I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 54

Chapter 54: 广场舞

Square Dance

Aunt Han finally said after considering it for a long time, “Since Niang Niang’s body is ill, it is not appropriate to serve the emperor in bed today, so I will go back to report this and hope the empress’s body will get well soon.”

After saying that, she then led the team of about more than thirty people to carry the empty Empress’s carriage and went back.

“Finally, it’s gone!” Lu Yunluo breathed a sigh of relief. She soon cleared her throat. Her throat was somehow really uncomfortable after coughing so fiercely just now.

Patted Yin Shuang’s shoulder, with a pleased face, “Your acting just now is not bad!” She then turned around and walked into the gate, leaving ‘the face bathed in tears Yin Shuang’ behind.

Niang Niang is not coughing anymore?

Moreover, she also said she had acted pretty good?

Niang Niang is pretending to be sick?

It took Yin Shuang such a long time to come back to his senses.

Wu wu wu… (onom for the sound of crying) 


Niang Niang is not sick, it’s really wonderful! Just now, it almost scared her to death! 

“But how did you get the blood out of your mouth just now?” Yin Shuang wiped her tears and followed her into the courtyard. That vomiting of blood’s look was really scary!

“Oh, that’s the tomato sauce I asked you to cook two days ago.”

“Tomato sauce? It’s really too realistic. Niang Niang, you can think of that too, you are really amazing….” Yin Shuang started to worship her omnipotent Niang Niang again on her usual daily basis.

Ji Wu Jue was in Shu Xin Hall when he heard his subordinates reporting on this matter. Therefore he couldn’t help but frown again and again.

She was infected with a foul disease, coughing and vomiting blood…

Each of those sounds serious.

“Your Majesty, do you think we should turn the tablet over again?” Eunuch Lǚ asked, holding a wooden tray at one side.

Ji Wu Jue got up and swept the wooden tablets on the wooden tray, “No need, arrange to visit the cold palace!”

“Aye!” Cao Zhong Quan, who had been always waiting by the emperor’s side, immediately went down to make the arrangements. The moment when he was about to reach the door, he was stopped by Ji Wu Jue, “Go to the Imperial Hospital and call the imperial doctor too.”

He actually wanted to see what kind of serious illness that woman was suffering from.

After cleaning herself up, Lu Yunluo, dressed in a pale pink dress, was out in the courtyard, relaxing in the cool place. 

She was somewhat bored and didn’t know what to do.

Looking at the sky, it must have been around seven o’clock and in modern times, it would have been a time when it started to get lively, but in the ancient times, one could only stare at each other to pass time. 

It’s really boring.

“Yin Shuang, shall I teach you how to dance a public dance?” Lu Yunluo thought of the square dance of the 21st century, which was still very magical, as it was a great way to pass the time and get some exercise, killing two birds with one stone

“Dancing? You are kidding, right? This servant never learnt to dance before, I can’t do it properly.” Yin Shuang shook her head with some resistance. In her opinion, dancers were very flexible and had been learning to dance since they were children, so how could she possibly learn?

“It’s really easy, look at me, I’ll show you how to do it.”

Lu Yunluo got up, went to the middle of the courtyard, cleared her throat and started to sing and dance.

The lyrics were simple and catchy, the melody was light and easy, then if it combined with the square dance moves, it was very comical.

As soon as Lu Yunluo made the first move, Yin Shuang couldn’t help but laugh.

She had seen Niang Niang dance’s posture and movement before and she was definitely one of the very best in Dong Lan Kingdom. 

But this was the first time she had seen her Niang Niang dancing such a casual and simple dance.

“Don’t laugh, come and dance with me.” Lu Yunluo pulled Yin Shuang behind her. Perhaps the song was too magical (irresistibly quirky) so Yin Shuang, who had always been honest and simple minded, started to dance happily under Lu Yunluo’s lead. 

Ji Wu Jue sitting in the sedan chair at the moment he arrived at the cold palace, he then heard the noisy voices coming from inside the door.

“Pluck the stars and give them to you. Pluck the moon and give it to you. Let the sun rise for you every day….”

“Though life is short, I love you and I will never leave you. …”


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