I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 30

Chapter 30:  这等体验,绝无仅有

Like this, experience it, unique of its kind. 

Ji Wu Jue looked at her, wondering what this woman was up to again.

“Your Majesty attends to numerous affairs of state every day and frequently sits for a long period of time. It is better to have your servants message you often.” Lu Yunluo decided to take the initiative and launch an attack as she smiled and curry favor with him. No matter what, she wanted to get her silver back so she had to smooth out her way first.

Ji Wu Jue did feel some soreness in his neck, so he allowed Lu Yunluo.

Lu Yunluo immediately got up and came behind Ji Wu Jue using her 21st century massage skills. She was determined to coax this guy well. 

The force of her massage was not too light, not too heavy, just the right amount of pressure. On the acupuncture points, the muscles that were still a little tense at first began to relax.

When Lu Yunluo saw that the time was almost right she weighed her words and said, “Your Majesty, when you came out of the Cold Palace this morning, did you take a mahogany chest with you?”

Ji Wu Jue raised his eyebrows, he knew that this woman was so eagerly attentive, she must be up to no good, “So what if it is?”

Finally admit it? Then it would be easy to handle!

Just now, she was afraid that he definitely wouldn’t admit it!

But thinking about it, as the dignified Lord of a country, he shouldn’t care about those 3,000 taels of silver.

“It’s like this, the silver in that box is the savings that your humble slave has saved bit by bit for a long time. Do you think, can you return it to me?” Lu Yunluo asked cautiously.

“Zhen (I, the sovereign; we [used by royalty]) remember, you said last night that the three thousand taels of silver was my selling body money.” Ji Wu Jue’s eyes were extremely cold. His memory of the arrogant look on her face when she threw the silver money to him last night was deep.

As the emperor of Dong Lan Kingdom, being bought by a woman for three thousand taels of silver to sleep with her for one night, this kind of experience was absolutely unique. 

“He he he….” Lu Yunluo’s smile was a little stiff, these kinds of disgraceful words(of behavior that is unfilial, rebellious or otherwise in grave breach of the norms of society) and disrespect to one’s superiors, without even thinking about it, must have come from her mouth.

She summoned up her courage as she said, “Your Majesty, that…this humble servant was drunk last night so I was a bit … mentally confused and that’s why I said such a stupid thing! Since you are so wise, divine and mighty, you definitely will not take it personally, right? You see, it’s only three thousand taels of silver anyway, so just return it to me.”

“Where is your logic? How can you take back the money that you have already spent?” Ji Wu Jue narrowed his eyes on her.

Don’t think that he didn’t know what she was up to, he had heard her words last night.

Did she try to scheme her way out of the palace?

Did she ask his opinion?

She knew that Ji Wu Jue, this bastard, would not give her the silver so easily.

It seemed that she had to start with something else.

“Is there anything bothering Your Majesty that is not easy to solve for these two days?” She smiled as she beat around the bush and asked a question such as, ‘When is it going to rain?’

Ji Wu Jue really thought about it for a while, and only after a long time did he say, “Zhen (I) am the imperial throne, yet only three thousand taels for one night, do you think I am so little of value?”

“He he he….” Lu Yunluo smiled with a guilty conscience, how come this topic hasn’t turned over yet?

She had to grit her teeth and say with a clear conscience, “Your Majesty, you are naturally priceless and cannot be measured in terms of money.”

Ji Wu Jue frowned, “But you only gave three thousand taels of silver last night.”

The implication was that since he was a priceless treasure, she had only given him three thousand taels, then should she not make up for the rest?

After comprehending Ji Wu Jue’s meaning, Lu Yunluo’s heart thumped a little before she reacted.

Fuck! This guy was digging a hole for her to jump into.

How sinister!

That’s treacherous!

Any answer to that question just now is a pit ah!

She couldn’t say, ‘Your Majesty, you’re not only worth 3,000 taels right?’

Lu Yunluo was foaming with rage and stared at the demonic handsome face in front of her.


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