I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 57

Chapter 57:  他以身抵債

She pay a debt in kind or by labor

Lu Yunluo is not calm and collected anymore!

10,000 taels of silver ah!

Is she sure she doesn’t want it?

If you miss this chance,then you’ll never get it again!

Furthermore, it was so obvious that Ji Wu Jue seemed to know that she was pretending to be unconscious, so it seemed that he was giving her a way out?

In that case, the emperor should not be concerned anymore about her crime of deceiving the emperor?

If she had told him earlier, she wouldn’t have been so scared that she had to pretend to faint.

She opened her eyes and stood up calmly in front of everyone’s gaze, then brushed the dust from her body. Her calm and serene face showed no trace of embarrassment that her pretense just now had been detected.

Cao Zhong Quan who was watching the whole show from the sidelines, then looked at Lu Yunluo, This Niang Niang really can bow and submit, or can stand tall (idiom, from Book of Changes) or in other words be adaptable to circumstances

Lucky Yunluo came to the stone table and sat down, brimming over with a smiling face, “Your Majesty has a golden tongue and pearly words, so don’t you forget what you had just said!”

Ji Wu Jue hooked his lips coldly, “This emperor naturally keeps my word!”

The 10,000 taels was only three or four days’ worth of nightly entertainment, he did not lose anything.

“Then Your Majesty, the money?” Lu Yunluo asked while the iron was hot.

“My nightly fee is 3,000 taels of silver, 10,000 taels is only for three or four days of work. Are you sure you want to charge me now?” Ji Wu Jue gave her a straightforward look with raised eyebrows, You want the money right? 

He would give his body for the debt!

Lu Yunluo’s slightly smiling face stiffened slightly.

So after all the talk, this guy had no intention of giving her any money at all.

But you also can’t say that he doesn’t mean what he says.

He didn’t say he wouldn’t give it, he just changed the form of saying it. 

In this kind of situation, do you still dare to ask for the money?

If you want it, then he will let you have a night together. 

You can also pay in installments.

It’s simply too awesome. 

Lu Yunluo gritted her teeth and glared hatefully at that handsome face beside her.

Noticing the unfriendly gaze cast from beside her, Ji Wu Jue swept a sideways glance over, while Lu Yun Luo very quickly switched to a smiling look in a second.

That speed of her changing face, makes Eunuch Cao dumbfounded. 

This Niang Niang reacts marvelously quick. 

Ji Wu Jue looked at that face with a stiff smile, raised an eyebrow and asked, “Why, are you unwilling to accept the money again?”

Lu Yunluo let out a long sigh, “Your Majesty, it’s like this, how can a 9 to 5 nobleman like you only be worth 3,000 taels a night? Not to mention ten thousand taels of silver, even ten thousand taels of gold could only cover a single strand of your hair.”

“But this subject is useless and cannot earn money, so naturally I cannot afford to book Your Majesty, but please rest assured, Your Majesty, I will definitely work hard to earn silver in the future, so that I can afford to book Your Majesty soon.”

Ji Wu Jue’s face was not very good.

This woman was even trying to make a fool of herself!

What kind of weird reason is this?! 

From the way she said it, does she mean that she can’t serve him in the bed until she has earned enough silver? 

At this very moment, a eunuch came in from outside, in a rush, and after saluting, he reported to Ji Wu Jue that Lan Guiren from Liu Yun Palace was not feeling well and had caught a cold and wanted His Majesty to go over and take a look.

Lu Yunluo’s expression shocked. 

Catch a cold?

This reason sounded very familiar to the ear ah. 

After hearing this news, Ji Wu Jue’s eyebrows tightened, he looked at Lu Yun Luo and pondered for a long time, soon afterwards he still got up and prepared to leave.

But before he was leaving, he took out a jade pendant and put it around Lu Yunluo’s neck. Lu Yunluo looked down at the jade pendant around her neck. Wasn’t this the jade pendant that Ji Wu Jue used to buy that little yellow book from her?

She remembered that she entrusted Eunuch Cheng to take it outside the palace and already pawned it ah?

How did she end up in Ji Wu Jue’s hands again?


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