I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 112

Chapter 112: 好巧,皇上你也在这啊

[What a coincidence! Your Majesty, you’re here too!]

Lu Yunluo could only stop and smiled with curry a favor face, “Aaah, what a coincidence ah, so the Emperor is also here. He he he, what a coincidence…”

Saying that, Lu Yunluo secretly swept a glance at the two people. Obviously, she didn’t know what these two people were talking about, so she continued, “That, I won’t bother you guys, you guys continue….”

As she said that, she turned her body and prepared to slip away.

Just as she took two steps, the collar behind her was mercilessly grabbed by Ji Wu Jie, “Since you’ve come, go with me to Xinyang Hall.”

“Your Majesty, I’m afraid this is not proper?” She is still wearing the eunuch’s clothes.

“What’s not proper? I saw that just now at the banquet in the imperial garden, didn’t you stay quite well?” An icy cold look drifted over, the chill in those eyes looked at Lu Yunluo, making her body shiver. 

It turned out that she had been exposed?

This luck of hers is also too bad.

In the end, Lu Yunluo’s collar was grabbed by Ji Wu Jie and they left like this.

Prince Chen looked at their departing backs and didn’t move his gaze away for a long time.

Lu Yunluo was brought back to Shu Xin Hall by Ji Wu Jie, allowing the palace maid to give her a good bath and dressed up.

As a result, Lu Yunluo was dressed up by Lu Wei and several palace maids, transforming suddenly from a dull-faced little eunuch into ‘bedecked with glittering jewels’ Niang Niang.

Lu Yunluo looked at the bronze mirror; her head full of heavy hairpin jade rings as well as a thick layer of white powder, it’s really a headache.

Not that she was complaining, Ji Wu Jue’s this Shu Xin Hall’s palace maid’s makeup level is really not good, not as good as Yin Shuang’s aesthetics.

If not for Lu Wei and friend’s satisfied face really does not look like a pretend appearance at all, she would suspect that they were intentionally bullying her.

After thinking about it, she removed the head ornaments or jewelry from her head.

Letting her carry on her head this golden glittering head for others to visit and make a fool of herself, she was extremely unwilling to do so.

She washed all the make-up off her face, took out a copy of her own homemade make-up from her pocket and restarted applying the make-up again.

Not long after, a completely different woman appeared in the bronze mirror.

Lu Yunluo thought about it and used the  writing brush dipped in red ink to make a flower on her forehead. The whole capital women with a little bit of status without exception are almost all here today, since she has already advertised her own cosmetics, then she is moving the shopfront. No matter what, she has to take something out, wanting to spread the name of the Cold Palace beauty department out, therefore stunning make-up is absolutely essential.

After finishing her make-up, Lu Yunluo satisfiedly looked into the mirror. This is what Lu Yunluo is.

There is no more graceful and noble beauty just like now, instead it is dazzling people kind of beauty, the ultimate beauty!

Previously, it was possible for her to put on make-up like this!

Lu Wei and several palace maids looked at Lu Yunluo with a face of amazement.

“Just style me with the simple hair bun one, insert less hairpin. It’s too heavy.” Lu Yunluo looked at those shiny gold hairpins and jade rings on the table with a disgusted face.

It would be better if you take these things out and sell them for silver. Having to wear it on the head, not to mention how heavy it is, when you turn your head, then your neck also pressured by it; the gains do not make up for the losses

Lu Wei pursed her lips and smiled,  “Throughout history, it is the first time to hear that there is a concubine that dislikes the heavy hairpin.”

Don’t say about today’s banquet, in the concubine’s daily life, they were eager to wear their head ornaments and jewelry, only then, they could show their status and noble identity.

Finally, under the request of Lu Yunluo, LU Wei still combed a simple common hair bun to Lu Yunluo, simple and natural yet elegant and unrestrained, in harmony with that bright red head ornament in Niang Niang’s forehead, which can not be described how absolutely beautiful and alluring it is.


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