I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 16

Chapter 16: 扑到美男

Pouncing on a handsome man

Ji Wu Jue frowned at Lu Yunluo, why did this woman always like to run away so much? It was not easy to find her, so how could he let her leave so easily again? “Come with me to one place!” The man’s voice overhead did not allow any rejection. Lu Yunluo was somewhat dissatisfied, “I don’t want to go!” 

She just wanted to go back to her cold palace!

She swept her gaze to the side and this time she really saw a group of guards patrolling in the distance to go this way. 

Lu Yunluo was somewhat anxious, her status could not afford any interrogation, “There are guards coming, hurry up and let me go!” She struggled to free herself from the hands behind her that were holding her collar tightly but she still couldn’t get free. The guards were getting closer and closer, therefore in her desperation, she spun around and threw the man forward with all her might. Behind him was the grass, so when they fell, they should be able to hide their bodies.

With a loud bang, Lu Yunluo successfully brought Ji Wu Jue down.

In the grass, Lu Yunluo pressed herself against Ji Wu Jue’s body, their lips just a tiny bit away from touching each other.

Lu Yunluo blinked, looking at the enlarged handsome face in front of her, her heart, which had always been calm and unripple, suddenly moved slightly.

This man was really too good looking!

Long and narrow eyes, straight nose, perfect jawline, no dead angle no matter which angle he looked from, especially the thin lips that were only a few millimeters away from her, this angle was really too seductive.

She swallowed hard and tried to hold back!

Ji Wu Jue was pressed underneath by Lu Yun Luo, a pair of deep and bottomless black eyes quietly looking at this small darkened yellow face in front of him. The glittering starry eyes looked straight at him, the unique fragrance of the young girl lingered at the tip of his nose, his heart slightly stirred, his breath gradually sharpened and his eyes were distinctly burning, “Don’t move!”

Lu Yunluo raised her eyebrows, not letting her move? Fine, don’t move then just don’t move. She was afraid that he wouldn’t cooperate and bring the guards over. 

“Didn’t Eunuch Li say that the Emperor was still here just now?”

“Go, split up and look for it.” The sound of footsteps gradually faded away.

Lu Yunluo let out a sigh of relief; when she was about to get up, she took the opportunity to give Ji Wu Jue’s chest a few random grabs, the muscles were quite firm and felt quite good in her hands.

Ji Wu Jue looked at Lu Yunluo with a teasing expression. Lu Yunluo’s face thick-skinned and reddened as she immediately coughed, afraid of being found out, “Why are you looking at me? I’m just touching you a couple of times, right? You are not going to lose a piece of flesh.” 

She clapped her hands and got up to leave. Who knows, the big hand on her waist pressed down fiercely, and the body that had just raised fell back down and with a spinning flip, Ji Wu Jue pressed Lu Yunluo tightly under her body.

“Why?” Lu Yunluo stared at the handsome face in front of her with a wary expression, “I just touched you twice just now. Don’t tell me that you want me to be responsible to you, do you?” She disliked her current position, being pinned down and unable to move!

“You won’t say it right?” Ji Wu Jue smiled wickedly and leaned down. His cool lips gradually approached the tender red lips beneath him and when he was about to touch them, Lu Yun Luo suddenly twisted her head and bit Ji Wu Jue viciously on the shoulder. 

You want to take advantage of me? There is no way!

This bite is not a light one.

Ji Wu Jue’s brow wrinkled, and as soon as he was dumbfounded, Lu Yun Luo slipped away from underneath him.

It was too dangerous!

Lu Yunluo picked up the parcel on the floor and prepared to leave hurriedly, when she looked up, she saw a guard standing in front of her, watching her silently.

“Pay respect to Majesty!” The guard rushed to her direction and saluted the Emperor. 


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    Oh my goodness, not sure if the MC will be able to escape this predicament… thank you for the chapter!


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