for help. If you usually encounter this kind of situation, Xu Jian must dial ‘110’ without a word.

But Qin Chen is a public figure after all. If the police make a big noise, Xu Jian was afraid that it will leave a bad impact on him, so he hesitated.

Qin Chen turned the steering wheel to the right, and said steadily, “Sister Pan had already called the police.”

Xu Jian was a little worried, “Will reporting to the police have an impact on you?”

Qin Chen looked at him when he heard the words, “I didn’t do anything wrong, what’s the impact?”

Qin Chen: “Acting is our job. Putting aside our job, we are just like ordinary people. There’s nothing wrong with asking the police for help when something happens. We abide by discipline and law, and we don’t have to be afraid of calling the police.”

With an ‘oh’, Xu Jian felt what Qin Chen said was very reasonable. There was really no need to take into account so much.

After knowing that the police had been called, Xu Jian felt more at ease. After sending the van’s license plate number and model to Pan Min, he focused on their movements.

Pan Min checked the license plate number provided by Xu Jian and found that it was a forged license plate. The owner couldn’t be found at all. As for the model, because it was too common, nothing could be found for a while.

Qin Chen drove around with the van neither fast nor slow. After more than twenty minutes, Xu Jian, who had been watching the van, suddenly spoke, “They seem to have noticed that we’re leading them in a circle and slowed down.”

Qin Chen glanced towards the rearview mirror, his face didn’t have the slightest panic, “Sister Pan is still far away from us.”

Xu Jian pressed the phone screen and looked and said, “There are still more than 20 kilometers left.”

The shopping mall is a distance away from the company. Wu Ling and Sun Liyu have been squatting for so long. They must know the location of Leyu Company. Fearing that they will be noticed, Qin Chen didn’t drive in the direction of the company, and Pan Min and the others couldn’t catch up for a while.

After calculating the time in his heart, Qin Chen also slowly reduced the car’s speed.

Within two seconds of Qin Chen’s reduced speed, Xu Jian anxiously turned his head, “They turned the signal light,[2]Signal lights for turning are they going to run?”

Qin Chen’s eyes sank, reminding aloud, “Sit tight.”

Hearing this, Xu Jian subconsciously raised his hand to hold the seat belt on his chest and leaned back. After Qin Chen drove a few meters forward, he suddenly changed lanes and turned back.

Xu Jian’s body slanted due to inertia, and he was still in the mood to look back after turning — the double dotted lines can turn without violating traffic rules.

The van also paid attention to Qin Chen and their situation in real-time. After seeing them turning immediately afterwards and knowing that they were exposed, they suddenly accelerated and flee very far.

Qin Chen smiled coldly when he saw this, he stepped on the gas lightly, and the car accelerated and slid up.

The situation suddenly switched. Xu Jian couldn’t help but sigh in his heart as he watched the two vehicles continue to close the distance—

Luxury cars are really different. There is a reason for being expensive, and the performance gap is exposed in an instant.

Qin Chen didn’t follow too closely, he stepped on the gas when the van was fast and let go when the van slowed down, always maintaining a distance that wouldn’t be lost if it was too far or too close.

In the van, Qin Chen wasn’t thrown off even after several turns. The tall and thin Sun Liyu was somewhat anxious and angry. After cursing, he turned his eyes to Wu Ling, “Big Brother, what should we do if we can’t get rid of them?”

Compared with the restless Sun Liyu, Wu Ling’s performance was much calmer, “Continue to accelerate.”

The driver didn’t say a word and changed gear. Sun Liyu didn’t understand, “Big Brother, why do we have to run? Didn’t we follow Qin Chen to tie him up? Now, what are you avoiding him for?”

Wu Ling lightly looked at him, “You want to do it in the street?”

Sun Liyu was dumbfounded and hammered the seat like venting. There were many people coming and going on the street and there were also many vehicles, so it really wasn’t convenient to do it.

Regardless of the fire Sun Liyu was holding back in his heart, Wu Ling glanced at him and turned his head to the driver, and said, “Drive to Ankang District, lead them there. There are our people there, so it’s easy to do it.”

Ankang District is at the edge of Nanfeng City. That area is full of resettlement houses built during the previous demolition. Because the houses are old, the prices are low, and the rents are cheap, so the people are messy.

The driver nodded after hearing, indicating that he understood, but Sun Liyu’s eyes were shining, “It turns out Big Brother has planned it all well ah, why didn’t you say earlier!”

Wu Ling glanced at him, “You’re careless and brainless in doing things. If I tell it in advance, I was afraid that something would go wrong.”

“If it weren’t for you to do it in advance last time, maybe we have already succeeded now; why would we still have to work so hard.”

Making things worse, Sun Liyu was also in the wrong. After a smile, his expression became disdainful again, “That woman is too much, letting us tie people and still demanding Qin Chen to be unscathed, or else she won’t pay the balance.”

“If it weren’t for her asking so much, I would’ve gone up and knocked Qin Chen with two sticks and dragged him away that night. The matter would’ve been resolved earlier. Sure enough, women are overly careful and afraid over the slightest thing.”

After venting his complaints, Sun Liyu curiously asked Wu Ling:

“Brother, what do you think that woman asked us to tie Qin Chen for? Qin Chen is so famous, there must be endless consequences for tying him up. If it weren’t for her to give a lot of money, I would definitely not do this job.”

Wu Ling frowned and looked at him, “What would you do with so many inquiries about your employer? Just know that you have money to take, why are you talking so much!”

Sun Liyu, who was scolded, shrank his neck and didn’t dare to speak.

After following the van for a few minutes, Xu Jian noticed that something was wrong, “Why didn’t they speed up?”

At the same time, Xu Jian looked at the phone and found that after the acceleration and turning just now, Pan Min and the others weren’t close to them, but far away.

After tapping his fingers lightly on the car navigation, Qin Chen slowly said, “They should be trying to lead us here.”

Xu Jian stared closely and saw that Ankang District was written on it.

“On purpose?” Xu Jian didn’t understand the surrounding environment. After hearing Qin Chen say this, he frowned, “Then we’ll still follow? Will there be an ambush?”

Qin Chen smiled and looked at him after listening, “Afraid? Do you want to fly first?[3]The one I mentioned in the previous chapter’s note, ‘birds from the same forest but when adversity strikes, they fly in a separate direction. In short, describing selfish people who abandon their … Continue reading

Seeing that he was still in the mood to make fun of him, Xu Jian looked at him angrily, “Too fat to fly, can’t fly.”

Qin Chen’s gaze swept on Xu Jian’s waist, with a smile in his eyes, “Xu Milk is the fat one, it has nothing to do with you, Xu Jian.”

Xu Jian: “… This gentleman, please don’t steal my lines, okay?”

After being interrupted by Qin Chen like this, the tension in Xu Jian’s heart miraculously dissipated a lot, and his heart, which had been beating wildly all the way, also gradually returned to normal.

Also, what else does he have to be afraid of with Qin Chen? He had seen Qin Chen’s skills before, and he could beat the thin bamboo pole to the ground with one hand while holding the cat.

Moreover, when he talked to Pan Min about the parking lot two days ago, Xu Jian knew that the reason why Qin Chen’s skills were so good was that he had practiced taekwondo and mixed martial arts since he was a child.

And even the kind that has won awards.

Thinking of this, Xu Jian even put his heart from his stomach back.[4]Like where it belongs XD



1 Requirements for revolutionary culture, five talks/emphasis refers to decorum, manners, hygiene, discipline, and morals, while four beauties refer to the beauty of the mind, language, behavior, and the environment.
2 Signal lights for turning
3 The one I mentioned in the previous chapter’s note, ‘birds from the same forest but when adversity strikes, they fly in a separate direction. In short, describing selfish people who abandon their husband and wife at a critical moment.
4 Like where it belongs XD

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