I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 53

Chapter 53: 本宫没事,还能侍寝

I (Běn Gōng) am fine, I can still serve in bed

She pulled Yin Shuang over and asked, “What’s going on?”

Yin Shuang said with an excited face, “Niang Niang, you are going to be favored, the Emperor is sending someone to take you to serve him in the bed!”

She had just counted, and there were thirty-seven people in total, eight of whom were carrying the palanquin alone, which was a special treat only for the Empress ah!

Serving him in the bed?

Lu Yunluo’s mind automatically conjured up scenes from the twenty-first century television where concubines are washed and perfumed, then wrapped naked in quilts, before then carried by eunuchs all the way to the emperor’s bed to wait for the emperor to come and copulate with

When they were done, they were rolled up and carried back the way the concubines came, with no dignity whatsoever.

Just thinking about that image makes Lu Yunluo’s scalp tingle and she finds it hard to accept.

She had to be stripped naked, wrapped in a blanket and carried in by the eunuchs to wait for Ji Wu Jue to visit and copulate with?

She would rather spend 3,000 taels of silver ‘to sleep’ with Ji Wu Jue.

However, if she refused to serve him in the bed, a charge or accusation of disobedience to the emperor might cost her life, so she had to think of a way out!

“Niang Niang, your time is short, you have to take a bath and be perfumed later. This journey will take a lot of time. Look, do you want to change your clothes and wash up first?” Aunt Han saw that Lu Yunluo had not said anything for half a day, so she could not help but speak up and remind her.

This dirty look is really unpleasant to look at.

“This aunt is right, ke ke ke (cough sound)…Yin Shuang, help me to go in and wash up, (cough cough)….” Lu Yunluo suddenly coughed. That superb acting skills really scared Yin Shuang.

“Niang Niang, what’s wrong with you?” Just now, she was fine a moment ago.

Lu Yunluo weakly waved her hand, “It’s not a problem… (cough cough cough)…I might be suffering from a foul disease…(cough cough)….”

“You guys don’t need to be afraid…(cough cough cough sound)… It’s not contagious…. (cough cough cough)…”

It wasn’t that easy for her to finish her words yet there was another violent cough. Looking at that, it seemed that she was about to cough out all the bitter bile in her stomach.

As soon as the eunuchs and palace maids at the side heard the word contagious, they all took a few steps back in fear, afraid that Lu Yunluo might infect them.

On the contrary, that ‘Aunt Han’ stared at Lu Yunluo with a suspicious expression.

When this Niang Niang came over just now, she was obviously just fine, but why did she suddenly start coughing?

Lu Yunluo felt the puzzled gaze of Aunt Han beside her and decided to add a little more ‘fire’. 

“(Cough cough cough)… Help this Ben Gong to go in, wash and change the clothes….”

With that, she turned her body back and headed inside the main door, while taking the opportunity to cover her mouth and nose with her wide sleeve as she coughed, she took out a bottle of tomato sauce from space that had been boiled earlier and quickly poured it into her mouth.

“Can’t keep the emperor… waiting for too long, (cough cough cough)….”

With this cough, Lu Yunluo coughed out a large amount of blackist red “fresh blood” that stained her palms.

“Your Highness!” Yin Shuang was stunned stupid, how could it be so serious? How could there be so much blood?

“It’s all this servant’s fault. It’s this servant’s fault for not taking good care of you!” Yin Shuang’s tears instantly poured down, that sad appearance would move anyone’s heart who looked at it.

Lu Yunluo weakly patted Yin Shuang’s hand, “Don’t be afraid, I’m fine … (cough cough cough)… I can still serve in the bed… “

As she said this, Lu Yunluo stretched out her trembling hands to wipe the blood off the corner of her mouth, with her ghastly face, that image is really more horrifying than it ever was. 

Aunt Han frowned, it seems that this cold palace niang niang really is not blessed to serve the emperor in bed.

Since ancient times, concubines with typhoid fever were not allowed to serve the emperor in bed.

This was an iron rule of the Imperial Household Department.

Especially since this concubine looked very ill.


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