He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 94

Tw: violence

Chapter 94 – Sneak Attack

The snake hits seven inches, and as a man too, Xu Jian naturally knows where it hurts the most.

They all planned to fight Qin Chen one by ten, and Xu Jian didn’t care about the dishonorable methods, so it was better to get things done quickly in the end.

After listening to Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian’s face was innocent, “I’ve shown mercy under my foot.”

Not worth it.

In such a tense atmosphere, Qin Chen almost couldn’t help laughing when he saw Xu Jian’s expression.

Reality is not a novel. The enemy will not stand stupidly and give you time to catch up and discuss countermeasures. Wu Ling glanced at the big man rolling all over the ground and turned his head to the others, “Don’t waste time with them. If you spend more time, the people they called will come.”

Hearing Wu Ling’s command, the rest of the people nodded, then slowly approached around Qin Chen.

Xu Jian’s mind turned quickly, sweeping around, and finally turned and ran to the edge of the flower bed. When he came back, he carried half a brick in his hand.

Under the gazes of everyone, Xu Jian handed the red brick to Qin Chen, “Here, weapon.”

This weapon wasn’t very handy, but Qin Chen took the brick and threw it upwards, protecting Xu Jian with his other arm and backing away while whispering, “Go and stand by the side.”

What, he’s a man too; although he couldn’t fight one to ten, it’s okay to hold off one to share the pressure, right?

Thinking this way in his heart, Xu Jian frowned and was about to shake his head when he heard Qin Chen say again, “Their target is me. I’ll be distracted if you’re here. If you go to the side, you can make the last attack[1]To get the last attack on an enemy to get the benefits [gaming slang] as you did just now when you have the opportunity.”

Xu Jian only hesitated for a second when he heard the words, then nodded solemnly, “Okay, I’ll find a chance to sneak attack from behind later.”

Xu Jian said the words ‘sneak attack’ rightfully, and he didn’t feel that there was a problem with his words at all.

Xu Jian was incapable in battles. When fighting, he will only raise his leg, kick the hands, slap faces, and pull hair based on instinct. In order not to drag Qin Chen, who won the prize, he hid next to the car, and then remembered that there was a fishing rod in the trunk.

After a pause, Xu Jian’s eyes lit up, and slapped his forehead — How could he forget this thing?!

Qin Chen and the others have already started fighting in front, and from time to time he could hear the sound of others’ muffled grunts of pain. Xu Jian quickly went to the trunk while paying attention to Qin Chen’s situation, only to see the latter heavily hit Sun Liyu’s chin with the back of his elbow.

Xu Jian sighed in his heart: Worthy of the practice, a couple of ten is still easy.

Taking out the fishing rod and adjusting the length for convenience, Xu Jian cautiously approached one of the big men with a bald head. After observing, he raised his hand to catch him off guard and swung the fishing rod like a steel pipe pose directly toward the man’s hand that he just raised towards Qin Chen.

Xu Jian used all his strength and he could hear the sound of breaking through the air when he swung the rod. The bald man shouted ‘ouch’, and the hand that he swung at Qin Chen hung down as if it was broken.

Qin Chen gave way by mistake, a man’s fist passed in front of him, and the next second it fell on the bald head’s face, and the man also lunged towards him.

After being hit by a double blow in a short time, the bald head had no time to call the same, so he was unsteady by the force of his accomplice rushing over. After retreating repeatedly, both of them fell to the ground with a ‘pa’.

Qin Chen didn’t look back at the two either. After leaving the words ‘I’ll leave it to you’, he went to deal with the others. Xu Jian saw this as a good opportunity ah, so he used the fishing rod as a dog beating stick, and the stick reached the meat.

The bald head and his companion screamed while a ‘you push me and I push you’ on the other, struggling to stand up, but Xu Jian didn’t give them this opportunity. He beat and kicked them. Seeing the opportunity, he give them a ‘decisive’ free kick and didn’t give them the chance to stand up.

Qin Chen and Xu Jian cooperated tacitly. One was responsible for knocking down and causing injuries, and the other was responsible for making the last attack without any rules.

There are mixed fish and dragons[2]Crooks mixed in with the honest folks in the Ankang District and brawls aren’t new. Some people swore a few words when they saw it and some people turned their heads back, being used to it.

Some residents wanted to take care of it, but they dare not speak out for fear of inviting trouble.

Wu Ling looked at the chaotic scene, his face lost the previous smile.

He knew that Qin Chen could fight, so he brought a few more brothers this time. But he didn’t expect him to fight so well, so many of them weren’t able to stop him.

He originally thought that the victory was in his hands, but he didn’t expect to be beaten by his opponent and screamed again and again.

Seeing that time passed by minute and second, Wu Ling couldn’t stand it anymore. He turned his head to look at the shadows at the end of the van.

In the shadows, the girl who was almost humiliated by Sun Liyu before was wearing Xu Jian’s jacket and looked at the chaotic scene in front of her indifferently.

The hair tie where the girl had tied her hair had long since disappeared, her waist-length hair is on her shoulders, and the tears on her face haven’t dried out, but the somewhat horror and grievances in her eyes a few minutes ago can still be seen in her eyes.

The girl’s indifferent and impatient expression and attitude now are completely different from the her who was trembling with fear just now.

Looking at the girl who was watching indifferently, Wu Ling silently tilted his head towards the van beside her.

Facing Wu Ling’s gaze, the girl expressionlessly threw Xu Jian’s jacket to the ground, raised her hand, and opened the back seat door.

The girl took a steel pipe from the van and got off. When she got out of the van, she stepped on Xu Jian’s jacket on the ground. She paused and stared at the jacket for a few seconds, then suddenly bent over to pick it up again.

Under the watchful eye of Wu Ling, the girl picked up Xu Jian’s jacket and patted the dust.

Wu Ling couldn’t figure out what she was up to, so he had to urge her with his eyes.

The girl didn’t care about Wu Ling, she folded the jacket neatly, and then put it on the roof of the van. After all this was done, she slowly walked out of the shadows carrying a steel pipe 60-70 centimeters long.

Qin Chen dealt with so many people alone. No matter how good his skills were, his energy and attention were limited, so he simply didn’t notice the girl approaching quietly.

The incapable in battles Xu Jian, stuck to the wall, with the wall protecting his back as his hands tightly gripping the fishing rod, and swinging at the people cursing in front of him.

After accidentally hitting a pole, ruthlessly slapping people in the face, and knocking them to the ground, Xu Jian raised his eyes proudly. Then the scene of the girl standing less than five meters behind Qin Chen with a steel pipe fell into his eyes.

Xu Jian first froze for a moment, then his pupils suddenly shrank. When the girl raised her hand, he moved faster than his brain and directly rushed up.

The girl’s target was Qin Chen’s back, but a second before she swung down, a strong force suddenly came from the side and pushed her hard to the side, so the hand she swung down was skewed as a result—

While pushing the person away, Xu Jian subconsciously raised his arm to block her falling steel pipe, and the next second, there was a bone-aching[3]Lit. carved in bones and engraved in the heart [idiom]. Fig. unforgettable dull pain in his right hand.

Xu Jian clenched his jaw, but still couldn’t hold back a muffled grunt, sucked in a breath of cold air, and the fishing rod in his hand fell in response.

The steel pipe just hit his right forearm, and the pain almost made him curse.

Hearing Xu Jian’s pained voice, Qin Chen was startled and hurriedly turned his head to look at him, “What’s wrong?”

Xu Jian shook his head at once with a white face, picked up the fishing rod, took a few steps to the side, then said, “It’s nothing, pay attention to your left!”

Qin Chen frowned, swept a glance at the girl who fell to the ground and the steel pipe at her feet. After understanding what had happened just now, his face instantly became cold.

How can he fight distracted? Just as Qin Chen turned his head skillfully, he saw the opportunity next to him and punched him directly on the shoulder. Xu Jian was anxious and distressed when he saw this, “Don’t worry about me, I’m really fine.”

Qin Chen calmed down and stared at the girl who was pushed down by Xu Jian, his eyes were cold.

Meeting his expression, the girl shuddered for no reason. She really was scared now and took a step back with her hands on the ground.

Shocked by Qin Chen’s aura, the others stood still for a moment and didn’t dare step forward.

Qin Chen walked to the girl’s side, raised his foot, and stepped on the steel pipe. It stood and crushed, and in the blink of an eye, the steel pipe reached his hand.

With the steel pipe in his hand, Qin Chen swept at the girl’s hand and said desolately, “Owe it first.”

After speaking, without waiting for others to react, Qin Chen suddenly attacked, backhanded with a steel pipe, and hit the nearest Sun Liyu’s head.

Sun Liyu only had time to scream and fell. He only felt a warm stream flowing down from his head. He raised his hand to touch it and felt a handful of blood.

The next situation is uncontrollable. To say that Qin Chen still had scruples just now and didn’t kill, then he doesn’t care about it now and; regardless of the fists hitting on him, one stick at a time, with a clear goal, straight to the stomach, ribs, and head.

Xu Jian, who was nearby, heart alarmed when he saw him and quickly reminded him, “Brother Chen, take it easy.”

Beating people to death is going to jail!


When Pan Min arrived with the people and police, she saw that the scene was a mess, and there were people lying in all directions. Although there were no missing arms and legs, judging from the traces on the scene, the battlefield should be awfully tragic.

The only people standing on the scene, except for Qin Chen and Xu Jian, who were leaning against the car, were only a girl in school uniform.

After getting out of the car, Pan Min was only stunned for a moment, then her eyes quickly scanned. After seeing Qin Chen and Xu Jian, she breathed a sigh of relief, and her eyes widened in the next second.

“Didn’t I tell you not to act rashly? Why are you disobedient?”

After speaking, without waiting for the two people to answer, Xiao Nan and Zhu Liang jumped out of the car; Xiao Nan looked worried, “Brother Chen, Brother Xu, how are you guys? Are you hurt anywhere?”

Being surrounded by ten people, it was unrealistic to escape unscathed, so except for the steel pipe that Xu Jian blocked for Qin Chen, the two people were more or less wounded.

However, compared with Xu Jian’s bruised arm, the others are minor injuries that aren’t worth mentioning.

Qin Chen’s face was very ugly. After seeing Pan Min and the police’s arrival, he opened the car door and pushed Xu Jian inside. Then he turned his head to Pan Min, “Xiao Jian’s hand was injured, I’ll take him back to deal with it first. I’ll leave these to you[4]Plural form here.”

When Pan Min heard that Xu Jian had injured his hand, she was anxious and quickly asked, “How is the injury? Is it serious?”

Xu Jian felt that his hand was much better now. Seeing Pan Min and Xiao Nan’s nervousness, he smiled at them, “Minor injuries, not serious. Just rubbing some medicinal wine will be fine, don’t be nervous.”

Qin Chen glanced at him after listening but didn’t say anything.

After hearing this, Pan Min nodded repeatedly, “Okay, okay, okay, you guys go back first and we’ll come back to you when we’re done here.”

The police have already arrested Wu Ling, Sun Liyu, and the others, who are no longer able to fight back. One of the little policemen holding Sun Liyu, who was badly bruised, whispered to his companion as he walked towards the police car with a sigh, “I didn’t expect Qin Chen, who looks so polite on the outside, but was able to fight, and so many people were brought down by one person.”

After listening to him, his colleague glanced at Qin Chen not far away, then looked at him with a suspicious gaze, “Qin Chen is gentle? Do you have a problem with your eyes?

Qin Chen doesn’t look easy to be mess with, where is he gentle?

The author has something to say:

The speed of life or death, it’s too late to write a small theater today!

Me seeing XJ with a fishing rod:

Jie Jie: He woke up and became the actor’s [cat] gon XD welp, bye

Anyway, I couldn’t find any appropriate gif for this so here’s a random cat gif:

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1 To get the last attack on an enemy to get the benefits [gaming slang]
2 Crooks mixed in with the honest folks
3 Lit. carved in bones and engraved in the heart [idiom]. Fig. unforgettable
4 Plural form

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