He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 93.2

Chapter 93.2 – Decisive

The sky was already dark, and in the Ankang District, Qin Chen stopped following after seeing the van stop from a distance, and turned to ask Xu Jian, “Sister Pan, how far are they.”

Xu Jian, who had been paying attention to the positioning, immediately replied, “There are still about 15 minutes left.”

Qin Chen nodded and drove the car forward a little bit. At the same time, the door of the van opened, and Wu Ling and Sun Liyu stepped down from the car.

Seeing Qin Chen not following, under the glimmering street light, Sun Liyu raised his hand and gave them his middle finger provocatively.

Looking at Sun Liyu’s arrogant appearance, Xu Jian gritted his teeth with hatred, and at the same time said to Qin Chen, “Brother Chen, don’t go down, they must have another plan.”

Qin Chen wasn’t an impulsive person. He originally didn’t plan to go there. He just turned on the headlights and shone directly at them.

Qin Chen and Xu Jian didn’t get out of the car, Sun Liyu and the others didn’t move, and Pan Min got closer and closer to them.

The two sides were at deadlocked for about two minutes. A girl, carrying a schoolbag, wearing a uniform, with a high ponytail looks like a high school student slowly passed in front of Qin Chen’s car. She turned her head and glanced at them suspiciously when she saw them turning on their headlights in the district.

Xu Jian turned his head to see, after looking at the time, he said casually, “School is over? Don’t high school go to self-study in the evening?”

Qin Chen also noticed the girl, didn’t care much and replied, “You should be a day student[1]Students who don’t live on the campus., so you don’t need to self-study in the evening.”

Xu Jian nodded after hearing this and continued to stare at Sun Liyu and Wu Ling with slightly narrowed eyes.

Xu Jian initially made up his mind not to get off the car no matter what happened, but the change happened in an instant. When the girl in the school uniform passed by Wu Ling and Sun Liyu, the two suddenly came out from the sides of the car.

Tw: attempted r**e, violence (?) (Not quite sure if I should put it, but here)

Two big men seized her waist, covered her mouth with one hand, and dragged the girl to the shadow on the inside of the car. The girl was obviously taken aback and struggled frantically with kicks.

But a little girl, no matter how hard she struggled, had limited strength. Thus, she was quickly pulled aside by the two men, pulling her hair.

Things happened too suddenly, Xu Jian was stupefied, and his brain still hadn’t reacted yet—

What’s the situation now?

When he saw Sun Liyu pressing the girl into the car and beginning to pull her collar, Xu Jian suddenly recovered, slapped the car door, and anxiously shouted, “Qin Chen!”

These two beasts are trying to violate the girl!

Qin Chen’s face sank, he pressed the horn for a long time, then started the car, and rush straight over.

After just a moment of work, Xu Jian saw that most of the girl’s clothes had been torn off, her legs and hands were suppressed, and Sun Liyu was buried between her neck.

The closer they got, the more Xu Jian could see the tears on the face of the girl’s messy hair and untidy clothes, and the despair in her eyes.

Looking at the scene not far away, Xu Jian’s mind went blank for a few seconds, buzzing.

He didn’t expect Wu Ling and Sun Liyu to be so courageous.

Although they knew in their hearts that they were probably doing this to get them out of the car, they should stay where they are and wait for Pan Min and the police to come over, but they couldn’t watch the girl be humiliated before their eyes.

Everything will be too late to wait for the police to come, so they have to jump even if they didn’t have to in this pit.

After Qin Chen stopped the car, Xu Jian hurriedly opened the door, and raised his voice as soon as he landed, “Stop!”

Too angry, Xu Jian’s hands were shaking when he opened the door, and his voice broke when he opened his mouth.

After Qin Chen got out of the car and slammed the door with a ‘pa’, he quickly said to Xu Jian in a low voice, “You stand still there.”

Xu Jian refused to let him go alone and followed him nervously.

And so, seeing the two of them get off the car, Sun Liyu stopped the movements of his hand and threw the girl with tears on her face to the side like a toy. He turned his head and smiled at Wu Ling, his voice was a little hoarse, “Brother, I told you that this method of softening people’s hearts will work, right?”

The girl was pushed by him like this, and after screaming, she fell directly to the ground. Not caring about her painful hand, she sat on the ground crying and backed away while panicking to find her clothes that were torn out of shape.

Sun Liyu’s strength was too strong, and the buttons on the girl’s clothes didn’t know where they had fallen, looking wretched.

Xu Jian’s heart tightened when he saw it, he hurriedly took two steps towards her.

Seeing Xu Jian coming, the girl backed away in panic, shaking her head repeatedly, tears fell like beads, “Don’t you come over, don’t come over wuwu…”

Xu Jian took off his jacket, squatted down and draped it over her, and comforted her slowly, “Don’t be afraid, we’re not with them, we’re good people.”

Helping the frightened girl to stand up, Xu Jian said to her, “Go to the side to hide first.”

The girl cautiously glanced at Xu Jian, clutching his jacket, quickly glanced at Sun Liyu and their direction, whispered to Xu Jian to say thank you, and then ran away in small steps.

Listening to her still trembling voice, Xu Jian felt guilty:

If it weren’t for them, she wouldn’t have suffered this unwarranted disaster.

On the other side, Sun Liyu looked at the cold-face Qin Chen, then let out a laugh from his throat, “I thought you would come out after watching the good show over there.”

Qin Chen moved his wrist, didn’t talk nonsense to him, and said coldly, “Are you going together or one by one?”

Wu Ling, who had been standing next to Sun Liyu and hadn’t spoken, heard Qin Chen’s words and shook his head with a smile, “We have seen Mr. Qin’s skills, so we are also prepared this time.”

After saying this, Wu Ling raised his hand. Xu Jian saw that the doors on both sides of the back of the van suddenly opened from the inside. Several people got out one after another, quickly surrounding Qin Chen.

Xu Jian was startled. When he counted carefully, he saw that there were ten people together with Sun Liyu and Wu Ling!

He couldn’t help but curse in his heart, Xu Jian glared at Wu Ling, “You guys are too shameless and disgusting.”

Wu Ling laughed after hearing this, turned to Xu Jian, and said, “We are looking for Mr. Qin to talk about something, the unrelated people should leave first bah, lest it will be bad if they hurt their eyes from punching by then.”

Wu Ling said politely, but after speaking, he cast a look at the two people next to him. The two understood and approached Xu Jian directly.

Just as Xu Jian’s eyes narrowed and rolled his sleeves ready to fight, he suddenly moved. After he kicked one over, he raised his hand and slammed his back shoulder to deal with the other cleanly.

Stepping on the fingers of one of them, Qin Chen stood in front of Xu Jian, swept a glance at the eager crowd, and said coldly without expression, “I see which of you dares to touch him.”

Before Xu Jian could react, Qin Chen settled the two. When he reacted, he glanced at the one who was screaming with his fingers on his feet, and the other who was kicked over by him and struggling to get up. He made a quick decision and immediately walked over. He raised his foot and kicked him between the legs.[2]Ouch! You go, Xu Jian XD


After a scream, the man who had just stood up tremblingly twisted his expression, clutching his crotch, and slowly fell down, looking pained as he rolled all over the ground.



Looking at the man rolling all over the ground, Qin Chen was silent for two seconds then turned his head to look at Xu Jian, his eyes were complicated:

“I didn’t expect you to fight in this style.”

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: The move is not new, it just works.

Qin poop scooping officer, who has a bursting with power boyfriend: Awesome.

Jian Cat, who made a decisive decision on the spot, and was really broken 2333[3]Laughing

p.s. Wearing a school uniform doesn’t necessarily mean a student oh~

XJ decisively kicks the man’s third leg:

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1 Students who don’t live on the campus.
2 Ouch! You go, Xu Jian XD
3 Laughing

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