I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 113

Every breath that Ethan exhaled, she could feel his chilled body temperature through the palm of her hand. The sound of her heart pounding and pounding violently shook all over her mind.

“I still can’t get over the things that happened in the Imperial Palace that day.”


“The sight of you vomiting blood in my arms……”

Ethan closed his eyes, grimacing in agony. He never wanted to feel that helplessness again. The fact that the reason Sarah vomited blood was due to the power of Ambrosia sleeping inside him made him suffer from the urge to scrape his body hundreds of times a day.

“I won’t be able to forgive myself if you fall down there alone again this time.”

Ethan opened his eyes and met Sarah’s. His eyes were fluttering with firm determination. Seeing this, Sarah felt her heart tightening very tightly. She felt guilty that she was the one who made him look like that.

“I’m sorry.”

“There’s no need for Sarah to feel sorry for me. This is entirely my problem.”

There was even a sense of shame in Ethan’s bitter voice. The pain he must have felt was flowing out so desperately that Sarah became desperate.

“It’s not Duke’s problem. If only I had been more careful……”


Ethan smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“If it wasn’t for Ambrosia’s power, you wouldn’t have sacrificed yourself for me and Claude like this.”


“So let me have my way this time. So that I can protect you this time.”

Sarah, who was listening to Ethan, realized that her heart was beating so fast that it rang in her ears. As Claude’s nanny and a magician who could control Ambrosia’s power, she knew she was valuable. But looking at his eyes, his face, and his actions, she felt that she was worth more than that to Ethan.

‘What shall I do……’

Ethan Ambrosia was a strong man. Even the Emperor, who wielded great Imperial power over the nobles, could not give an easy command in front of him. At a young age, he was a man of sufficient power to further enhance the reputation of the Duke of Ambrosia. When she, too, entered the social world as a member of Count Millen’s family, she had seen him from a distance. An atmosphere where you couldn’t easily talk to him. The greedy gaze of the nobles who looked at him. At the end of that gaze, Sarah knew the other side of Ethan, who was sitting with a gloomy face.

‘I think I’m going to be mistaken.’

Ethan Ambrosia was a kinder person than she thought and was also a man who sometimes showed a precarious appearance. When she thought that maybe she was the only one who knew him like that, a fever rose.

“I will. Let’s go together……”

Sarah eventually had to bow down and listen to Ethan.

“Thank you.”

“Then Young Master Claude……”

“We can’t take him. We don’t know what’s going to happen in the Alton Estate.”

“That’s right, but then Young Master Claude will be left alone in the mansion.”

“Wouldn’t that be okay? Sarah’s other disciples are in the mansion.”


Only then could Sarah recall the faces of Benjamin and Belluna remaining in the mansion.

“I was going to send both of them back to the magic tower……”

Otherwise, the magicians of the magic tower would soon arrive at the Ambrosia mansion. It was a little delayed because a lot of those who were studying black magic in the tower had escaped, but she was thinking of negotiating with them soon and disposing of Benjamin and Belluna.

“I think it would be helpful for them to remain in Ambrosia mansion at this point.”

“That’s true, though.”

With Ethan’s persuasion, Sarah was troubled for a moment. Black magic was not a simple matter to deal with. Certainly, if Benjamin and Belluna stayed at Ambrosia mansion, they could trust and leave Claude. But there was something else to worry about.

“Young Master Claude seems to like Belluna a bit, but he is still wary of Benjamin.”

“Is that so?”

Ethan raised his eyebrows as if in doubt. He murmured, recalling Claude’s playful eyes as he looked at Benjamin.

“He seemed to like him quite a bit.”

“Young Master Claude and Benjamin?”

“Well, why don’t we take a little more time?”

He shrugged his shoulders and smiled gently at Sarah.

“Let’s make time for the two of them to get to know each other.”

“Shall we?”

Sarah clapped her hands and liked it. Looking at it, Ethan secretly swallowed a smile.

“Ah, and the Third Prince contacted me.”

“What did he say?”

“The Emperor decided to send both the Third Prince and the Second Prince to the Alton Estate.”

“Both princes? It would be dangerous.”

“No matter which prince stays in the Imperial Palace, the power will be given to those who remain in the Imperial Palace in the end.”

“Such things.”

Sarah clicked her tongue slightly. The Emperor was wary of both of his sons except for the First Prince. He was very wary of being empowered by anyone. It seemed that he had not yet abandoned his desire to pass on the throne to the First Prince.

“And while the Third Prince was in the Alton Estate, he asked for the protection of Elexa and his lover.”

“Right…… because we don’t know what’s going to happen if the Third Prince is gone.”

Sarah clapped her hands as if it was okay and nodded her head. Now the Third Prince didn’t have anyone he could trust enough to entrust Elexa and Penelois. It was because Crassida, the nanny of Elexa, whom he trusted, had betrayed his trust. She had even just discovered that Crassida had poisoned Penelope’s medicine. If she had to let the Third Prince know about this, he really had to protect the two of them alone. At this point, it was wise to ask Ambrosia for help.

“In exchange for protecting the two of them, the Third Prince decided to find out all the Emperor’s movements and hand them over to our side, so it wouldn’t be a bad deal.”

“That’s a good deal. Young Master Claude won’t be bored while we’re away. Young Master Elexa will be by his side.”

Sarah took her mind off Claude, whom she had been secretly worried about. She was worried that he would be lonely, but it would be a little less if his friend was around.

“The Second Prince will depart first to the Alton Estate. We will move after that with the Third Prince. I’ll have to negotiate with the Emperor to know the details.”

“Her Majesty the Empress and I will have many more stories to share.”

“I wish you well on that part.”

Sarah smiled confidently and answered.

“Don’t worry.”

The meeting with the Empress was close to a justification for having a private conversation with the Emperor, but she had a lot to share with the Empress. It was about the Third Prince, his lover, and his child. The Empress would surely know. To solve the problem of Crassida, she had to first obtain the consent of the Empress.

“Rather, there are many things to prepare. First of all, Young Master Claude and Benjamin should get to know each other.”

“Sarah’s disciple will have to suffer a bit, but it’s a necessary process, so he’ll have to have enough patience.”

“Sure. Benjamin is an adult, so he’ll be able to lead Young Master Claude well.”

“……I hope so.”

Ethan nodded with a meaningful expression on his face. He felt like Benjamin wouldn’t lead Claude, but the other way around, but he didn’t bother telling Sarah. I think that part will be more, more interesting.

“I need to bring Young Master Elexa and Lady Penelois over here first. Shall we send Benjamin and Young Master Claude to meet them?”

“That’s a good idea. It would be nice to start with that.”


Seeing Sarah liking the idea, Ethan also smiled lightly. Then he released Sarah’s hand he was still holding and said.

“And I hope you’ll think about the time you’ll spend with me, Sarah.”


“Even though the Third Prince is there, I will be with you all the way to the Alton Estate.”


“Without Claude and just me, just the two of us.”

Sarah’s mouth widened at Ethan’s words.

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