I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 52

Chapter 52: 这是娘娘?

Chapter 52: Is this the emperor’s consort? (Is this Niang Niang?) 

Although this Niang Niang had been sent to the cold palace, she had not been dethroned, and it was logical that, except for the fact that she lived in the cold palace, she should be fed and clothed in accordance with the rituals of the Queen.

What’s more, in the cold palace, she could still be turned over by the emperor to serve in the bed, which was a good indication of the emperor’s attitude.

This Empress probably could not stay in the Cold Palace any longer.

It’s always right to follow the Emperor’s preferences!

Hence it wasn’t long before the group of people who had gone to the Cold Palace to collect Lu Yunluo for serving the emperor were ready to go; eight palanquin bearers carried the phoenix carriage with a golden crown and a luan topped with crown followed by a fourth-ranked aunt from the Imperial Household Department, followed by four fifth-ranked eunuchs and also eight sixth-ranked eunuchs plus followed closely by the sixteen palace maids, all heading towards the Cold Palace.

On the other side of the Cold Palace, Lu Yunluo ate her dinner and, seeing that it was still early, she began to study the proportion of gunpowder again.

It had failed for several days in a row.

Today she decided to increase the proportion of sulfur.

She didn’t believe it, she couldn’t fiddle it out today!

A group of more than 30 people soon arrived at the Cold Palace, where the golden-crowned, luan-topped phoenix drive stopped at the entrance to the bedchamber.

Aunt Han, the fourth-ranked palace attendant, entered the courtyard directly.

When Yin Shuang learnt that such a big ceremony had come to fetch Niang Niang to serve the emperor in the bed, she was thrilled and led Aunt Han to her Niang Niang at once.

“Aunt Han, my Niang Niang has a spontaneous nature, and when she goes to serve the emperor later, I will have to trouble you to give more guidance to my family Niang Niang in terms of rules and etiquette.”

“Don’t worry, Miss Yin Shuang, I naturally won’t let Niang Niang make half a mistake.”

The two of them spoke as they walked outside.

Just then, a loud and shocking sound suddenly came from not far away from the sleeping quarters. 


The earth quaked, the mountains shook and clouds of dust flew up. 

Only to see a thin figure rushing out from the sky amidst the roiling dust.

The simple wooden shack behind the figure then collapsed with a crash, raising another cloud of dust.

“Cough cough cough…”

This young girl!

Lu Yunluo was in a mess, this gunpowder was really hard to make, she almost died and blew herself up!

She was originally hiding in the space, but the wooden shed outside was about to collapse. If she didn’t come out, she might appear in the flesh as she would be trapped inside after the collapse.

At the last minute, she rushed out from her space.

Luckily, she got away fast enough!

She looked back at the ruins behind her and was still in a state of shock.

Aunt Han was startled by the sudden noise and asked suspiciously “Miss Yin Shuang, what was that noise just now?”

“Oh, it’s nothing, it’s alright, there are always loud noises like that here in the cold palace, so if you get used to it, then it will be okay.” Yin Shuang said it as she was used to it. 

The moment she left the gate, she saw the figure under the dusty sky. She immediately waved happily at that figure, “Niang Niang!”

Niang Niang?

Aunt Han looked in the direction of Yin Shuang’s waving hand and almost dropped her jaw when she saw it.

Only to see that person’s face was kinda black and dark, she didn’t know what was smeared on it. She could not see her face clearly except for her two eyes. The bun on her head was tossed aside in a mess as some mud and dry grass on it.Her dress is even worse, it’s in a terrible state of disrepair. It’s so filthy that it’s as if she had rolled in the mud.

He is walking this way right now.

Is this the emperor’s consort? 

Aunt Han could not help but doubt her own eyes.

She had been in the palace for almost twenty years, but she had never seen a consort who looked like this before.

Could it be that she had been locked up in the cold palace for so long that she had lost her mind?

Not only Aunt Han, but also those eunuchs and palace maids at the entrance all looked shocked.

In particular, they had just witnessed the horrific explosion that had ripped the wooden hut apart and collapsed in a blink of an eye.

The scene was so shocking that they didn’t recover from it for half a day.

Lu Yunluo’s puzzled face swept the group of palace maids and eunuchs at the entrance, especially the eight-person phoenix with a golden crown and a luan (mythical bird related to phoenix) hat,which was particularly eye-catching.


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