I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 14

Chapter 14: 这声音有点耳熟

This voice sounds familiar

Three people were gathered around a stone table, each with a delicate copper pot in front of them. It was steaming hot, and the food was being eaten in a frenzy

Ji Wu Jue did not expect to see such a scene when he saw her again.

She was dressed in the clothes of a eunuch, and her face seemed to have been deliberately darkened. The elegance of that body was mostly hidden, and if it weren’t for those bright starry eyes, he almost wouldn’t have recognised her.

Ji Wu Jue’s eyes fell firmly on the small figure in the courtyard. In the past few days, he had almost turned the entire palace upside down in order to find her. But she was unexpectedly fine, she just walked out her way as bold as brass behind his imperial dining room, eating and drinking to her heart’s content with the eunuchs.

He didn’t know what the people inside said. She was actually laughing, ‘Ha ha’ and came in contact with the shoulder of the eunuch, Ji Wu Jue’s narrow eyes sank slightly as jealousy flaring up.

“Your Majesty, do you want this slave to go in and inform them?” Cao Zhong Quan took a glance at Ji Wu Jue’s face and asked cautiously.

Ji Wu Jue’s eyes were gloomy, “Tell them all to get lost and go to work in the imperial kitchen!”


When Cao Zhong Quan entered the courtyard, he then took Eunuch Cheng and Xiao Li Zi away yet Xiao Li Zi was still full of questions, “Master (Shi Fu), what are we doing in the imperial kitchen in the middle of the night?”

Eunuch Cheng couldn’t figure it out either, but he didn’t think much of it when he thought that the emperor’s moods were always fluctuating lately.

When they left the courtyard, they saw a figure standing at the entrance, and when they looked at it, they saw Ji Wu Jue, dressed in civilian clothes, looking at them with a gloomy expression.The two men were so frightened that their legs went limp, they were about to kneel down and salute but they were stopped by Cao Zhong Quan in time.

“Let’s go, the emperor is waiting for you in imperial study.”

The imperial study room?

The two people looked at each other with blank faces.

This Emperor was clearly standing right here in front of them, so how could he be in the Imperial Study room?

“Eunuch Cao, isn’t it the Emperor is not in…” Xiao Li Zi was covered by Eunuch Cheng before he could finish his words, this boy, still so blind.

Since Eunuch Cao had said so, he must not let it be known.

Xiao Li Zi was dragged down by Eunuch Cheng with him.

In the courtyard, after Eunuch Cheng and Xiao Li Zi left, it was meaningless for Lu Yunluo to eat alone. When she saw that no one was around, she threw the three large parcels into the space, and the smaller parcels containing household goods into her arms, as she got up to leave.

As soon as she left the courtyard door, she bumped into a solid chest.

She rubbed her head and looked up to see a peerless handsome face.

That face was as flawless as if it had been carefully carved and a pair of soul-stirring eyes, with only a casual glance, he looked scornfully at the whole world.

This is a superbly best quality handsome man!

A handsome man of this level, if put into the 21st century in a minute would be an existence or could cause countless young girls and young married women to scream like crazy. 

Lu Yunluo swallowed hard and had a vague feeling that this man had a motive behind it. He was definitely an existence that she could not afford to offend. 

Now that she was about to leave the palace, it was better to do less than more; the less trouble the better or avoid trouble whenever possible. It was a pity that such a supreme demon man appeared in front of her eyes, but she could only look on helplessly. 

Wait until she leaves the palace, she must earn a lot, a lot of silver and then pick up many, many beautiful men.

Lu Yunluo turned around with hatred.

Just the exact moment when she turned around, her wrist was firmly held by the man behind her. The bottom of Ji Wu Jue’s eyes were tinged with a chill, “Are you going to run away again?”

Last time, she slipped away in front of him like this, and this time, she is still trying to run away!

Lu Yunluo’s body paused for a moment, this voice… How did this voice sound so familiar?


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