I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 112

Ethan lifted his ankles pleasantly, then looked at Ilior’s face, which had sunk low, and said in a relaxed voice.

“His Majesty seems to be losing his cool right now. But we can’t just put Countess Millen in the Palace at this point for that reason.”

There was a strange power in the low voice that flowed out slowly, creating the illusion that he was giving orders rather than conveying opinions. He was trying to cut off all the possibilities of Sarah’s involvement in the matter at a time when all the nobles knew about the Alton Estate. It was because the fact that the First Prince went down to Alton Estate was related to Sarah, so the interest of the nobles was naturally drawn to her.


It was a difficult situation for Ilior, who had to carry out the Emperor’s orders. However, he also had the same thoughts as Ethan, so he wanted to avoid the situation in which Sarah was getting attention. He sighed heavily and pressed his fingers down on his tingling head and said.

“Duke knows best that His Majesty does not easily take orders back once given.”

“Isn’t it my job to break that stubbornness?”


Ilior took a small breath and clenched his fist. Now he was the most likely candidate for the throne in this Empire, but as long as the Emperor lived, he would not wield half the power the Duke of Ambrosia had. He was in a position to play along with the rhythm of the Emperor. Was the First Prince obsessed with Ambrosia with eyes seeing red because he realized it first?

“What if I create a suitable justification?”

“What do you mean, a suitable justification?”

Sarah, who wanted to discuss the matter with the Emperor at least once, looked at Ilior with interest. Ethan’s ankles, which had been twitching at the sight of Sarah pricking her ears, stopped moving.

“I’ll ask the Empress to send you an invitation.”

“Ah, come to think of it, it’s almost time for the Empress to open the tearoom.”

Sarah nodded in small admiration at Ilior’s words. Around this time, the Empress would open the tearoom in her Empress’ Palace. Usually, the Empress’ relatives from the maternal side or the Lady who had the greatest influence in the social world that year were invited, but it was no exaggeration to say that it was an honor for the family to be invited to the tearoom of the Empress’ Palace.

“If the Empress only invited me, no one would think that I was called by His Majesty.”

Even so, the Emperor and the Empress did not have a good relationship. No one would have expected that Sarah, who accepted the Empress’ invitation, would go to an audience with the Emperor.


Ethan was also well aware of it, but he said without hiding his disapproval.

“But the Empress will not allow it. Whatever His Majesty wants to do, it won’t be possible to put a stop to it.”

Ilior nodded as if in agreement with Ethan, then looked at Sarah.

“That’s why I have to convince her. As long as Countess Millen doesn’t mind.”

“I’m fine with it. As a subject of the Empire, if His Majesty has anything to rebuke me, I should accept it sweetly.”

“Countess Millen……”

Seeing Sarah’s determination to receive the Emperor’s wrath, Ilior clenched his teeth. He felt bad knowing that he had to put her in front of the Emperor.

“I’m indebted to you for this, so there’ll be a day to pay you back soon.”

“You don’t have to, Your Highness.”

Ilior’s words of apology and gratitude were cut off again by Sarah’s spring breeze rejection. Leaving Ilior, who was slightly hardening his face, Sarah looked at Ethan and asked.

“Can you come with me, Duke?”

“……Of course.”

Ethan narrowed his eyebrows, but in the end, nodded his head as she wished. Only then did Sarah close her eyes and smile as if she was relieved.

“I’ll be relieved if the Duke comes with me.”

“Didn’t you promise to go with me when you went out? It’s a given.”

“Ah, that’s right. I was, right? That’s a relief.”

Ilior stared intently at Sarah and Ethan, who were talking affectionately. There was an unknown and harmonious atmosphere between the two. At that moment, Ethan’s eyes flashed toward Ilior. Then, with a small smirk, he looked away. Ilior thought with a grimace.

‘Am I finally crazy?’

Obviously, the negotiation went well, but he didn’t know why it was annoying.

* * *

Ilior left the Duke of Ambrosia’s mansion, somewhat submerged, and Sarah and Ethan exchanged opinions while facing each other in the drawing-room where only the two of them were left.

“Would that be all right? The Emperor must be trying to send you to the Alton Estate.”

Worries about the First Prince drove the Emperor crazy. As soon as he noticed the situation in Alton Estate, he could guess just by looking for Sarah. The Emperor must be pouring all his patience into not giving Sarah an official order to save the First Prince right now. Sarah was aware of it, too.

“It’s alright. If I don’t go, who will?”

“It’s dangerous.”

Sarah made a deal with the Emperor a long time ago. She just wanted to keep the name Sarah Millen, and the Emperor decided to cooperate with her in return for using her powers. Therefore, she had to actively comply with the Emperor’s wishes this time. To keep being Claude’s nanny in peace in the future.

“And it’s definitely Oliven’s fault this time around. So anyway, that’s the problem I have to go to.”


“I know what you are concerned about. But he’s my disciple. I taught him everything from one to ten. I know best the way that child drives magic.”

Sarah looked at Ethan with a determined face as if she could not back down. She hadn’t told him yet, but Oliven was using black magic. The black magic that existed in the history of war hundreds of years ago was now passed down only as a record in the magic tower. It was not enough to reach out for it, so she couldn’t leave Oliven, who was leading the magicians who were fascinated by black magic, as it was. Black magic could be a feat on all continents by its existence alone.

“I won’t let you go alone.”

There was a faint resentment in Sarah’s voice, which was gloomy. Azure mana seeped out from her quietly clenched fists and then disappeared repeatedly.


Ethan was able to see her smile disappear for the first time since Sarah came to Ambrosia. He reached out and gently stroked Sarah’s frown on the forehead with his thumb. Only then did Sarah realize that she was frowning, and her cheeks flushed.



“Even if I ask you to leave it to me, you will surely go there.”

“……Yes, I think so.”

“Then I will go too.”

“To Alton Estate?”

Ethan smiled a little at Sarah, who opened her eyes in surprise, and continued.

“Because we decided to go out together.”

“That’s it, it’s enough for you to come with me to the Palace.”

Sarah shook her head and smiled bitterly. She couldn’t trouble Ethan anymore because of what her disciple had done. Duke Ethan Ambrosia was a busier man than the Emperor in this Crombell Empire. She didn’t want to bother him with things she didn’t know how long it would take. She always wanted to be a helpful and needed presence for Ambrosia. Not the kind of person who would cause trouble in this way. However, Sarah could not keep up with Ethan’s next words.

“I’m not good enough.”


Ethan gently took Sarah’s hand. Ethan muttered a sigh as he took her hand, which had stiffened as if possessed by something and brought it to his cheek.

“I am, not enough.”

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