I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold palace Chapter 29

Chapter 29;  为了那三千两,她忍

For that 3,000 taels, she endured. 

Surprisingly, he did not rebuke them.

The opinions of these ministers were approximately divided into two factions. 

One faction thought that it best to set up an altar in the countryside and hold a sacrifice to pray to God for the early rain.

The other faction thought that we should not pin our hopes on the illusory God, but should send officials to actually help dig canals, drainage and divert water from the nongovernmental; people-to-people, so that if the water from the river could be diverted to the fields, at least the urgent need would be met.

For a while, the two voices argued.

A natural disaster like a drought, once it happens, will lead to famine, and if there is another year of drought then the fields are strewn with the bodies of the starved; the people are plunged into an abyss of misery and the world will be in turmoil.

As the Emperor of Dong Lan Kingdom, he would never allow such a thing to happen.

It is likely that further discussion will not lead to any new solutions.

He waved his hand and thus told the minister to withdraw.

When Lu Yunluo arrived at the imperial study, at the same time a bunch of ministers came out of the imperial study.

“This drought has been a natural disaster ever since ancient times, and any dynasty that has run into it has been powerless to reverse a desperate situation.”

“Want me to say something ah, if you guys have spare time, it’s better to go back and stock up the food.”

“That’s right, or else the price of food will rise and we won’t be able to buy it even if we have the money.”

The two ministers walked past Lu Yunluo, exchanging confidential whispers.


Lu Yunluo hooked the corner of her mouth. Previously, she was a little worried that she wouldn’t get back those 3,000 taels of silver, but now it seemed that she didn’t have to worry.

When she arrived at the door of the imperial study, she thought she would have to go through a lot of trouble to get in, but to her surprise, the eunuch Cao Zhong Quan, who was beside Ji Wu Jue did not ask her anything when he saw her, he invited her in with a respectful face instead.

As soon as she entered the imperial study, she saw a dark red figure sitting at the front of the case, correcting a memorial to the throne [written on paper folded according to form].

Ji Wu Jue was currently dressed in a dark red gold-clawed dragon robe, with a red jade and gold crown on his head, and that demonically handsome face, which was enough to cause any woman to scream, was currently in deep thought.

This is the first time she had seen him in his dragon (imperial) robe.

Not to mention, once he sat there, his imposing aura as if he looked scornfully at the world; he was truly born to be an emperor.

“This servant has met the Emperor!”

Lu Yunluo came out wearing the clothes of a eunuch, and therefore performed the salute of a eunuch as well.

Ji Wu Jue raised his head, swept her a cold glance and did not pay any attention to her, then buried his head again to correct his ‘memorial to the emperor’ (folded in accordion form).


Is this guy trying to lift his trousers and deny it?

She originally felt that she had spent money on paying someone to sleep with her yet she still asked for the money back after she had slept with him, she seemed to be the one who was in the wrong. But now, seeing his ice cold look, she felt that she was too distressed because of that three thousand taels of silver she had spent last night.

How could such a cold and indifferent man be worth that much money?

Give him one wen of money then it is already considered as a good thing for him. 

Lu Yunluo is really upset!

But thinking that she was here to ask for silver, for the sake of the 3,000 taels, she put up with it!

It was just a matter of leaving her hanging or cold-shoulder her for a while, it was fine!

She can just admire the handsome face that made her lose her mind and throw her money away last night!

She found a seat and sat down, propping her chin up and looking at Ji Wu Jue with a quiet smile on her face.

Underneath those gentle eyes, there were soft nails that she could not wait to poke a few holes in that demonic handsome face before she was satisfied.

Under such a gaze, it really didn’t take long for it to take effect.

When Ji Wu Jue put down the writing brush in his hand and gazed at her, Lu Yun Luo immediately gave him a sweet deathly smile back.

“Your Majesty is already tired, right? Would you like this servant to give you a massage?” Lu Yunluo’s smile was extremely gentle.


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