I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 34

Chapter 34: 这算哪门子的方法?

What kind of a method is this?

“As long as Prince Rui sends someone to post an official document that all grain merchants who sell grain in Shang Yuanzhou will set their own prices. There is no upper limit, they can sell for as much silver as they want. By then, the price of grain in Shang Yuanzhou will naturally come down.” This is currently the only method that can bring down the price of grain in Shang Yuanzhou in the shortest possible time.

“No cap (limit) on the price?” Little Prince Rui was stunned.

What kind of method is this?

The price of grain in Shang Yuanzhou had already reached the sky-high price of ten taels of silver and if the prefecture did not restrain the price of grain, or even encourage them to increase it by default, wouldn’t the price of grain be in chaos?

Fearing that if this kind of official document is posted, he would be cursed to death by the people in no time.

Is this helping to suppress the price of grain?

This is clearly encouraging food prices to rise!

How is this helping him out to solve the problem? This is clearly causing more trouble!

If this little eunuch had not been protected by his second brother, he would have had this little eunuch dragged down and beaten with dozens of strokes. Isn’t he messing things up or blurted out nonsense?

But who knows, Ji Wu Jue, after hearing this, looked as if he was thinking.

I have to say that the method she proposed is indeed the most effective and quickest method at the moment.

It wouldn’t even take two days for the price of grain in Shang Yuanzhou to drop significantly. He glanced at Lu Yunluo as he didn’t expect it, this woman seemed to be more intelligent than he had imagined, “Let’s do as she says.”

“Second Brother!” Little Prince Rui was confused as he really didn’t understand. 

It was fine that this little eunuch was fooling around and taking nonsense, how could even his Second Brother follow his foolishness? 

If one mistake was made, this matter could lead to a riot among the people.

“Third Imperial Uncle, you say something too ah.” Little Prince Rui placed his gaze on Ji Ling Chen, who was at one side. 

Prince Chen, who had not said a word since entering the imperial study, smiled  lightly, “Ben Wang (I) also thinks this method is good, there is no harm in giving it a try.”

Lu Yunluo did not expect this Prince Chen to be so perceptive, he could think of the key to the problem at once, so she could not help but give him an extra look.

When she looked at him from this angle, she could see the side of his face, with a faint, brimming smile on it.

It was like a gentle breeze on a spring day, gentle and elegant, extraordinarily comforting.

It must be said that the genes of the royal family of Dong Lan Kingdom are still very strong, and each one of them has such astonishing and magnificent peerless appearance.

Just looking at them is a delight to the eyes.

It’s just a pity that he is another big handsome man who can only be seen but not messed with.

Lu Yunluo was sizing up Prince Chen when she suddenly felt a cold and dangerous gaze coming from beside her, and she immediately withdrew her gaze, tried to stay calm and collected; not turn a hair and not bat an eyelid. 

Just kidding.

Her three thousand taels of silver was still grasped in his hand.

It was better not to piss him off at the moment.

As for the beautiful man, it was just the same until she had the silver in hand and then admired it.

Because this was a matter of great importance, it had to be dealt with as quickly as possible. Even though Little Prince Rui felt that this method went beyond what is proper ; simply unreasonable, both Ji Wu Jue and Prince Chen thought it would work. Once Ji Wu Jue gave the word, he had to do as he was told. Finally, with a long sigh, he still went down to deal with this matter.

However, as he was leaving, he still gave Lu Yunluo a fierce glare. This little eunuch, how dare she compete with him to strife for favor in front of his second brother. She had better pray that this method works, otherwise when this matter is over, see how he will deal with her!

When she received the fierce glare from Little Prince Rui, Lu Yunluo was somewhat helpless.

This little prince Rui!

She is helping him, okay!

How dare he hold a grudge against her!

I also don’t know what he was thinking either.

After Little Prince Rui left, the atmosphere in the imperial study began to become a little strange.

The strange and eerie atmosphere seemed to permeate in the air.

“Yun Luo, aren’t you going to say hello when you see the Third Imperial Uncle?”

Ji Wu Jue looked at her with a smile that was like a smile yet not a smile. 


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