I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 26

Chapter 26: 本姑娘今晚要包夜

This Lady wants a ‘night out’ tonight

[包夜 especially, to book a prostitute for the night]

Ji Wu Jue frowned, his black ink eyes sweeping dangerously at her. If he didn’t hear it wrong, this woman was asking him how much money he wanted for a night?

“Don’t worry! What this lady has is plenty of money!” Lu Yunluo felt her pockets, ready to pull out her wallet and fling a hundred yuan in his face, but after feeling for a while she realized that she was wearing a slip dress and had no pockets at all.

She frowned in confusion, where is her wallet?

She must have left it somewhere earlier.

She staggered off the bed and laughed ‘He he’ at Ji Wu Jue, “You, wait in here, I’ll get you your money!”

When she reached the door, she suddenly turned her head back and gave him a warning look, “Remember, wait for me here obediently and you are not allowed to run away. Do you hear me?”

Originally, the eyes that had been burning with anger, also the rage inside his chest soothed down slightly by these words. He felt an inexplicable feeling of joy come from within his heart. 

So she is afraid that he would run away too?

But his face was still cold as ice, he only glanced at the swaying figure but he did not stop it.

It wasn’t long before the staggering Lu Yunluo came in, carrying a heavy mahogany box.

She came to Ji Wu Jue’s side, slapped the mahogany box to his side, opened it, and raised her head with an arrogant face, “How is it? Is that enough? This lady wants to take the night off!”

The wooden box was filled with a heavy box of broken silver and a large quantity of ‘banknotes with a value in silver’ of different sizes.

“What do you mean by ‘night out'(包夜)?” This woman always seemed to be saying words or terms that he did not understand.

[包夜 especially, to book a prostitute for the night]

Lu Yunluo shakes her head and laughs ‘he he’ , “A night out, of course, means sleeping with me tonight! Don’t worry, I won’t sleep with you for nothing, after that, all the money will be all yours!”

[陪睡 read peishui is the term used in here which is trade sex for favorable treatment (career advancement, higher grades, rent-free accommodation etc)]

“This is your money for selling your body!”

Money for selling your body?

Ji Wu Jue frowned.

He is the Emperor of Dong Lan Kingdom. If he gave an order, how many women would try to climb into his emperor’s bed?

Since when did he have to sink into the point where he had to sell himself?

“Aren’t you hot wearing a lot of clothing?” Lu Yunluo was somewhat upset. She had been so frank, yet why was this man still acting like a wooden man, still wearing so much? It’s too disrespectful!

“Quickly take it off!”

The lovely white jade hands (slender white hands) were all over Ji Wu Jue’s body, and after a short while, the clothes on his upper body were peeled off, revealing the firm chest inside.

Lu Yunluo swallowed her saliva and her eyes straightly looked at it!

Indeed a superb beautiful man ah!

This body is too great!

She blinked her starry eyes and reached out to poke her finger. It was so flexible, I wondered what it would feel like If I touched it a little bit. 

She was wondering if she should dare to continue when her wrist was suddenly squeezed by a pair of large hands.

His ‘so deep one cannot see to the bottom’ eyes glanced into those drunken starry eyes, “Ai Fei, are you that impatient?” 

Lu Yunluo was not happy.

Why did he have to press down her hand?

She hadn’t touched him enough yet

She has paid for it!

She tried to withdraw her hand, but he clutched it tightly.

She looked up with a huff. She saw a handsome and demonic face.

He wouldn’t let her touch,right?

Then don’t blame her for not being polite!

She wrapped her hands around his neck and bit down on the thin lips she had been coveting for so long.

It was soft and slightly cool.

The surprise attack was successful.

But before she could be pleased with herself, her waist tightened and a large hand clasped the back of her head, and through the thin material she felt the heat of that large hand around her waist.


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