I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 27

Chapter 27: 皇上昨晚是什麼時候走的? 

When did His Majesty leave last night?

His thin lips suddenly initiated the attack and he kissed the tender red lips.

It tasted unexpectedly good.

It tasted like a sweet and refreshing spring water and it was as sweet as candies that he could not get enough of it. (a pleasant taste that remains long or memorable)

Lu Yunluo’s brain was already dizzy, but now it was like a lack of oxygen, he was short of breath and his limbs were weak.

It’s killing me! (What an awful nuisance!) 

The two of them quickly rolled to the bed behind them.

Lu Yunluo’s paws were impatient to remove Ji Wu Jue’s clothes.

Tsk, tsk, tsk… 

This body is simply amazing!


Lu Yunluo’s nose felt warm, something warm seemed to come out of her nose.

The pain in her head, which had been dizzy at first, was suddenly enormous. Before she passed out completely, she was still trying to move her brain, which was a mass of mush. How could there be such a perfect man in this world with such great outrage, arousing the great indignation of both men and god’s face? Moreover, his body is impressive too. Could it be that is she dreaming all of this?

After two lines of nosebleeds, die from a glorious death, Lu Yunluo fainted from the intense visual impact.

On the bed in the room, Ji Wu Jue looked at Lu Yunluo, who had passed out, with a gloomy look on her face, angry yet also helpless.

In the end, a helpless muffled laugh escaped from his chest, and only after a long time did he take his eyes off her body with difficulty.

Tonight, it’s extremely long.

Has the empress of the Dong Lan Kingdom been vacant for too long…? 

The next day at noon, 

Lu Yunluo woke up with a splitting headache.

She had only drunk one bottle of grape wine last night, but how could it have such a strong delayed effect?

It felt as if she had drunk several pounds of white wine [baijiu, a spirit usually distilled from sorghum]. 

When she got up, Yin Shuang was looking at her with a beaming smile on her face, a smile that made her hair stand on end with fright.

“Niang Niang, you are already tired ba, this servant has put hot water on, you can take a hot bath first.” Yin Shuang’s face was full of joy as the smile on her face was sunny and bright.

Niang Niang was sent to the cold palace on the second day of her wedding, and she has suffered a lot in the cold palace for the past six months. Now, His Majesty has finally come to see her Niang Niang in the cold palace and he had even stayed here overnight, so her Niang Niang’s hard life has finally come to an end!

Lu Yunluo got up, she just simply wanted to take a bath since her body was sticky. Last night, she had put so many ice cubes in the room, so it shouldn’t be hot, but somehow she felt like there was a heating stove next to her when she slept at night.

Tonight she needs to put in more extra ice cubes!

Wait, wait …

She (finally) remembered!

Last night, Ji Wu Jue came here! 

It seemed that he had heard her talking about her plans to leave the palace.

Later, she barely managed to get through.

Later on, she seems to be unable to recall what she did while drunk, so she doesn’t know if she muddles through it or not.

She rubbed her aching head, “The Emperor didn’t bother with me afterwards, did he?”

Yin Shuang thought for a moment and shook her head. The emperor was in a very good mood when he left this morning, so he probably didn’t argue with her Niang Niang ba. 

“Then that’s good.” Lu Yunluo breathed a sigh of relief.

Since she had woken up late and it was already past noon after her bath, she went directly to lunch.

On the table were two simple stir-fried dishes made by Yin Shuang.

Lu Yunluo suddenly thought of something, “When did the emperor leave last night?”

“His Majesty ah, he already left this morning before dawn!” Yin Shuang said happily.

The emperor had specifically told her to serve her Niang Niang well before he left.

“In the morning?” Lu Yunluo frowned. He had spent a night in the cold palace?

She realized that she had overlooked a very serious problem, “Where did he sleep last night?”

Yin Shuang felt a little strange, why would Niang Niang ask such a strange question?

“Of course, he is in the same room with you ah!”

Lu Yunluo’s chopsticks shook and the dish she had just picked up fell down.


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