I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 113

Chapter 113: 真丑

[Really Ugly]

Changing into an already-prepared dress, the moment she went out, he clearly saw Ji Wu Jue’s slightly moved eyes.

Lu Yunluo smiled smugly, it seemed that her make-up was extremely successful.

Just when she wanted to proudly turn around in front of Ji Wu Jue and show off her make-up skills, Ji Wu Jue’s disgusted voice came into her ears, “Really ugly. You guys, come out here and give her another makeup and style.”


Ji Wu Jue said she was ugly?

Lu Yunluo couldn’t stand it!

Does he have eyes?

You call this ugly?

Only to see Ji Wu Jue’s deep and quiet gaze swept through her face one after another as he frowned and said, “The makeup is too light. What filthy thing is painted on that forehead? Wipe it, beside that, her make-up and hair style is too plain and simple, also use all those vermilion hairpin and jade rings.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

After Lu Wei came out, she then pulled Lu Yunluo in again. 

Lu Yunluo simply wanted to vomit blood, this Ji Wu Jue doing this on purpose, right?

It must be on purpose, right?

If not, then there’s something wrong with his eyes!

He likes that kind of glittery, bejeweled look, so why should she have to dress like that?

Huuu.. she doesn’t want it!

Unfortunately, her protests were ineffective, and in the end, she was still being re-make up and restyled again by those palace maids in accordance with the emperor’s demand. 

Lu Yunluo stared at her heavy head and swore to defend the flower inlay on her forehead.

This was used to advertise her cosmetics, resolutely not to be rubbed.

As a result, the previous elegant and gorgeous woman became an outstandingly charming and noble concubine, the threatening one. That hairstyle and dress up is not that different from the specifications of a Queen 

However, Ji Wu Jue still seems to be dissatisfied. His eyes fell on Lu Yunluo’s forehead, always feeling that the red is very eyesore.

Before he even opened his mouth, Lu Yunluo covered her forehead with one hand and quickly walked outside, “Your Majesty, I still have to go to prepare the Empress Dowager’s birthday gift, so I’ll go first.”

After saying that, she quickly walked outside, afraid of being called by Ji Wu Jue.

Fortunately, Ji Wu Jue eventually just called a few palace maids to follow her.

Before Lu Yunluo came, she already took out the birthday gift that she made for the Empress Dowager yesterday from the space and put it in the imperial dining room.

It had been handed over a long time ago.

When she came over at this time, Eunuch Cheng had already prepared it all for her.

It was placed on top of a trolley.

It was covered with a red cloth, and through the red cloth, it was still faintly sending out hot air.

When Eunuch Cheng lifted the red cloth when they took it out to the pot to heat it up, everyone in the Imperial Cuisine Room was shocked by this birthday gift.

After Lu Yunluo saw everything was ready, she asked Eunuch Cheng to pick two people to push this birthday gift to Xinyang Hall.

Because of the heavy rain, now the Imperial kitchen room didn’t need to cook, Eunuch Cheng brought Xiao Li Zi and another eunuch to personally push the cart to Xinyang Hall.

When Lu Yunluo arrived at Xinyang Hall, she coincidentally met with Yao Guiren at the door.

After the rain stopped, Yao Guiren went back to Li Xia Palace to re-make and dress up. 

She was walking in a graceful manner.

Where is half of her previous appearance of being in a sorry state in the rain? 

She had to admit that Yao Guiren’s mentality is quite good.

If it was a normal young lady in a boudoir, after making herself disgraceful in front of everyone, she would have already hid and cried. How could she dare to come out again?

When she saw Lu Yunluo’s make-up look, her feminine and tender eyes flashed with a touch of amazement, and then said with all smile, “I didn’t expect that Jie Jie’s make-up is really nice, I don’t know if Jie Jie can teach mei mei a little bit when you have free time. Mei mei is very fond of this make-up of yours.”

Noble Consort Yao spoke in a very meek and gentle appearance, as if she was chatting to a sister she met by chance outside.

Lu Yunluo couldn’t help but sigh that Noble Consort Yao was born to be an actress.


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