I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 62

Chapter 62: 這本破書要五千兩?

This book costs 5,000 taels?

Yao Guiren looked at the tattered book with a disgusted look on her face. Just this? 

Can this thing help her win the Emperor’s favor?

Don’t tell me, Lu Yunluo thinks that she was easily deceived and used this tattered book to fool her, did she?

Lu Yunluo handed over the booklet and smiled mysteriously, “Open it and take a look!”

Yao Guiren took it and flipped it over casually but when she saw what was inside, she blushed.

This is unexpectedly a pornographic picture?

She had only taken a cursory glance at it and found that the contents inside were too universally shocking!

She had been brought up by her family according to how a queen should be raised, and had even been taught by Chen Mama about the first time of having sex, and had even seen some of the pictures.

But none of them had ever wild or abandoned all restraint as the one in this booklet.

Just looking at the movements here was making people shy!

The elder woman who was standing behind Yao Guiren, also saw the contents of the book and her face immediately changed.

Don’t you know that, although such pictures were forbidden in the harem as they were obscene, secretly, there were still concubines who collected them.

The only way to win the emperor’s favor was to have sex with him, so that they would be more and more favored in the future.

Especially for those girls who were about to enter the palace, the elders would give them a few pointers before they entered the palace.

Chen Mama, who has spent most of her life in the harem of an official family, at one glance, she immediately saw that this booklet is not the same as the usual pictures.

She was secretly shocked in her heart to unexpectedly find that such a licentious object had appeared in the harem.

The gentle face of the Lady Noble Consort Yao gradually regained its calmness and she closed the booklet and put it on the table, “Jie Jie, I’m afraid this is too disgraceful, isn’t it? Besides, it’s against the rules of the palace.”

Lu Yunluo sighed slightly and raised his head to look up at 45 degrees, “This booklet was originally put in my box by the elders of my family before I got married. I was in a difficult situation in the cold palace, and I had sold almost all my jewelry. This booklet is the only thing left that I can exchange for some money to ease the expenses of daily living in the cold palace. Since Mei Mei does not feel comfortable with it, I won’t make it difficult or force it on you. Perhaps Liu Yun Palace will be interested in this booklet.”

Lu Yunluo sighed slightly and raised her head to look up at forty-five degrees, “This booklet was originally put in my box by the elders of my family before I got married. Perhaps Liuyun Palace will be interested in this booklet.”

As Lu Yunluo said this, she picked up the booklet and got up to go outside. 

The moment Grandma Chen heard this, she immediately became anxious and hastened to stop Lu Yunluo.

That Noble Consort Lan had made a big show of buying lotus wine at the palace in order to please the emperor.

If she knew about this booklet, she would definitely pay a high price for it.

Nowadays they are the only two Noble Consorts who have a place in the court, Lan Guiren is already ahead of the others and if she gets this booklet again, will the future of her family Niang Niang be even more difficult?

Thinking of this, Grandma Chen rushed to give a wink to Yao Guiren and then she immediately said something in her ear.

Yao Guiren took a moment to calm her mind and then asked, “Since Jie Jie is in trouble, it is only right that this mei mei should help you a little bit.”

“Jie Jie, look, how much does this booklet cost?”

Lu Yunluo smiled and sat down again, “Five thousand taels of silver.”


This worn out book costs five thousand taels?

Yao Guiren looked at the tattered book on the table, but she didn’t think it was worth 5,000 taels.

The moment she looked up again, she met with both of Lu Yunluo’s smiling starry eyes and indistinctly felt as if she had been tricked. 

This Lu Yunluo must have been planning to sell this booklet to her from the very beginning!

“Mei Mei, 5,000 taels for this book is not expensive! Look, the lotus wine costs 1,000 taels a bottle, and it’s all gone by the time you drink it off. But this book ah, once you learn it, will be engraved in your brain forever, and it will not disappear. After you have learned it, you can not only sell it to other people. In the future you can pass it on to…”


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