I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 23

Chapter 23:  这马屁拍的够响了吧

Is this flattery loud enough?

The night breeze was blowing and the lingering smell of alcohol assaulted the nostril.

Ji Wu Jue’s eyes welled up with a burst of anger.

This woman, how dare (brave is) she!

To have the impudence to drink into this state! 

What’s even worse, why is she dressed in clothes that are so revealing (wear so little)?

Did she not know that the dress is thoroughly exposed?

The Cold Palace was so remote and in the middle of nowhere and there wasn’t even a single guard, so if someone broke in, her innocence would be ruined!

And when he thought of what she had just said about leaving the palace, he was even more furious!

A pair of large hands pressed down on Lu Yunluo’s exposed white, delicate, and thin shoulders with a great deal of anger.

“Ss…” Lu Yunluo’s brow furrowed in pain.

Why did Yin Shuang strike so seriously?

Not true!

This is not Yin Shuang!

Her eyes opened abruptly and met a cold handsome face.

“Ai Fei (Dear concubine /Dear Wife of a prince or emperor) really has a good plan.” Ji Wu Jue smiled coldly.

If he didn’t suddenly come to the Cold Palace today and heard the words she had just said, he wouldn’t have known that this woman had actually made plans to leave the palace.

Does she want to escape from the palace?

Lu Yunluo looked at that chilly and eerie handsome face and blinked her eyes. 

Ji Wu Jue? His Majesty?

He had found the Cold Palace!

What is he doing by coming to the Cold Palace?

In this instant, her mind worked very quickly. 

And what was wrong with that girl, Yin Shuang? Why didn’t she even inform me that the Emperor suddenly came?

He probably already heard everything she just said!

If she remembered correctly, according to the laws of Dong Lan Kingdom, if a concubine who had been sent to the cold palace tried to escape from the palace, it would be a death sentence if she was caught!

Lu Yunluo’s heart thumped, looking at his overbearing and imperious face, she had no doubt that if she dared to admit that she had the intention of escaping from the palace, this guy would definitely twist her neck and ‘kacha’ (crack or snapping sound)!

She wouldn’t admit it even if she was beaten to death! 

Hold on (Calm down)!

She smiled faintly, rose gracefully and bowed to Ji Wu Jue, “Your Majesty is joking right? Isn’t it because it’s almost the Mid-autumn Festival (15th day of the eighth lunar month) and I want to go out of the palace to buy a few gifts for Your Majesty to please you. You also know that since I got married, I have been banished to the cold palace and have never met with Your Majesty for even once…”

Lu Yunluo, that face of hers was beautiful to the extreme, was dripping with the slightest hint of sorrow, as if she was really a woman whose feelings hurt in order to gain the emperor’s attention.

At this moment, with the aggrieved look on his face, where is there any trace of the threatening gestures (her bare fangs and brandish claws) she made at yesterday’s meeting?

Ji Wu Jue looked at this extremely beautiful face in front of him and raised his eyebrows, “Is that so?”

“Of course, I (here used ‘Qièshēn’: a form of self-address formerly used by a wife when speaking to her husband) have long heard that Your Majesty is handsome and smart, ease and natural poise, peerless and exceptional, with a talent for ruling the country that is unparalleled in the world, who wouldn’t want to please such an emperor?” Lu Yunluo was still smiling lightly as before, but her body was covered with goosebumps. This flattery is loud enough isn’t it? Is that enough? Can you let me go now?

The corners of Ji Wu Jue’s mouth curled up into an evil smile, if he hadn’t seen the real her before. He almost believed in this woman’s lies!

He approached her step by step. Inside his pitch dark eyes, there was a dark tide so deep that one can’t see the bottom, “Since Ai Fei is so eager to please me so much, now that I am standing in front of you, will Ai Fei seize this opportunity to do something to me, will ya?”

He looked at her, the bottom of his eyes were tentative, seductive, and overbearing that could not tolerate any rejection. 

With every step he took forward, Lu Yunluo subconsciously took a step back until she could not retreat.

Looking at the flawlessly handsome face in front of her, Lu Yunluo swallowed her saliva.


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