I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 28

Chapter 28: 她昨晚到底发了什么酒疯?

Why did she get so crazy drunk last night?

*[酒疯: drunken ravings/ silly behavior of a person when drunk]

What an international joke (huge joke)!

She slept in the same room as Ji Wu Jue last night?

“Beside that…”

“What?” Her heart skipped a beat. There is a sense of bad forebodings but she remained calm as she picked up the glass of water and drank some to help her to get over the shock.

“And moreover, didn’t you say that it was rare for you to come across such a good looking handsome man. You said, you would seize the opportunity to…sleep (嫖: whore) with the emperor.” At the end of the sentence, Yin Shuang’s voice was getting smaller and smaller. Her cheeks were practically so red that it’s enough to drip out water.

Niang Niang had said to her that whoring

(嫖) meant sleeping.

*(嫖 originally come from this word 票 which means ticket but here, the slang mean go whoring or visit the prostitute) 


Lu Yunluo spurted out the water that had just reached her mouth.

What the hell had she been so crazy drunk about last night?!

Is it so frantic?

You don’t even have to think and know that such explicit and blatant lines have come from her.

She didn’t really sleep (嫖) with the Emperor last night, did she?

She shivered at the thought of that stunningly peerless handsome face as well as that amazingly imposing mannered man.

Wait, wait…

Go whoring?

Her heart suddenly thumped and her gaze swept to the cupboard not far away, where a mahogany box had been sitting, containing her savings in the past year. 

But at this moment, it was already empty.

Lu Yunluo’s voice began to tremble, “Yin Shuang, where is the box we put the silver in?”

“Didn’t you carry the box away last night?” Yin Shuang found it a little strange, how come when her Niang Niang woke up, she didn’t remember anything from last night?

“Then do you know what I took it out for?”

“You said that you were going to take the silver to pick up a handsome man.” Yin Shuang said after thinking for a moment.

Although she didn’t really understand what that meant, how could silver (money) use to soak(泡)?

[泡 slang is to pick up a girl (a man) because in other words it could also means soak, bubble etc depend on the context]

But the handsome looking man, she knew, should be the emperor.

“So where is the box now?”

“In the morning, this slave saw that the Emperor took it away.”

“I took it all away?” Lu Yunluo asked again in disbelief.

“That’s right ah, the Emperor himself carried the box away.”

Lu Yunluo had a headache as she pressed her temples. 

Is the wine she drank last night the grape wine?

How could she get so drunk and do something so ridiculous?

She had saved up half a year’s worth of silver in that box, and whether she was able to get out of the palace depended on it!

She unexpectedly used the money to prostitute (sleep with) Ji Wu Jue!

She had really eaten too much!

That Ji Wu Jue is what kind of person ah? 

He is the high and mighty Emperor of Dong Lan Kingdom, then would he lack that 3,000 taels of silver from her?

Does he need her to stake a thousand taels of money on one throw (throw away money recklessly)?

“Yin Shuang, why didn’t you stop me last night?” Lu Yunluo’s heart, spleen and stomach were all aching at the moment.

That was the 3,000 taels of silver she had saved up so hard in the cold palace by drawing little dirty yellow books ah and now she had just throw away money like dirt; spend money like water for only one night stand? Where could she earn another 3,000 taels of silver?

Yin Shuang was a bit aggrieved, “This slave had stopped you, but I didn’t know what happened to you last night. You even said that you didn’t know this slave and said that this servant, this ancient person, should not meddle in other people’s business.”

Lu Yunluo was dumbfounded.

How many shameful things had she done last night?

This time, it’s good!

Without the silver, how could she bribe the stewards’ mamas and eunuchs?

Even still, how can we get out of the palace?

No, it won’t do! 

Even if she has to be shameless, she must go to Ji Wu Jue and ask for her silver back!

Inside the imperial study room, 

Several ministers were arguing with each other about how exactly the drought should be managed.

The talk has been going on since the end of the morning court.

A morning has passed yet still no discussion that resulted in any useful plans or programmes.

Originally, I thought I would be scolded again, but who knows, the Emperor seemed to be in a good mood today.


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