I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 59

Chapter 59: 賺點銀子花花

Earning some money to spend it

The sedan chair was picked up according to Niang Niang’s specifications.

Unfortunately, ‘that Niang Niang’ was unlucky to be stricken with a bad disease, and Imperial Household Department staff had to make the trip for nothing.

According to the palace maids who went to the cold palace yesterday, it seems that the Niang Niang in the cold palace has also lost her mind and made herself look inhuman and ghostly.

Logically, how could such an unsightly person be in the eyes of the emperor?

But on that very night, the emperor himself took the doctor to visit her.

Everyone couldn’t understand the emperor’s thoughts. Is this Niang Niang in the cold palace actually being favored or not?

If we say she isn’t favored yet, the emperor had chosen to turn her tablet and had gone to the cold palace, moreover after learning that she was ill, he even personally took the doctor to visit her.

If we say that she is favored, however, the emperor also was called away by Lan Guiren that night? 

If we talk about it, among the three Niang Niang in the palace, it seems that Lan Guiren of Liu Yun Palace is the most favored one.

However, Yao Guiren entered the palace at the same time as Lan Guiren. It seems like that except the first night she met with the emperor, this emperor has never been to Li Xia Palace again. 

When the news reached Li Xia Palace, Yao Guiren smiled gently and gave a few words of advice to Chen Mama who was beside her before she recovered back to normal again.

In the late afternoon, some palace maids came to bring her some tonic and medicinal food, saying that they had been sent especially by Yao Guiren of Li Xia Palace after hearing that she was suffering from a bad illness.

They also told her that Yao Guiren wanted to invite Lu Yunluo to go to Li Xia Palace.

Lu Yunluo looked at those medicinal supplements and thought to herself, ‘This Yao Guiren is really interesting.’

Knowing that she is sick, she had sent her some tonic and medicated food. 

But Yao Guiren obviously knows that she is ill, yet she still asks someone to invite her to come over, so she is clearly telling her that she knows she is pretending to be sick, right? 

“Our Niang Niang is not going to go, so you guys better hurry up and go!” As soon as Yin Shuang saw the people from Li Xia Palace, she was really furious. This Yao Guiren had sent someone to show off her authority last time, and now she wants to invite her Niang Niang to Li Xia Palace?

Isn’t this the same as a sheep entering a tiger’s mouth?

She won’t let Niang Niang go!

That palace maid seemed to have expected this from Yin Shuang, so she didn’t get annoyed and simply said, “Our Niang Niang, Yao Guiren has said that Your Highness is a wise person and will naturally cooperate with her.”

“Hurry up and go, or I’ll have to kick you out!” Yin Shuang picked up a broom in her hand and said fiercely.

That palace maid rose slightly to greet Lu Yunluo and said before she left, “Yao Guiren also said that she would wait for the arrival of Niang Niang this afternoon.”

After the palace maid left, Yin Shuang threw away all the tonic and medicinal food that had been sent. Her family Niang Niang was in good health, so she did not need these things at all. Moreover, who knows if there are any poisonous pills inside? 

None of them should be left behind. 

After throwing them away, she saw that Lu Yunluo had changed into the eunuch’s clothes and walked out, so she asked in disbelief, “Niang Niang, are you really going? That Yao Guiren clearly has no good intentions.”

Lu Yunluo turned and patted her shoulder, “Of course I know.”

“Then you’re still going?”

“Her financial condition at the moment has been a bit tight lately, so I’m going to earn some money to spend.” Lu Yunluo turned around and showed a bright smile.

This morning, she happened to pick up the small yellow (pornographic) book she didn’t know when she had thrown it in a corner of the space. 

This should be the last copy she had in her hands.

At the moment, she was worried about who she was going to sell it to, yet this buyer came to her door on her own.

Earned money?

Yin Shuang scratched her head in confusion.

She couldn’t understand how she could earn silver by going to Li Xia Palace, but there must be a reason for her Niang Niang to say so.

Seeing that Lu Yunluo had gone far away, she was about to follow her, however Lu Yunluo flung over a sentence from afar, “You are not allowed to follow me.”


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