I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 123

* * *

Sarah greeted Penelois and Elexa with her arms wide open and a friendly smile.

“Welcome to Ambrosia, Lady Penelois.”

“……Countess Millen.”

Penelois was greeted by Sarah with a face that looked twice as tired as before coming to Ambrosia. So did Elexa, who was holding her hand.


Elexa slowly pulled out Claude’s hand and only looked down with his head bowed. The child’s face was also tired like Penelois’. And Sarah, who looked at Claude and Benjamin, covered her mouth with her hand in admiration.

“Oh my.”

Claude had a face full of heartache. He had both cheeks flushed and his lips protruded forward. His attire was ruffled for some reason, and he was gasping for breath.



Benjamin’s appearance was absurd, his hair was all messed up and he had fingernail marks on his cheek. Sarah looked at the two without saying a word for a moment, then clapped her hands together and said.

“You two have become very close.”


“No we’re not!”

At Sarah’s words, Claude and Benjamin screamed in unison. Then, at the same time, they stared at each other, and then exclaimed, and turned their heads in the opposite direction.

“I hate Uncle the most in the world.”

“Thank you very much for saying what I have to say.”

“Stupid Uncle.”

“Naughty brat.”

Penelois and Elexa sighed loudly as if they were used to seeing the two of them bickering again. The two quietly rubbed their ears to soothe their tired ears from the quarrel between Benjamin and Claude. Sarah could understand Penelois and Elexa’s troubles without even asking. She smiled softly as she introduced Ronda, who was standing next to her.

“You’ve worked really hard. The head maid here will guide you two to your room.”

“It’s a great pleasure to meet you. My name is Ronda. We will take care of you without any inconvenience during your stay in Ambrosia.”

Ronda was very polite and respectful. Penelois’s shoulders, which were tensed under the pressure of Ambrosia’s name, were relieved and loosened.

“I won’t forget your kindness.”

“What kindness. I hope it will be remembered as the glory of Ambrosia.”


At Ronda’s words, Penelois raised one eyebrow as if in surprise. Looking at Sarah, she gave her a meaningful smile and nodded her head slightly. What kind of status Penelois was, who she was and what position she was in. It was surprising that Ambrosia’s head maid knew so naturally.

‘Trust me, Penelois. You and Elexa’s existence will be unknown to anyone but my mother until I ascend the throne. Even if it’s His Majesty. So relax.’

She muttered in a very low voice, recalling Eleon’s voice that reassured her.

“No one knows my ass.”


“Ah……, it’s nothing.”

Penelois shook her head and smiled awkwardly at Ronda who asked with a puzzled face. Ronda had the illusion that she heard a word she shouldn’t have heard for a moment, but she did her duty.

“Then I’ll show you around.”

“Thank you.”

Penelois felt very grateful and took Elexa’s hand.

“Let’s go, Elexa.”


Elexa looked at Claude, who was still quarreling with Benjamin, yawning with a weary face and following his mother. He tried to bid goodbye to Claude, but he looked very busy. The two now sprint in front of Sarah and warn each other.

“Nanny! Uncle is bullying me!”

“Master, that brat is abusing me.”

The two of them had a face that firmly believed that Sarah would be on their side. Claude looked up at Sarah with wistful eyes.

“Young Master Claude?”


When Sarah called in a friendly voice, Claude stretched his words and whined. Now he thought that victory was his.

“Where else did you learn the word ‘stupid’?”


“I’ve never told you…… How can you use such harsh words?”

“No, that……”

“I know it’s still unreasonable for you to speak in accordance with the etiquette, but it seems like a class is needed to use the more noble words.”

Claude’s face sank at Sarah’s words. He asked her to side with him, but he ended up taking another boring class for no reason.

“Heh, that’s nice. There wasn’t anything you couldn’t say because you were so young.”

Seeing this, Benjamin raised the corner of his mouth and laughed again and again at Claude. But when Sarah saw Benjamin, she hardened her face and said.

“Just looking at it, it seems that you are the cause of Young Master Claude’s use of such words.”

“Yes? No, Master. That’s what that naughty brat did by himself……”

Benjamin hurriedly tried to make an excuse, but Sarah’s eyes narrowed when the word brat came out of his mouth.

“Seeing your attitude that dares to say that the person I serve is a brat in front of me, I can clearly see what kind of words you would say in a place where I am not present.”


“When I teach Young Master Claude the etiquette class, make sure you observe it too.”

“Are you talking about the etiquette class?”

“Yes, I feel a little late in learning, but it seems necessary.”


Benjamin tried to ridicule Claude, but ended up observing the etiquette class. A savory yet refreshing smile hung on Claude’s lips as he looked at him. Claude was smarter than Benjamin, so he covered his mouth with his hand so he wouldn’t be noticed by Sarah.


Of course, while he covered his mouth so Sarah couldn’t see, he didn’t forget to uncover a little bit so only Benjamin could see it to tease him. Benjamin looked at cheeky Claude and said. 

“That damn brat……”

“Benjamin! What did you just say?”

“Ah, it’s nothing, Master.”

But he wasn’t as weak as Claude, so Sarah caught him right away. Claude slid back and went up to his room, leaving Benjamin, who was beginning to hear Sarah’s nagging. In this case, he instinctively learned that the one who leaves first would be scolded less.

* * *

Ambrosia’s carriage crossed the Empress’ Palace garden. Usually, it was customary to get off in front of the Empress’ Palace gate and enter on foot, or to send a separate carriage with the Empress’s symbol to change into it. But thanks to Ambrosia’s name, Sarah was receiving very special treatment. Sarah looked at Ethan who sat across from her, turning over the papers.

“Thank you, you didn’t have to take me there.”

“Weren’t you invited to the tea time that the Empress rarely opens alone? There must be many eyes observing you, and if I don’t escort you, the words will come out.”

“But everyone knows the Duke is the busiest man in the Empire right now. Who can make a fuss about little things like escorts?”

The news that Ethan Ambrosia was going to Alton Estate spread widely in social circles. So there was a mountain of work to be done before that, as well as the situation of Alton Estate ahead of him. Even in this carriage, which was escorting Sarah now, he looked into the documents, and outside, the homing pigeon was so busy that it was constantly flying around. Ethan put down the paperwork he was looking at as soon as Sarah finished speaking.



“I’m not incompetent enough to not even make time to escort you.”

Saying so, he reached out to Sarah. And at the same time, the carriage rattled, and stopped.

“……Of course you do.”

Sarah held Ethan’s outstretched hand and tried to determine whether it was the carriage or her own heart that stopped for a moment. Fortunately, it was the carriage that stopped, so she could open the carriage door and go outside as Ethan led her. Ethan whispered in a low voice as he guided Sarah with his skillful, gentle hands.

“Tea time with the Empress is just an excuse, but she’s not going to cooperate so smoothly.”

“Wasn’t it all about the Emperor?”

“Even so, what can we do? The Empress’ hobby is to interfere little by little with what the Emperor wants.”


Sarah narrowed her brow as if in trouble, pondering for a moment. The relationship between the Emperor and the Empress was terribly bad. The Empress hated the Emperor almost to the point of loathing, and the Emperor treated such Empress like air. Such was the case with a couple who were entangled in mutual interests.

“You may not be able to get out easily. When that happens, lean on me.”

“After escorting me, you have to go to the Emperor’s Palace, how?”

“Wherever you are, Ambrosia’s eyes and hands are there. Just ask for a little help and we’ll do it right away.”


“I’ll be watching you. I hope you get through it safely.”

Sarah put her hands together and her eyes lit up. It would be so reassuring to know that Ethan was the Duke of Ambrosia.

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