I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 55

Chapter 55 : 先晕一会保命重要

Fainting first for a while to survive is more important

The gate was open, Ji Wu Jue stood at the door and immediately saw Lu Yunluo dancing energetically. The one hundred percent loud and clear voice and also the nimble dance movements did not look like someone with a disease.

“Your Majesty, do you think, should I go in and give notice?” Cao Zhong Quan asked cautiously.

“No need!” Ji Wu Jue’s face was gloomy as he walked in with large strides.

“( ͡ _ ͡°)ノ⚲ ♫You are my little ah, little apple, can’t love you enough, your red little face warms my heart…”

“Light up the fire fire fire fire fire fire of my life….”

Lu Yunluo was holding a wooden stick in her hand as a microphone, and when she reached the climax of her song, she even made a special dent, her eyes suddenly swept to a figure at the door. The moment she fixed her eyes on it, Ji Wu Jue in dark purple civilian clothes was standing at the front yard gate, looking towards her in a cold manner.

Lu Yunluo’s hand trembled in fear and the wooden stick fell into the ground with a clatter sound. 

Ji Wu Jue?

Why did this guy come to the Cold Palace again? 

Ji Wu Jue slowly approached her, wearing the purple suit of civilian clothes that slimmed his figure. His demonically handsome face hidden under the dark shadows and his dark ink-like eyes occasionally glittering with cold waves of light as he swept towards her.

Lu Yunluo’s heart thumping.

It’s over!

She is caught while pretending to be sick!

She wondered if it’s too late for her to fake coughing and pretend to be dizzy? 

Ji Wu Jue slowly walked forward. The sound of his footsteps seemed to carry a compelling pressure with each step, causing Lu Yun Luo’s heart to pound like crazy. 

Pretending to be sick and refusing to serve the emperor in bed was a serious crime of deceiving the emperor!

She did not think that her relationship with Ji Wu Jue was so good that she could easily be spared for this crime of deceiving the emperor. 

Without any hesitation, her eyes closed and her body collapsed in a limp heap.

It is better to faint for a while first in order to save her own life.

After Lu Yunluo collapsed, Yin Shuang was shocked. Niang Niang was fine just now, why did she faint all of a sudden?

“Niang Niang, you quickly wake up, please don’t scare this servant.”

Yin Shuang shook Lu Yunluo’s body, but Lu Yunluo’s eyes were still tightly closed.

“Niang Niang! What’s wrong with you? Wake up quickly!”

Yin Shuang was somewhat scared.

Could it be that Niang Niang really had an unpleasant disease?

Did she really vomit blood just now but just didn’t want her to worry, so she deliberately changed to tomato ketchup to hide it from her?

Thinking of this, Yin Shuang cried so heartbreakingly and shook Lu Yunluo’s body even harder with her hands.

“Niang Niang, you can’t die! Oooooooo… Niang Niang …”

Yin Shuang’s violent shaking caused Lu Yunluo to become dizzy for a while.

The corners of her mouth twitched slightly, Yin Shuang, stop shaking, if you keep shaking, your Niang Niang, I will really faint.

Ji Wu Jue took a seat down on a stone bench in the courtyard.

His eyes faintly swept a glance at Lu Yunluo on the ground.

“Imperial Doctor Chen!”

Imperial Doctor? Lu Yunluo’s eyelids tremble slightly, as if she thought of something, she shouldn’t be that unlucky, right?

“Come in and let me take your pulse. I’m curious as to what kind of malady has contracted. Not only can she sing and dance, but she also faints.”

A doctor carrying a medicine box came in from outside the bedchamber, and after saluting Ji Wu Jue, he wanted to take Lu Yunluo’s pulse.

Lu Yunluo listened to the sound of footsteps approaching, she felt not good in her heart.

He really brought a doctor here?

This Ji Wu Jue, is he still giving me a chance to live?

Lu Yunluo’s heart surged forward with a thousand ‘grass mud horses’ (fuck you).

Doctor Chen took out the pulse pillow and put his hand on Lu Yunluo’s wrist and began to examine her pulse.

Lu Yunluo’s mind immediately whirled with what to do next.

Lu Yunluo rehearsed all the possibilities of what was about to happen in her mind.

Finally, she decided that no matter what the doctor said, she was determined to stay unconscious anyway. 


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