I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 47

Chapter 47 是为了三皇叔吗

Chapter 47 Is it for the Third (Imperial) Uncle?

As soon as the words left her mouth, she saw the corners of Eunuch Cheng’s mouth twitch slightly. Sorrowfully, he said, “Xiao Lu Zi, you can’t tease me with stuff or things from your dreams just because we’re close!”

It is a shame that he believed what she said just now! 

“I’ve been a bit mentally deranged these past two days, please excuse and forgive me….” Lu Yunluo had just finished speaking when, at this time, Xiao Li Zi happened to bring out a tray of ice cubes.

She nimbly poured the ice into the pot without even raising her head, “Eunuch Cheng, I still have something to do, so I’ll leave first.”

After saying that, she immediately slipped away.

She was afraid that if she didn’t leave, Eunuch Cheng would turn against her on the spot.

Xiao Li Zi looked at Lu Yun Luo’s departing back and asked, “Master, why did Xiao Lu Zi run as soon as she saw me?”

Eunuch Cheng gave him a speechless glare, “You really know how to apply gold leaf to the face of a statue, she was just making fun of me, your master, feared that I would turn against her.  Hurry in and get to work.”

Inside ‘the Nurtured Heart’ (Yang Xin) Hall:

A black figure arrived in a flash.

The person who came is the secret bodyguard Bei Ming who worked under Ji Wu Jue. 

A few days ago, after Ji Wu Jue stayed overnight at the Cold Palace, he had asked Bei Ming to transfer a team of hidden guards to guard the outskirts of the Cold Palace to protect its security. 

If nothing happened, they would not show themselves up easily. 

“Your Majesty, a number of hidden guards on duty have responded that strange explosion sounds have been coming from the Cold Palace these days, and sometimes the ground can be clearly felt to shake, but so far it seems that Her Majesty (Niang Niang) has not been harmed in any way and does not seem to be surprised by this matter.”

“Explode sound? May I know what is the cause?”

A place as remote as the Cold Palace shouldn’t have such a loud commotion without any reason.

“Your Majesty, without your permission, we are not allowed to enter inside the Cold Palace and to check without permission, so we do not know what caused it, but according to what my subordinates said, they all believe that the blast was so powerful that the sound alone is frightening.”

Ji Wu Jue rose, the secret Guards he had sent to the Cold Palace were the top experts selected from the Five Great Divine Armies under him.

Even so, they feared that the sound of the blast must be unusual.

In his mind’s eye, Lu Yunluo’s smiling face came back to him. For some reason, he had a hunch that the strange blasting sound must have been connected to that woman.

“Continue to observe for the time being, and keep me informed of any situation!” Said Ji Wu Jue. 


“This subordinate has one more thing to report!” The wide brim of his hat covered Bei Ming’s features, and even in the well-lit room, his looks could not be seen.


“There has been progress on the matter you asked this subordinate to investigate a few days ago, and it is indeed as you expected, Niang Niang’s memory was impaired before she entered the palace, and it is said that at that time, in order to refuse the marriage contract with you, she hit her head on a pillar. When she woke up, she seemed to have lost some of her memory.”

Ji Wu Jue’s face was slightly sunken.

Rumor had it that the eldest young lady of the Prime Minister’s residence adored the Third Imperial Uncle, and had even, for his sake, practiced her musical skills such as qin and bamboo flute so hard that she won the first place in the capital’s music competition.

If it had not been for an imperial decree from My Emperor father, she would be married to the Third Imperial Uncle now.

Is it for the sake of the Third Uncle that she would rather hit a pillar than marry him?

Thinking of this, Ji Wu Jue’s black eyes shone with a cold light like ink.

He waved his hand for the shadow guard to retreat and called Cao Zhong Quan over. If he remembered correctly, it seemed that the woman was planning how to get out of the palace.

He gave him some instructions and sent him down to do it immediately.

“Your Majesty, there is a eunuch outside named Xiao Lu Zi who wants to see you.” The little eunuch who came in to inform was one of Cao Zhong Quan’s men, and two days before Cao Zhong Quan had instructed him that whenever a eunuch named Xiao Lu Zi came to see the emperor, he must inform him in time.

The corners of Ji Wu Jue’s mouth curled up into a cold smile and he was just about to go looking for her yet she suddenly came to his door, “Announce it!”


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