I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 61

Chapter 61:  什麼好辦法?

What’s the good solution? 

How could she ask Yao Guiren to call her big sister (Jie Jie)?! 

Can she afford it?

Instead of being angry, Noble Consort Yao smiled and said, “Jie Jie, Chen Mama is already old and has only been in the palace for a few days, so she still doesn’t understand many rules. Jie Jie, with your identity, you should not bother with a servant!”

Ah, oh… 

This Yao Guiren is an expert ah!

In a few words, four ounces can move a thousand catties (fig.for to achieve much with little efforts), she not only defended her person, but also put the problem on her.

Lu Yunluo gave Yao Guiren an unexpected look.

Isn’t it just a scheming game? She didn’t watch so many palace dramas in the 21st century for nothing.

That kind of trivial thing, she could handle it easily, “Mei Mei, don’t worry, for your sake, Ben Gong (I) will not bother with Chen Mama.” Lu Yunluo said with a smile.

Yao Guiren gave her a look, “Thanks a lot then, Jie Jie.”

She didn’t expect that Lu Yunluo was not a simple character. With her seemingly ordinary words, she seemed to be doing her a favor for no reason at all.

“I don’t know why Mei Mei invited me to come here today?” Lu Yunluo also stopped beating around the bush and opened the door and saw the mountain ( fig. to get right to the point). 

“Several days ago, the emperor gave you some fine tea, so I wanted to invite Jie Jie to come and taste it with me.” As Yao Guiren said this, she came to Lu Yunluo’s side to lead the way. 

The two of them came to the courtyard under the shade of a tree.

The tea set was already laid out on the table.

“Jie Jie, please sit down!”

After taking the seats, Yao Guiren and Lu Yunluo talked and laughed as if they were really superb good sisters.

Yao Guiren even took her hand as she patch things up between them, hitting it off well right from the start. 

How can you say something so offensive and still be so natural and flawless? This is indeed a masterpiece of acting or the stove fire (for making pills of immortality) begins to glow a pure blue. —attain the highest degree of perfection in learning and skills. It’s just the same as hers!

After a cup of tea, it was time to get down to business.

“Jie Jie, have you ever thought of moving out of the cold palace?” Seeing that the emotions had almost been paved, Yao Guiren asked tentatively.

Both of Lu Yunluo’s eyes lit up and she looked at Yao Guiren with anticipation, “Do  Mei Mei have a solution?”

That her acting skills were indeed on a par with Yao Guiren’s.

Lu Yunluo’s reaction was naturally expected by Yao Guiren, she hooked her lips and said slowly, “If you are willing to stand by my side, I will naturally have a way to get the emperor to decree and order you to move out of the cold palace.”

She believed that for someone who had spent almost half a year’s hardship in her life in the cold palace, this was absolutely an offer that she could not refuse.

Sure enough, Lu Yunluo frowned and pondered for a long time.

Then she asked cautiously, “What do you need me for?”

Yao Guiren gave Lu Yunluo a cup of tea in an unhurried way, “You also know that since this Mei Mei entered the palace, the emperor has not come to stay a night with me. That Lan Guiren has already overpowered me, if she becomes the empress in the future, you and I will not have a good time… “

Yao Guiren’s words were euphemistic but the meaning was clear to Lu Yunluo. She wanted her to take the lead against Lan Guiren, and then she would just need to sit back and reap the benefits.

This is quite a good idea.

Lu Yunluo was not that stupid.

However, there are other ways for them to work and cooperate together.

“Jie Jie, what do you think?” Seeing that Lu Yunluo did not say anything at all for a long time, she asked her again.

Lu Yunluo smiled and didn’t answer her question just now, instead she looked at her and said, “Mei mei (little sister), actually I have a better way for you to get the emperor’s favor directly.”

Able to gain the emperor’s favor directly?

Honestly, there was no concubine in the harem who dared to say such big talk!

What’s even more, if there was such a good idea, why didn’t she keep it for herself instead of being kind enough to tell her?

Yao Guiren didn’t believe even one word of what Lu Yunluo had said!

But she still asked in a gentle voice, “What is the good solution that Jie Jie is talking about?”

Lu Yunluo did not answer directly, but mysteriously pulled out a crumpled and tattered booklet from her bosom.


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