I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 117

* * *

There were good things and bad things in the world. And when something really good happened, something bad always happened after that.


Claude, who had just had a dreamy dinner with Sarah and his father, stood with a grimace as if when his mood was going to soar.

“I don’t like it either, so why don’t you relax your face?”

Hearing Benjamin’s grunting next to him, Claude thought about life once more. It was still too early for a child to do, though.

“I hate it twice as much as Uncle hates it.”

At Claude’s words, Benjamin hardened his face for a moment, then answered in a low voice.

“I hate it four times.”

“I’m eight times.”

“Eight thousand times.”

“Eight thousand…….”

Claude was trying to say a number bigger than Benjamin but was confused as to whether he should say eighty thousand times or multiply by two.


As Claude’s words twisted once, Benjamin raised one corner of his mouth as if in victory.

“Damn it!”

“Damn? That’s not something a little brat can say.”

“I’m not a little brat!”

“I’m not an uncle either.”

“Uncle is an old man!”

“I’m not.”

The moment Claude, who was annoyed, was about to start a useless verbal fight with a stomp on his foot.


Belluna, who was watching the scene, sighed loudly and opened her mouth.

“If it’s like this, why don’t we get along well, Benjamin.”

“It’s easy to say because it’s not your business.”

Benjamin glared at Belluna, who had been left out in this matter. Because she had to continue researching the medicine, it was decided that only Benjamin and Claude would be there for this meeting.

“It would have been nice if I went with Sister Belluna, not that Uncle.”

“I think so too, Young Master Claude.”

Compared to Benjamin, the two were already close. Belluna smiled awkwardly as she bent down to look at Claude, who was pouting his lips.

“If you come back safely, I will give you a fairy tale book written by Master herself.”


“Yes, I know that she made it herself in anticipation of meeting Young Master Claude. I brought what she left at the magic tower and kept it.”

“Wow, so exciting! It’s a promise, you must give it to me!”


Claude held out his pinky finger to Belluna, just like when he made an oath with Sarah. It was the law of making promises that he had learned from Sarah.

“Thank you.”

Beluna unwittingly thanked her and carefully hung her pinky on Claude’s pinky. Belluna covered her mouth with her hand. Then she swallowed a scream inside.


It was because Claude’s fingers were so small and soft. Belluna’s time with her master was a little happier because of the baby smell that she wafted every time the child came closer.

“Ha, what a sight.”

Seeing this, Benjamin swallowed a smirk and looked at Belluna. No matter how many times he watched it, he couldn’t get used to the sight of that crazy woman acting like her stony-hearted was broken in front of Claude. Anyway, it was no wonder she melted down when that cheeky brat was acting all squishy and mushy in front of their master and Belluna. Especially since that little brat hated him.

“Let’s go now.”


Benjamin threw the robe he was holding on to Claude. Claude let out a small scream at the rough touch.


Belluna called his name in a stern voice as if to reproach him. Benjamin shrugged and said as if asking what was the problem.

“I waited until the sun set to go when there were few people. You want me to wait longer?”

“……Focus on serving Young Master Claude well. Do you understand?”

“I’ll think about it.”

Benjamin responded bluntly and walked first. The carriage was not ready because it had to go through the secret passage of the Ambrosia mansion. Only Benjamin and Claude had to walk outside the mansion together.


“I said I know.”

As worried Belluna called his name again, Benjamin stopped and looked back with a look of disgust.

“I will walk slowly according to your short legs, so follow me, brat.”

“When I grow up, I’m sure my legs will be longer than you.” 

Claude was so jealous of Benjamin that he jumped ahead of him. Benjamin stared at the small back of his head, then turned around and shrugged as he looked at Belluna.

“See? I’ll be right back. Just find out what the damn medicine is.”


Belluna let out a big sigh as she saw Benjamin striding to catch up with Claude and Claude starting to run as if he did not want to lose to such Benjamin. And she quietly spoke to herself into the air.

“Master, can those two really get along?”

Then a faint wind began to blow in the air. Glittering light circled in the air in the wind and created azure letters.

[Isn’t it interesting?]

It was a message from Sarah, who was secretly watching the two of them.

“I’m worried. Just looking at it, the relationship between the two of them is too precarious.” 

[Really? I think they’ve already gotten close.]

At Sarah’s words, Belluna asked back in astonishment.

“What do you mean by that?”

[Have you ever seen Benjamin talk so much?]

“……Except in front of Master, he didn’t say anything other than necessary.”

Belluna remembered Benjamin, who was on the quiet side when they were in the magic tower, unlike Oliven, who was constantly talking nonsense without hesitation. He was the one who always used force rather than words to Oliven, who always slyly defied Benjamin’s mood. It was actually a very strange sight to see him bickering with Claude like this now.

[Look, Benjamin must actually be very fond of Young Master Claude. Our dear Young Master Claude is not normally cute.]

“That’s true.”

Claude’s cuteness. Belluna nodded before the absolute truth. In front of such a cute kitten, how could Benjamin have the other way?

[Young Master Claude seems to like Benjamin a lot, too. He’s so energetic in front of Benjamin.]

“……Maybe Master sees it too well.”

[We’ll see about that.]

Belluna could tell from her master’s message that she was very happy. She thought of her master who would still be watching the two of them magically, and Belluna decided to put an end to her worries.

“Who came from the magic tower?”

[The elders are here. Don’t worry about it. I’ll try to talk to them.]

“I’m sorry. I can’t help Master, but I’m causing trouble.”

[Belluna, if it weren’t for you, Oliven would have caused a bigger accident. I am well aware of that.]


[Besides, thanks to this, didn’t we find out what that child was hiding?]

Belluna sighed heavily at Sarah’s words. She clenched her fist in a sense of betrayal. Black magic was to increase power at the cost of life. If Oliven had learned and raised black magic, he would have taken countless lives to avoid his master’s eyes. With that immature, clueless face, he studied black magic with some of the magicians of the magic tower behind her back.

“I can’t believe it.”

Even though she was like this, her master must feel a greater sense of betrayal. Belluna was worried about it and couldn’t stand it.

“Master, are you okay?”

[Black magic is something that will become an achievement for the continent just by learning it. The temple is not going to stand still.]


[At least I’ll make it manageable with my own hands.]

“I understand.”

[Don’t worry about it, and please take good care of Young Master Claude when I’m away later.]

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

[I trust you, Belluna.]

After sending the last message to Belluna, Sarah cut the magical thread that was watching her.

“……Have you finished talking to Miss Belluna?” 


Sarah raised her head and made eye contact with the magicians of the magic tower who looked at her one by one. The elders, who could easily get the position of a court magician in any country, bowed their heads politely in front of Sarah. In front of them, Sarah said with a cold, subdued face.

“You must have grasped all the traces of black magic, right?”

“Yes, Great Elder.”

“Show me everything, without missing a single one.”

Because she had to punish the disciple who betrayed her with her own hands.

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