I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 15

Chapter 15:  原来是他

So it’s him

She looked up suspiciously and looked again at the man in front of her, and by the light of the roadside lamp and the moonlight, she could see clearly that this man had an exceptional handsome face of unparalleled beauty. Furthermore, the cold and arrogant aura that emanated from his bones, that kind of man, she would never forget about it once she had seen it.

She was sure that she had never met this man before!

But why did this voice sound familiar?

Ji  Wu Jue’s face was getting sunken, it turned out that this woman wasn’t trying to slip away, but she didn’t recognize him at all. She even might have forgotten about him since a long time ago!

Feeling the increasingly alarming chill on the opposite side, Lu Yunluo subconsciously took a few steps back. Why is this handsome man’s expression is so strange? Didn’t he just bump into him a little? Why is he being so angry?

But looking at his gloomy face at the moment, it doesn’t look like he’s going to let her go.

Ji Wu Jue’s eyes fell to Lu Yunluo’s waist, not seeing the jade pendant he had given to her, he couldn’t help but frown slightly, “(Where is) the jade pendant?”

“The jade pendant?” Lu Yunluo froze for a moment, thinking of the jade pendant that had been pawned for five hundred taels of silver. She stared at the demonically handsome face in front of her with suspicion.

That vague silhouette from that night overlapped with the man in front of her, no wonder his voice sounded so familiar!

So he is actually the one who bought the little yellow book from her that night! Tsk tsk, she really didn’t expect it!

Such an imposing matchless handsome man would have a fetish for peeking at other people having a sexual intercourse and buying a little pornographic book from her. If indeed, you can’t judge people by appearances (don’t judge a book by its cover). 

So it seems that at best, he is an imperial bodyguard?

But how did this man recognise her when it was dark that night when she herself didn’t even seen his face clearly?

What’s even more, she was dressed as a eunuch today and her complexion was darker than usual which is yellow that she would not have been easily recognised if other people did not paid a close attention.

“The jade pendant has been pawned.” Lu Yunluo looked at the man opposite her with a wary expression.

“Pawned?” Ji Wu Jue’s eyebrows twitched unnoticeably as the blood in his chest churned, this woman, did she know what that jade pendant represent? 

She actually took it to pawn it?

“You’re not going to go back on your word, are you?” Lu Yunluo saw Ji Wu Jue’s pale expression and took a few steps back, “I’m telling you, as a human, you have to keep your word. You’ve already given me that jade pendant as the silver, how can you ask it back?” Lu Yunluo clutched the parcel in her arms tightly.

Ji Wu Jue took a few deep breaths, this woman could always easily provoke his emotions, “Since I’ve already given it to you, I naturally have no reason to ask for it again.”

How could he, Ji Wu Jue, ask back for what he had given out? He would send someone to ask the pawnshop owner to send it back personally.

“That’s more like it!” Lu Yunluo’s heart finally dropped, she was still thinking about the parcel in her arms, which still had five hundred taels of silver in it. She couldn’t throw it into space in front of him so she just held it in her hand, heavy and tired. Lu Yunluo was ready to slip away, “Since there’s nothing else, I am not going to disturb you anymore, goodbye!”

“As soon as the words left her mouth, her collar was tugged by a pair of large hands in time, and the step she had just taken was pulled back a few steps.

“Look over there, there’s a fire, put it out quickly!” Lu Yunluo reached out and pointed to the right and shouted, then tried to run, But the hand behind her, which was tugging at her collar, remained motionless.

Why didn’t this guy take the bait?

Lu Yunluo was a bit annoyed, “What the hell do you want?”

Isn’t she just selling him a small pornografic book?

As for that, is he stalking her like this?


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