I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 56

Chapter 56: 娘娘可能是睡著了?

Niang Niang may have fallen asleep?

She didn’t know if it was because she had closed her eyes or what yet she felt that Dr. Chen was taking a long time to take her pulse.

After waiting for a long time, this pulse examination is still not finished yet. 

If not because she knew about medicine, after such a long time of examining her pulse, she couldn’t help but start to wonder if she really had some kind of incurable disease.

Finally, Dr. Chen let go of her hand.

“Your Majesty, Niang Niang’s pulse is not unstable or heavy, it is even and gentle, with a regular rhythm, which is a flat pulse. According to the pulse, Niang Niang’s body is healthy and strong. If there is any problem, it is because Niang Niang has eaten a bit too much in the past two days and has suffered from indigestion. Move around a bit more or exercise then she will be fine!”

The corners of Lu Yunluo’s mouth twitched slightly.

After taking her pulse for such a long time and now he said that she had eaten too much?

What kind of doctor is this? Is he really capable or not ?

After hearing this, Yin Shuang, who was beside her and crying with red and swollen eyes, suddenly turned her head to look at Lu Yunluo on the ground, as if she understood something, she wiped her tears away and didn’t cry anymore. 

“Eaten too much?”  Ji Wu Jue raised his eyebrows and looked at Lu Yunluo on the floor, “If that is the case, then she doesn’t have any malady at all, right?”

“Answering Your Majesty, that is indeed the case.”

“If she is in good health, then why did she faint?”

“Your Majesty, that is what I am wondering… perhaps the Queen has fallen asleep?” The doctor naturally knew that Lu Yunluo was pretending to faint, but he did not dare to say so.

“Is there any way to wake her up?”

“Replying to Your Majesty, I have brought silver needles with me, just one needle, it will wake Niang Niang up.”

“Do it then.” Ji Wu Jue’s voice was really cold. He wanted to see until when this woman would continue to pretend? 

Lu Yunluo’s heart trembled at these words, this Ji Wu Jue was too vicious!

How dare he unexpectedly let the doctor use the silver needles to stab her!

Wu Wu Wu…. {Sobbing Voice}

Does she want to wake up now?

No, I can’t!

Now, if she opens her eyes, then she will be guilty of deceiving the King, right?

But if she doesn’t wake up now, will it be even more embarrassing if she was awake later after she gets the acupuncture?

While Lu Yunluo’s mind was at war, Dr. Chen had already put in a needle.

Apart from a slight tingling sensation, she didn’t feel anything. According to the theory, the acupuncture point that Dr. Chen stabbed could instantly stimulate the body’s nerves, so even if she was asleep, she would be awakened.

Could it be that this doctor’s medical skill was not good enough to do it?

The other person who was also confused was Dr. Chen.

He said, “On this acupuncture point, if you put it here, the person will wake up no matter what.”

“Could it be that Niang Niang has really passed out?”

However, he obviously just checked her pulse and she really didn’t faint at all. 

Doctor Chen was confused.

Ji Wu Jue’s eyes fell on Lu Yunluo’s continuously rising and falling chest.

Although he did not know why Lu Yunluo did not wake up after Dr. Chen put that needle in, he knew exactly that the woman was definitely faking it.

He waved his hand and told Dr. Chen to leave first. 

His line of sight fell on those closed eyes, therefore he said indifferently, “If you wake up by your own now, this emperor will reward you with a thousand taels of silver.”

Lu Yunluo’s ears twitched, a thousand taels of silver? No! What do you need money for if you have money yet you lost your life and ended up not able to spend it?

Lu Yunluo continued to lie still and didn’t move. 

“Five thousand taels.” Ji Wu Jue’s quiet voice came again.

Lu Yunluo was a bit moved, 5,000 taels?

How long would she have to struggle and work in the harem to earn such a large sum of money?

No! This guy is tempting me!

She won’t wake up until she’s removed from her wrong doing in deceiving the emperor. 

“Ten thousand taels!” Ji Wu Jue continued to raise the price.


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