I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 33

Chapter 33: 打賭

To make a bet

No matter what, in this Shang Yuanzhou, there must be no chaos. 

“How much food is left in the granaries of Shang Yuanzhou?” Ji Wu Jue asked after a moment of contemplation.

“There is not much, it can only last for two days or so.”

Ji Wu Jue’s face is grave.

Even if we transported the food from the capital now, the time spent on the road would take more than half a month which was too long.

‘Water in a distant place is of little use in putting out a fire right here’. [ 远水救不了近火:  (fig.) a slow remedy does not address the current emergency]

“What about the nearby counties?”

“I’ve already asked them all. The price of food has risen sharply in all the nearby prefectures and counties, and they don’t have much left in their granaries.” Little Prince Rui sighed a long sigh. 

Not to mention the fact that at this time, every prefecture and county will be facing a shortage of food. If they were given all the food in Shang Yuanzhou, then there would be no more food for them to use themselves.   

For a while, it was surprisingly quiet in the imperial study.

“(Cough, cough, cough), Can this servant say a few words?” Lu Yunluo couldn’t stand it anymore. 

Looking at their look, it seemed that there was nothing more that could be done. 

Only then did Little Prince Rui see that there was a young eunuch standing in the corner of the imperial study, who looked quite handsome.

Ji Wu Jue’s gaze also fell on Lu Yunluo’s body, he was eager to hear what this woman could do, “Just speak!”

“Your humble servant has a way to bring the price of food in Shang Yuanzhou back to the original price within two days, or even at a lower price.” Lu Yunluo said confidently.

“Back to the original price?” Little Prince Rui laughed coldly, “Those grain merchants are not meek and obedient, even this prince (Ben Wang Ye) can’t do anything about them, then how about you, this little eunuch, you’ve gone too far or overstep the limit by talking big.”

“Second brother, why do you have a man who is so fond of talking big and striving to achieve extraordinary greatness and success?” Little Prince Rui looked at Lu Yunluo with a face full of dissatisfaction.

Lu Yunluo was not annoyed and smiled, “Little Prince Rui, if you don’t believe me, let’s make a bet, shall we?”

“A bet?” Little Prince Rui glanced at Ji Wu Jue and found that he surprisingly didn’t stop him, it seemed that this little eunuch is his favorite ah. 

“Speak, what do you want to bet on?”

“If this servant wins, I hope that in the future, when I ask for something, Little Prince Rui will grant it to this servant. If the young prince wins, I will be at your disposal (as you see fit).”

“You are a good speculator, you are my second brother’s person, and even if Ben Wang wins, how can I deal with you?” Little Prince Rui snorted coldly, he was not going to fall for that.

Ji Wu Jue glanced at Lu Yunluo and thought about it carefully, “Let’s do as she says.”


This guy is actually on her side?

She gave Ji Wu Jue a surprised look.

She thought that he would be the first to object.

After all, she was asking for a personal favor from a prince.

Moreover, she was doing this in order to for her future plan to get out of the palace.

“Second brother! When did you become so biased (partial)?” Little Prince Rui was somewhat dissatisfied. Isn’t his Second Brother always favored him as his most favorite younger brother?

Now, how could he unexpectedly make him agree to such an unfair bet for the sake of a little eunuch?

Little Prince Rui’s expression doesn’t look well. 

After glancing at Ji Wu Jue, he found that he did not have the slightest intention of speaking up for him so he finally had to glance helplessly at Lu Yun Luo, “What is the solution? Why don’t you quickly say it!”

“It’s like this, since none of the granaries in the states and counties near Shang Yuanzhou have any extra grain to aid Shang Yuanzhou. But the grain merchants in these states should have a lot of grain in their hands.” Lu Yunluo said slowly. 

The young prince of Rui gave Lu Yunluo a blank look, isn’t this nonsense?

Which grain merchant doesn’t have grain in their hands?

But the question is, are they willing to take it to Shang Yuanzhou and sell it at a low price?


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