I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 51

Chapter 51:  翻牌了

Flipping the plate (wooden tablet) 

Having thought this through, she gave a few more instructions to Yin Shuang that all the melons and fruits she had planted in this courtyard had been found and transplanted from the backlands of the Cold Palace.

After the imperial harem had cut off the food and clothing here, they had survived by eating the food that grew in the wasteland of the cold palace.

After saying that, Yin Shuang looked at her with a strange expression, “Niang Niang, these all obviously grow in the Cold Palace ah, don’t tell me that they come out of nowhere.”

Well, Lu Yunluo thought that it seemed like she was the one who was overly worried.

However, sooner or later, Ji Wu Jue would know that she was farming in the cold palace.

Moreover, if she wanted to set up the World Agricultural Chamber of Commerce, then obviously she would need his support, so she still has to plan it slowly.

To prevent drought, stockpiling food is one of the most basic things.

If it was just like what Yin Shuang had said, this dynasty currently only had rice, soybeans and millet as their main foods, the annual production is something that one can well imagine.

With such a production rate, the country’s granaries would not be able to store much grain.

Perhaps, she could begin it in that aspect. 

After the evening meal, Eunuch Lu from ‘the imperial palace worship things room’ came again with a wooden tray.

Although the emperor had only used him for two days before driving him back to his original post, as long as he performed well in front of the emperor every time, sooner or later, he would be able to climb up to Eunuch Cao’s position.

Ji Wu Jue is currently sitting in front of a case, correcting the memorial to the emperor (folded in accordion form).

There was good news from Shang Yuanzhou.

The price of grain had returned to its usual price a few days ago, and after a heavy rain it was even lower than before.

On the contrary, elsewhere, because of the drought, food prices have suddenly started to rise overnight in many parts of the country. In some places, food prices seem to be on the verge of being unstoppable. After that heavy rain, not only did the price of grain not fall but on the contrary, they went up even more.

According to the information he has on hand, it is likely that the food prices in these places are the result of enemy spies secretly making waves and attempting to take advantage of this drought to provoke a riot in Dong Lan Kingdom.

It was already really late after Ji Wu Jue had finished dealing with the matter, and Eunuch Lu of the respectful service room waited outside the door with a wooden tray for a long time before being called in.

Although there were only two imperial concubines in the palace, this process still had to be gone through.

In the past few days, he had already been to Liu Yun Palace several times, so it was reasonable to say that he should have gone over to Li Xia Palace by now.

Ji Wu Jue’s eyes sank as he swept a glance at the two wooden plaques on the wooden tray, “Go and call the one from the Cold Palace over to serve in bed.”

The eunuch Lǚ froze, this abandoned concubine who had been banished to the cold palace could still turn over the cards to serve in bed?

Ji Wu Jue swept him a look of displeasure, “What are you standing there for? Why don’t you go quickly now!”

“Aye!” Eunuch Lǚ came back to his senses and hurriedly retreated.

The banished concubine who had been sent to the cold palace could still serve the emperor in the bedroom, this was the first time he had ever encountered this in all his years as an errand boy in the imperial palace.

When he was ready to arrange it, he suddenly found a very troublesome problem.

There were rules about how to serve the Emperor in his bed.

What specifications were used for what position.

But this woman in the cold palace,if you say she has no status yet she is the crown prince’s concubine who was married to him at the same time when the emperor ascended the throne, according to the law, that is the Queen (Wang Hou Niang Niang). 

But if we are to follow the rules of the Empress, she is now just a Niang Niang who has been sent to the cold palace and has not had a Queen sealing ceremony yet. 

This is really difficult to deal with. 

He asked the head of the Ministry of Rites, and after searching through the books of ancient codes and records for half a day, yet he couldn’t find any mutually related precedent for this.

In the end, both of them, after discussing the matter, decided to follow the Queen’s specifications.


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