I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 116

The flickering candles in the colorful candle holders gave off a soft light, making the dining room enveloped in a subtle atmosphere. The long table was lined with dishes that looked like the chef had put all of his energy into it. Red rose petals were sprinkled on the white table cover, and the water in the crystal glass sparkled like an opal, emitting transparent light. It was a dinner that was more powerful than usual. In many ways.



And Sarah and Ethan were sitting at the end of the long table, staring silently at Claude in the middle.

“Hmm, hmm hmm.”

Claude was humming as if he was in a good mood.



Sarah and Ethan each swallowed a laugh as they watched Claude stomping happily at the dinner table with such an atmosphere. As Ethan’s gaze quietly turned to Ronda, she awkwardly rolled her eyes and then bowed her head. Behind her, May and other servants covered their mouths with their hands and swallowed their tears. There was nothing in the world that went the way they wanted them to, but this time, they couldn’t help it.

“Is it delicious, Young Master Claude?”


Claude’s mood was at its peak these days as he had dinner with his busy father and the world’s favorite nanny. Sarah put down her momentary embarrassment and smiled at Claude.

“If Young Master Claude likes it, I like it, too.”


Ethan, who was watching the scene, also quietly swallowed a sigh and opened his mouth.

“Don’t eat too quickly. You have to chew it thoroughly.”

“Yes, Father!”

Claude nodded his head broadly, and his eyes lit up. Seeing the blushing on the child’s cheeks, Ethan was able to smile a little.

“How cute.”

Sarah also blushed as she looked at Claude, who was like a happy kitten, and Ethan, who smiled at the child. It was a pity she couldn’t spend her time alone, but the time she had with her two favorite men in this mansion was so precious.

‘Yeah, how lonely Young Master Claude must be if we leave for Alton Estate soon. We should spend a lot of time together.’

Sarah thought so and picked up the tableware. At that moment, Ethan, who was watching her quietly, called Claude in his soft voice.



“It seems that the distance between us is a little far.”


At Ethan’s words, Claude tilted his head to the side and measured the gap between himself and his father. Sarah and Ethan were far away, sitting at the end of the table, and Claude was sitting in the middle, but they were also quite far from each other. It was different from their usual breakfast sitting together within his reaching distance.

“That’s right.”

Claude nodded and expressed some regret.

“That’s too bad.”

Ethan smiled a little at the sight of Claude and slowly rose from his seat. Claude opened his eyes wide at the sight of him getting up suddenly.

“Can I go to the side?”


Claude’s eyes grew as big as a candle. The child kept nodding and putting a lot of strength into his hand holding the tableware. Getting to his feet, looking at Claude’s fond face, Ethan picked up the plate in front of him and approached the child.

“My Lord, let me……”

“It’s fine.”

Veron tried to move the plate from the side, but Ethan went to Claude’s side with his own plate and wine glass. Ronda quickly picked up the chair and placed it next to Claude, and the attendants reset the tablecloth.


Claude smiled sweetly and looked up at his father who came next to him with a pleasant smile. Ethan leaned back in his chair, looked at the ring in his hand for a moment, and immediately put it on Claude’s head. Then he said, stroking the boy’s soft hair.

“Let’s spend more time like this in the future. That way you’ll be mature while I’m away.”


Claude answered with a firm voice as if he was going to live up to that expectation. The eyes of the two father and son who looked at each other so affectionately turned to Sarah, who was on the far opposite side.

“Uh uhm.”

Sarah swallowed a small moan as if the twinkling light was pouring down from their gaze. As if to ask her to come too, Claude looked at the empty seat next to him, then looked at Sarah again. Ethan also leaned back in his chair and smiled subtly.

“Uh, really.”

At the sight of the two men who could melt her heart into the softest in the world, Sarah had no choice but to get up. And with a snapping sound, she snapped her fingers. Then, the chair and plate where Sarah sat were engulfed in a twinkling light and floated into the air.


Claude was instantly captivated and admired. The same was true of the servants who were going to move Sarah’s plate and chair.

“I’m good at it by myself.”

Sarah smiled and went to Claude’s side. Her plate and chair settled next to Claude, flying through the air as Sarah beckoned. Sarah sat naturally in that chair and smiled brightly at Ethan and Claude.

“It’s nice to sit next to you like this.”

“Right, I love it!”

With excitement, Claude took Sarah’s hand with his left hand and Ethan’s with his right.

“Oh my?”


Sarah and Ethan, each holding one of his hands, opened their eyes wide. Claude grinned as he looked at their faces alternately.

“How are you going to eat if you are holding hands like this?”

“Nanny can feed me!”


With Claude’s little whining and little aegyo*, Sarah wanted to grab her melting heart. She eventually raised her hand, which was not caught by Claude, and smashed the salad with the fork and put it in the child’s mouth.

*aegyo: please Google search for better understanding. But of course, if you’re familiar with Korean culture (K-pop, K-drama), then you’ll know this word. 

“Nowww. Say ‘Ah’.”


Claude opened his mouth like a cute baby bird and ate the salad Sarah gave him.

‘……Isn’t that too much cuteness?’

Sarah closed her eyes tightly for a moment. The cuteness was too much. It wasn’t good for her heart.

“You should eat evenly.”

Ethan, who was watching the scene, took a fork of grilled duck cut into small sizes with a smiley voice and offered it to Claude.


Claude smiled brightly and ate the meat Ethan gave him. And he whispered, waving his hand that was holding Ethan’s hand a little.

“Father, Nanny too.”


“Nanny needs to eat evenly too.”

“Ah, that’s right.”

At Claude’s urging, Ethan smiled and took the roast duck with a fork and held it out to Sarah this time. Sarah felt her heart beating strongly at that moment and said in a small voice.

“I can eat it myself.”

“Say ‘Ah’. Sarah.”

Ethan’s determined voice made her laugh, but she ended up opening her mouth a little.


“That’s right.”

Ethan smiled and put the duck in her mouth. Sarah looked at Ethan as she chewed on the meat. Her heart was beating like crazy. He shrugged his shoulders as if it was his turn now and looked at the salad in front of Sarah.


Unable to resist the gaze, she dipped the salad with a fork and reached out. Her fingertips were trembling slightly along with her thumping heartbeat. Seeing the tip of the fork tremble, Ethan naturally clasped his hand on hers and pulled it softly towards him. He then opened his lips as he glanced at Sarah.


Ethan’s beautiful lips slowly opened, revealing a red tongue inside, and Sarah’s face burned as if on fire. A little bit of the sauce was smeared on the corners of Ethan’s lips as he ate the salad. Ethan smiled as he let go of Sarah’s hand, wiping the sauce from his mouth with his thumb.

“Thank you, Sarah.”

“……Uh, yes.”

The appearance somehow gave off a very strange atmosphere, so Sarah had to bow her head in the end. For some reason, her heart, which had been beating violently since before, could not be calmed down easily. Indeed, Ambrosia’s two men were detrimental to her heart.


And Claude, who had intuited the subtle atmosphere between the two right before his eyes, looked at Sarah and Ethan alternately with narrowed eyes.


The quick-witted child’s lip curled up.

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