I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 60

Chapter 60: 見到我們娘娘還不跪下

Why don’t you kneel down when you see our Niang Niang?

Inside Li Xia Palace, 

Yao Guiren is dressed in a gorgeous and luxurious full length pink silk dress with a bow of silver silk around her waist. Her soft, feminine face is indifferent. She sips the tea from grandma Chen (Chen Mama), raising her hand; her every move is graceful, calm and unhurried.

“Niang Niang, you say this Lu Yunluo is pretending to be ill?” Chen Mama asked, confused.

Since the emperor already requested her last night, if she is pretending to be sick to refuse him, then what is she actually planning?

Isn’t it logical that all Niang Niang in the palace would try their best to serve in bed?

Yao Guiren said, “That’s how clever she is,” as she blew on the hot air in her tea cup. Didn’t the emperor personally take the doctor to go there?”

“Niang Niang, do you mean to say that she did this to attract the Emperor’s interest?” Chen Mama seemed to understand a little.

“She has a pretty good idea, but unfortunately ‘one’s plans can be derailed by unforeseen events’ and she was robbed by Lan Guiren, who also pretended to be sick. I’m afraid this Lu Yunluo hates Lan Guiren to death.” She put down her teacup and got up, “I invited her here this time, she naturally will think that I only want to cooperate with her to deal with Lan Guiren of Liu Yun Palace.”

“Chen Mama, have someone report to His Majesty later, and tell him that Lu Yunluo is here at my place, then invite His Majesty to come here.” Yao Guiren said leisurely and in an unhurried manner.

She had invited the Emperor many times before, but he had never once come to this Li Xia palace.

Today, she wanted to see if His Majesty would really come or not!

If he doesn’t come, that’s also fine, but if he does, she will have a way to make the emperor stay at Li Xia Palace today!

Yao Noble Consort’s eyes flashed with a light that she was determined to win.

“Yes, Niang Niang!” Grandma Chen retired to make those arrangements.

When Lu Yunluo arrived at the Li Xia Palace, Cui Yushan, who had been waiting at the entrance, recognized Lu Yunluo at a glance.

A trace of contempt flashed in her eyes when she saw the eunuch’s disguise, but she did not say anything and guided her in.

As soon as they entered the inner hall, they saw a woman in a pink palace dress sitting in the main hall.

She was wearing a gold hairpin and a gorgeous dress. Her delicate face was so bewitchingly charming that she looked elegant and graceful when she raised her hand and walked around.

This must be the rumored Lady Noble Consort Yao.

The moment Lu Yunluo entered, Yao Guiren’s line of sight fell on Lu Yunluo.

Only to see her smooth oval face was not powdered but still as rosy down, bright and attractive as a sunset reflecting the snow.

This face was indeed a national beauty!

Although she was dressed as a eunuch, she still could not hide her unique elegance and intellectual aura.

Such beauty made her feel a little threatened.

Their eyes met in the air, collided, and then sparked silently.

“How dare you! Why don’t you kneel down when you see our Niang Niang?” Chen Mama, behind Yao Guiren, shouted a rebuke.

Lu Yunluo smiles slightly, even though she was dressed as a eunuch, she instantly took on the posture of a queen, “Ben Gong (I) remember that your Niang Niang is only of the rank of a Guiren, even if I had been sent to the cold palace and become an abandoned concubine but still, I am the Emperor’s only first and legal wife.”

“According to the law of Dong Lan Kingdom, you all have to call me ‘big sister’!”

“Do you think that you guys, these Niang Niangs, because her father is a first-rate general, then does not she take the laws of Dong Lan Kingdom into consideration?”

Lu Yunluo’s words were well-reasoned but without losing her poise.

If you want her to salute, then you disregard the law.

If you want to follow the law, then you have to call her ‘big sister’ according to the rules or the social etiquette. 

“You!” Chen Mama did not think that Lu Yunluo was unexpectedly so sharp-tongued.

She was just an abandoned concubine from the cold palace, and her father was also a criminal who had collaborated with the enemy and rebelled against the state, therefore where did she get that confidence? 


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