I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 115

No, no. Sarah shook her head and slapped her cheeks painlessly with her palm.

“Hold on, Sarah Millen.”

In a panic, nonsense flowed out of her mouth.


Sarah took a long breath, trying to calm herself. As she became aware of her feelings, it seemed as if her thoughts were flowing in a strange direction over and over again.

‘I can do it.’

Unrequited love was like a battle. A battle where you had to capture your opponent. Of course, she had never battled with a human heart, but she had never lost in any battle. Anyway, she was confident she could do it. How not to end unrequited love with unrequited love. It was to make the other person have the same feeling as her.

“Let’s seduce him. Ethan Ambrosia.”

Sarah comforted herself in a determined voice. Then, there was a polite knock on the door. Sarah got out of bed in surprise.

“Who is it?”

“Countess Millen?”

“Ah, Ronda.”

Ronda’s voice loosened Sarah’s stiff shoulders. Her head was full of thoughts about Ethan, so she thought for a moment that he might have followed her to her room. Sarah smiled bitterly at herself, who had already begun to expect nothing.

“May I come in?”

“Of course.”

Ronda opened the door with a careful gesture and came close to Sarah.

“Your face looks very red, do you have a fever?”

“No, it’s a little hot……”

Sarah avoided Ronda’s gaze by making a hand fan for no reason. Recognizing her feelings for Ethan made it awkward to even look at the face of his henchman, Ronda.

“I’ll put some ice in the room.”

“No, this is how you do it.”

Sarah flicked her fingers lightly, letting a cool breeze blow through the room. A pleasantly cool breeze gently brushed Ronda’s bangs. She opened her eyes wide for a moment in admiration, then looked at Sarah and asked.

“How about dinner later?”


“I heard you’re having dinner with His Lord tonight.”



“Dinner with the Duke?”


Was it? Sarah thought, tilting her head in wonder. She thought so, but she didn’t think so. It seemed as if she could think of it, but she didn’t. It seemed that she said that she would eat dinner a little earlier because a person was supposed to come from the magic tower today.

“I decided to have dinner a little earlier, but the Duke said he would do the same?”

“It has already been confirmed by His Lord. I will prepare it so that you can enjoy your meal comfortably and welcome guests.”

“Can you do that for me?”

Sarah looked at Ronda with a blushing expression on her face. Time spent together was very important to attack Ethan Ambrosia, or seduce him. And she was a little happy to be able to have dinner with Ethan, which she was originally going to eat quietly alone. She said, trying to calm her excitement.

“Ronda, can you get the Duke’s favorite wine?”

“If you tell me, I’ll make sure to post it at dinner.”

“Thank you.”

Sarah clasped her hands and thanked Ronda for moving as if she were ready for her. It felt as if she knew what she wanted. Ronda, who was staring at Sarah’s slightly excited face, whispered in a low voice as if trying to give her a hint.

“His Lord likes white wine with seafood. Shall we prepare like that?”

“Yes! I like that.”

Sarah nodded and clapped her hands. Ronda smiled slightly, nodded to each other, and said in a subdued voice.

“His Lord told us to prepare a place for the family members of the Third Prince to stay in the mansion, so we prepared it. When can I pick them up?”

“Ah, I’ll make Benjamin do that. Apparently, he’s not from Ambrosia and his face is unknown, so even from the Third Prince’s point of view, he will be reassured that no one will know about it.”

“I see. Then Countess Millen is not going to accompany him.”

“Yes. Ah, I want Young Master Claude to go with him. To meet Young Master Elexa as well, and to get to know Benjamin a little.”

“Young Master Claude and Mr. Benjamin getting close……”

Rhonda briefly imagined the scene with Claude and Benjamin together. Claude, who gently scratched Benjamin’s insides and teased him, and Benjamin, who would hide his uncomfortable insides and annoyed Claude’s mood, were in front of her. Ronda unwittingly raised her hand and touched her head.

“I’m worried because Young Master Claude is so afraid of Benjamin but…… I need to get help from Benjamin in the future, so it’s good for them to be a little more comfortable with each other.”

“That’s right.”

Ronda and Veron had heard of Sarah before they heard the details from Ethan. In the future, while Sarah and Ethan are away from the mansion, they would prepare several things for Claude, who would be left alone in the Ambrosia mansion. If one of them was Benjamin, Ronda had to do her best to mediate between the two.


Then a good idea flashed through Ronda’s head.

“Countess Millen, shall I arrange dinner for Young Master Claude, Mr. Benjamin, and Miss Belluna today?”

“Oh my?”

“Countess Millen will have a relatively quick dinner because you have to deal with guests from the magic tower, but Young Master Claude has to be on a regular meal schedule…….”

At Ronda’s words, Sarah said with admiration as if she had never thought of it.

“That would be nice. The three of them have to rely on each other from now on, so they should practice eating together.”

When Sarah liked it, Ronda clenched her hands behind her back. In this way, she created a mealtime just for the two of them, His Lord and Sarah.

* * *

“Sarah and us two?”


At Ronda’s words, Ethan put down the papers he was looking at and tapped the desk with his finger. Looking at his narrowed brow, he seemed worried at first glance, but Ronda knew better.

“That’s nice.”

Ethan was delighted. She could tell by the light tapping on the desk.

“Then I’ll have it ready.”


Ronda quietly closed the door of the office, swallowing a grin of satisfaction. Before closing the door, she noticed Ethan’s corners of his mouth rising quietly through the crack in the door.

“What does His Lord say?”

“Of course, he said it was good.”

“I knew it……”

Veron nodded his head with a look of excitement.

“The kitchen will be on fire today.”

“Of course.”

They remembered the Ambrosia servants who were on the same wavelength with them. Everyone in this mansion was hoping together for what Veron and Ronda wanted.

“Why? Is there a special meal today?”

Of course, except for Jade, who has zero sense.

“All right, Sir. His Lord is looking for you, so go in.”

“Isn’t he busy? He looks free.”

As the twins spoke one word at a time with their cold faces, Jade quickly opened the door of the office, feeling depressed. Ronda snorted and turned around. She had a lot of work to do today. They had to start by announcing this good news to their smallest collaborator.

“I’ll tell Young Master Claude and come.”

“There’s no way he’d be disappointed, right?”

“No way.”

Ronda shrugged, saying no way. But her conviction was shattered as soon as she reached Claude’s room and announced the news.



The child’s answer was very firm.

“No. I want to eat with Nanny too.”

“……Young Master Claude.”

“I’m going to eat with Father and Nanny, too!”

Claude’s lips remained closed stubbornly. He had been doing that ever since he was told that he had to eat with Sarah’s disciples rather than his nanny and his father. The sharp corners of his eyes and puffy cheeks trembled as if he was full of heartache. His appearance was cute, like a cat with a lot of furs, but to Ronda, it was like a bolt out of the blue.

“But it’s an opportunity for Countess Millen and His Lord to have a meal alone.…….”

“I just need to be quiet. I’ll just breathe quietly. Eung?”


It’s ruined.

Those words ran through Ronda’s head. She didn’t expect Claude to refuse.

“However, you already know that Countess Millen and His Lord are only having a meal together.”

“If I join them, Nanny will love it!”


“Father too, Father will love it too!”

Ronda shut her eyes tightly as she looked at Claude, who gave her eyes full of anticipation.

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