I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 58

Chapter 58:  又是南姜

It’s the Southern Border again

“You are not allowed to pawn it again!” Ji Wu Jue looked at her as he gave her a warning look.

“Don’t worry, this concubine won’t be that stupid anymore!” Lu Yunluo touched the jade pendant around her neck for a moment.

If she had known at that time that this jade pendant belonged to the Emperor, she would not have been so foolish, even to take it to pawn it.

The emperor’s jade pendant could be of great use at critical times, and taking it to sell for silver was the stupidest way to handle it.

She didn’t know if she could just leave the palace by only showing this jade pendant? 

Lu Yunluo wondered if she should try it one day.

After Ji Wu Jue left, Lu Yunluo came to her space after she finished washing up and returning to her own room.

Everything in the space had basically been automated, so there was no need for her to worry about anything at all.

The shelves were piled high with all kinds of processed food and all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

The space also has an unbelievable (violating Heaven and reason) freshness preservation function, so there is no need to worry about it going spoiled or rotten at all.

It simply saves you time and effort.

Everything is in an orderly way. 

Lu Yunluo glanced at the saltpeter she had piled up in the corner and it suddenly had a flash of light, that’s right ah! 

Why didn’t she just research gunpowder or explosives in space?

In this space, as long as she had a thought, she could avoid the danger at any time, therefore when she encountered a similar situation just like the one in the afternoon,then she should not be in such a mess or cut a sorry figure. 

Just do it as she had said. 

Lu Yunluo immediately got all the materials for making gunpowder into space, and when she studied it, she found that she would sense it a second before it was about to explode. Within this single thought, when the explosion sounded, she had already retreated to a very safe place.

Moreover, she found that no matter how much noise she made in the space, yet on the outside, no movement could be heard.

After making this discovery, Lu Yunluo felt that she was really simply a fool before. 

She had left such a good place unused and still had to take the dangerous risk outside.

Really foolish enough. 

After Ji Wu Jue left the Cold Palace, the imperial doctor who had been keeping guard outside immediately followed him.

“How is it?”

“Answering to Your Majesty, I have checked carefully, Niang Niang’s pulse is indeed normal and there are no signs of clotted blood in her body.”

Ji Wu Jue’s footsteps stopped, he had flipped the cold palace’s tablet today and even brought the imperial doctor here so that the doctor could take a good look at her memory damage.

However, he did not expect that there was no bruising in her brain.

Then how did her memory become damaged?

A pair of dark eyes glowed with a dark, gloomy and uncertain light, “So, her memory loss was not caused by hitting a pillar?”

“Replying to Your Majesty, according to the pulse, it is indeed true. It is only because my medical skill as a doctor is not good enough that I cannot find out what caused Niang Niang’s loss of memory.”

“Then do you know if there is any other cause for this other than a brain injury?”

Imperial Doctor Chen pondered for a moment and said, “Normally, if a person’s memory is impaired, it is either caused by a violent hit to the brain or a prolonged significant mental stimulation, however, neither of these has happened to Niang Niang, so the only possibility is that…” said Dr. Chen, who looked hesitant at this point, as if he was thinking about whether to say it.

“There is no harm in saying it!”

“Rumour has it that there is a kind of Gu Poison in the Southern Border that causes amnesia after being injected into the body.”

“Southern Border?” Ji Wu Jue’s eyebrows tightened and a coldness passed under his eyes, “It’s the Southern Border again!”

His deep black eyes gradually sank slightly as he walked away in large strides.

The next morning, the news that the Cold Palace’s Niang Niang had been chosen by the emperor blew through every corner of the palace like the wind.


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