I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 48

Chapter 48:  是来要银子的吧?

Chapter 48: You’re here for the silver (money), aren’t you?


Not long after, Lu Yunluo walked in carrying the thin mung bean porridge, and as soon as she entered, she felt Ji Wu Jue’s cold eyes, which made her body shiver.

It was reasonable to say that he should be in a good mood now after the heavy rain yesterday which had relieved his extremely urgent matter right?

Which one of them didn’t widen their horizons and had pissed him off?

He wonders if she can go out now and come back again after he’s in a better mood?

She really wouldn’t dare ah, to ask for a debt in front of those eerie chilling eyes!

Thinking again that there were only a few days left before she was due to leave the palace, she toughened her scalp—brace herself as she walked over. 

“Your humble servant pays respect to Your Majesty!” Her voice was loud and clear, and her manner was like a rainbow.

The salute was extremely standard and precise, so that no one could find any fault with it.

Ji Wu Jue looked at her as she brought over the tea that the palace maid had just made, “You’re here to ask for silver, right?”

The rain had just stopped in the morning, and the people came at noon.

Apart from coming to ask him for the three thousand taels of silver, he couldn’t think of anything else she could have come to search for him for.

Lu Yunluo didn’t expect Ji Wu Jue to take the initiative to bring up this topic, although her tone of speaking was a little deliberately ambiguous, but it doesn’t matter!

Lu Yunluo’s face was full of smiles, “Your Majesty, you are really smart, have wonderful foresight and can predict things like a god! As expected of me as your humble servant can’t hide this little thought from you!”

Lu Yunluo was now effortlessly flattering him, “A wise, divine and mighty ruler like you, who is a man of his words, would certainly not give this servant a mere 3,000 taels of silver, right?”

After saying that, she looked eagerly at that handsome face in front of her. Quickly smashing the silver into my face, ba! 

Surprisingly, it wasn’t as difficult as she thought it would be.

Ji Wu Jue gave her a deep look, “I am naturally true to my word. Someone, bring the silver draft here!”

Very soon, a little eunuch brought over three thousand taels of silver.

Lu Yunluo moved swiftly and tucked the silver ticket into her arms neatly, with a graceful smile on her face, “Thanks a lot, Your Majesty!”

The silver was in her hand, and her burden heart was finally eased. 

However, the way she looked like she was afraid that he would back out (of a promise) made Ji Wu Jue feel displeased.

What did this woman think of him?

As the emperor of Dong Lan Kingdom, he was a man of words where his one word was worth nine sacred tripods (This is an idiom which means his words are worth enormous weight or highly valuable things because of the group of nine large tripod cauldrons which, according to legend, were cast by King Yu (夏禹) and handed down as state treasure, symbol of state power, dating back to the Xia Dynasty) so how could he go back on his words?

He uncovered the lid of his tea, blew on the hot air and asked, “You said that day that you could help Zhen (me) solve the problem of drought, so it should be more than just this one simple rain, right?”

He remembered very clearly that she had said that on that very day, she would help him solve the drought problem.

He was actually very curious, apart from predicting the weather through the art of stargazing, what other skills did she have that he did not know about.

Speaking of this, Lu Yunluo took out a booklet from her bosom and handed it over, “Your Majesty, it is true that a heavy rainfall can only solve your current desperate situation. I have a booklet on how to prevent and manage drought, as long as you follow the instructions in this booklet, your Majesty, you will not be in an awkward situation (so passive) in the event of drought like this in the future.”

On that day, after she left imperial study, she took the time to compile and write this book on how to prevent and manage drought in the 21st century.

Each of these methods is a big project, time-consuming, and a lot of effort plus costly, but as long as Ji Wu Jue can follow them, even if there is another drought year, there will be a way to get through it smoothly.

“Did you write this booklet?” Ji Wu Jue gave her a somewhat surprised look. He had just flipped through it casually, only then he found out that the contents inside were written in great detail yet clear at a glance.


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