I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 24

Chapter 24: 幹嘛要聽他的

Why do I have to listen to him?

It’s over!

She felt like she was about to be immersed in this attractive charm, unable to free oneself. 

She actually really wanted to do something to him!

But the man in front of her was no ordinary person, the one that was far removed from the masses and reality; he is the Emperor of the Dong Lan Kingdom!

He is in charge of the life and death of everyone in this country!

If you mess with him, you will lose your freedom and get into endless trouble. If you are not careful, you may even lose your small life.

A handsome man can be picked up again and the money can also be earned again, but there is only one life.

If you can’t beat him, at least you can run away, right?

“Since Your Majesty has asked me to do something, how dare I disobey?” Lu Yunluo raised her head, stood on tiptoe and hooked her jade arm around his neck, smiling like a star. Her already beautiful face was like sunshine at the moment, so dazzling that people could not move their eyes.

Ji Wu Jue was so mesmerized for a moment.

The tender bright red lips gradually approached the pursed thin lips, and when two lips were about to touch, those pairs of limpid autumn waters (trad. description of girl’s beautiful eyes) eyes suddenly flashed a trace of cunning.

A bad feeling (premonition) rose up in Ji Wu Jue’s heart.

Sure enough…


A big sneeze, Ji Wu Jue was sprayed all over his face.

The handsome, cold face froze slightly, and then a crack gradually appeared until the face completely collapsed and became as black as charcoal.

There is no doubt that this woman had done it on purpose!

His shoot flames eyes met her smiling starry eyes, “Your Majesty, please forgive me, Qie Shen (I) may have caught a cold, Ah-choo!”

As she said this, she turned her head and sneezed again.

Seeing at those pair erupt volcanoes’s eyes, she is about to get out of control, she covered her mouth and nose and hurriedly turned around to take the opportunity to leave the corner where she was confined by Ji Wu Jue, “Your Majesty, please forgive me, since my concubine is sick, I must never pass my sickness to Your Majesty.”

While she said it, she took a few steps further away, afraid of passing her illness to the emperor.

“Your Majesty, the night is cold, please to allow me to go back and change clothes.” She felt that she could not stand up properly as the intense drunkenness came over her.

This Ji Wu Jue was already on the verge of fury. She had to hurry to get out of here before she still had a shred of sanity.

The pace of her feet was a little weak. She was holding on to the doorframe and was about to cross the threshold when a disobedient voice rang out behind her, “Stop!”

Lu Yunluo’s body lurched and she turned her head back, two charming blushes crept onto her smooth face, her head tingled violently, something in her muddled mind seemed to break off at this moment, the last trace of clarity she had tried to maintain completely dissipated at this moment.

The memories in her head began to confuse. She shook her heavy head, looking dazedly at the icy frigid face in the courtyard and slowly frowned.

Who the hell is this guy?

How dare he use a commanding tone to tell her to stand still!? 

Who the hell is he? (Who the hell does he think he is?) 

Why should I listen to him?

She won’t listen!

Besides, she’s going to run away after this!

Oh that’s right!

This guy must not want her to drink the alcohol!

She’ll have to run far away and secretly drink alone later!

Staggering on her feet, she crossed the threshold and was immediately ready to run like mad.

Who knew that someone had already been on guard.

She had only just taken two or three steps forward when she was grabbed from behind and gently carried backwards in a cycle. Behind her ‘three thousand threads of black hair fluttered in mid-air and she fell into a hard and firm chest.

The beauty was in her embrace and her body was full of fragrance, but the coldness between Ji Wu Jue’s eyebrows became more and more intense.

“Did you not hear I (Zhen) tell you to stand still?” 

This woman always does not listen to what he tells her to do! 

She sprayed his face with saliva and wanted to find an excuse to escape?

He looked down, cupped her chin and looked at this exceedingly beautiful face with astonishing anger in the bottom of his eyes.


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