I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 124

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Human society was sometimes at a point where powerlessness was absolutely non-existent. Sarah was a human being, and she had a desire to live a normal life among humans. So sometimes, or very often, the time came when society had to conform to the power it had formed. She thought this was the time she had to do it.

“Come on, Countess Millen. These are baked cookies topped with raspberry jam that you loved.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty the Empress.”

Sarah was already full, but she did not show it and picked up the cookies the Empress recommended. Then the Empress’ gaze reached Sarah’s fingertips.

“I hope it suits your taste.”

The Empress’ voice was very heartwarming. As the mother of the two princes, she still remained young, but her voice was filled with the flow of years. The Empress’ soft yet firm voice was filled with a sense of intimidation characteristic of those at the peak of power. Sarah felt the Empress’ gaze and let out a very small sigh.


When she put the cookie in her mouth, it was crunchy and crumbly, and the fresh sweetness of raspberry tickled the tip of her tongue with the flavor of butter. It was definitely a cookie that suited Sarah’s taste. Her usual self could eat a plate full of cookies in her seat.

“Do you like it?”


If only these cookies weren’t the eighth dessert the Empress recommended.


Smiling softly, the Empress lifted the teacup as she watched Sarah shove the privilege cookie into her mouth. Her mouth, which had been neatly shut, was covered with a teacup, and her half-covered eyes as if savoring the scent of tea shone brightly.


Sarah, like the Empress, smiled as she lifted the teacup. It was a smile that showed no gaps. If the Empress wanted to be mean, Sarah would accept everything without changing her face’s expression. She knew all too well that it was a way to put pressure on the Empress. In any case, it was tea time when Sarah only need to have an excuse to meet the Emperor, so if time went by, the Emperor’s people would come to this place soon. And the Empress hated it so terribly.

“This’s what I heard, Countess Millen.”

In the end, the Empress’ teacup went down first. She had a lighter smile on her lips than before.

“I’m afraid I don’t know what Your Majesty the Empress might have heard.”

“It was full of compliments. What a mouthful of praise that person have given me. My ears were melting.”

“Oh my.”

Sarah smiled and put down her teacup. Still, she focused on the Empress’ every word. Who could whisper a story about Sarah Millen into the Empress’ ear?

“Who told Your Majesty the Empress my story so well? I’ll have to say thank you to that person separately.”

Sarah’s subtle question brought a smile like hers to the Empress’ lips as well.

“I heard it from my daughter-in-law.”


Sarah’s eyes, which had remained curved with a consistent smile, widened for an instant at the words of the Empress. Seeing this, the Empress laughed out loud as if it was only then that she felt refreshed.

“Finally I get to see the other face of Countess Millen. Much more beautiful.”

Seeing the Empress smiling and raising the teacup again, Sarah was convinced that she had deliberately mentioned Penelois’ existence.

“You were aware of Lady Penelois’s existence.”

“How can I not know? She’s the child who have my son in the palm of her hand. As a mother, I should have known.”

Sarah looked carefully at the face of the Empress who said so.

“Did the Third Prince personally announce her existence?”

“Of course. There was nothing he couldn’t say in front of me. When he turns his eyes completely to the woman he loves…… he looked exactly like His Majesty.”

The Empress, who said it didn’t matter that Penelois was a slave from another country, only expressed her disappointment with the Third Prince, Eleon. There was no complaint that the prince’s companion was from slavery.

“He was very much the same as his father. Even though I didn’t teach him that much.”

The Empress sighed quietly and put down the teacup she had been holding. Then, she crunched the cookie she recommended to Sarah as if it was bitter in her mouth.

“Fortunately, Penelois, that child is obedient to me.”


After the Empress’ words, Sarah finally understood why she had no complaints about Penelois’ status.

“Your Majesty the Empress must be more interested in His Highness Eleon.”

To Sarah’s words, the Empress answered with a smile as if it was the correct answer.

“That’s right. Ilior is never the one to bring me an obedient daughter-in-law.”


“An appearance to give strength to the throne, the spirit to lead the Empire wisely, and the responsibility to be the Mother of the people of the Empire. He will take a woman as his companion after all considerations are taken into account.”

“It seemed that His Highness Ilior would do the same.”

“Right? It’s like marrying a woman like me, and making a woman like me the Empress.”

The queen continued with a self-deprecation smile.

“I don’t really like that.”

If the Emperor of the Empire changed, the Empress must become the Empress Dowager and step back from power. She was very wary of it. For this reason, the Empress was very satisfied that Penelois would not dare challenge her authority because of the huge difference of status.

“So I like my daughter-in-law. Ah, Penelois told me this. She said that where she grew up, they called the son’s wife so friendly.”

“I see. I know that too.”

“I thought so. Countess Millen’s refinement would be very exceptional.”

“There are just a lot of stories that I’ve picked up while wandering around. I’m ashamed to say so.”

“Heaven. So humble too.”

The Empress said in a more affectionate voice than before, perhaps she seemed to like her.

“It makes me want to be very close to Countess Millen. Of course, as a friend.”

“The same goes for me, Your Majesty the Empress.”

“I’m a little old, but you can ignore that in front of friendship.”

As the Empress said, she glanced at the head maid of the Empress Palace, who was standing next to her. Then she started clearing the dessert from the teatime table. Sarah was a little relieved as she saw the desserts that had tormented her being moved away.

“I’m sorry, I’ve troubled Countes Millen because I wanted to see that old man stamping his feet.”

“I understand, Your Majesty the Empress.”

“Thank you.”

The Empress leaned back on her chair with a more relaxed expression on her face. She then said as she looked at the maids in attenance.

“Everybody out. I have to develop a deeper friendship with Countess Millen.”

“Yes, Your Majesty the Empress.”

At the words of the Empress, the maids all bowed their heads and went out of the tea room. And finally, thehead maid, who was cleaning the dessert, looked at Sarah with a subtle look and went back. Sarah thought of Ethan when she saw the head maid’s eyes passing by at that moment.

‘……Was the Empress’ head maid a person of Ambrosia?’

She understood very well what Ethan meant by asking for only a little help.

“Now I can speak comfortably with Countess Millen.”

The Empress took a comfortable position as if she was dealing with an old friend, and flicked the empty teacup on her finger. It was an attitude that would blow away her culture and elegance. She meant to talk as a woman versus a woman, not as an Empress of the Empire.

“It can’t get any better than this to tell a secret story.”

Sarah smiled comfortably in accordance with the wishes of the Empress. Apparently, the Empress wanted something from Sarah. Before she had an audience with the Emperor.

“Countess Millen is so bright and witty. I’m upset that you’re not my daughter-in-law.”

“How dare I enjoy all that glory. I am simply satisfied with my family.”

“Hoo, really? We can be very good friends.”

“Thank you.”

The Empress smiled coolly as if she was very satisfied with Sarah’s words. It was because Sarah did an excellent job of evading the vague boundaries of her words. She had a good eye and immediately recognizes the will of the Empress, and gave her the answers she wanted. The Empress was greatly satisfied with the flow of the conversation.

“I hope you will pass it on to Ilior as well. That you and I have become very close friends. Also say that we hope that our friendship will not change.”

“……I’ll do that.”

Sarah was puzzled for a moment by the name of the Second Prince coming out of nowhere, then nodded her head. Seeing this, the Empress smiled softly.

“Then will you stay with me until His Majesty the Emperor sends someone in a hurry?”

“I will definitely do that.”

The Empress showed her determination to see the Emperor’s patience run out. Despite having two children, the gap between the Emperor and the Empress seemed deeper than expected.

“Seeing that the old man is running wild and losing his mind, it seems that the situation of the First Prince is not very good.”

“Yes, Your Majesty the Empress must have heard of it, but it’s impossible to know whether he’s alive or dead. His Majesty the Emperor must be upset.”

“If he’s looking for Countess Millen with my help in that situation, do you have the key to breaking this situation?”

“His Majesty the Emperor is only hoping so.”

“Such thing.”

The Empress shook her head and closed her eyes for a moment. And when she lifted her eyelids again, there was a sharp sense of intimidation in her eyes.

“So you’re saying the old man is mistaken? Or are you deceiving me?”

“I can only give His Majesty the advice he needs, but I do not have the key.”

At Sarah’s reply, the Empress blinked for a moment. She then said in a hoarse voice once more.

“Countess Millen. I show you my friendship today, what do you think His Majesty will tell you?”

Before the audience with the Emperor, the Empress reached out to Sarah first. Sarah knew very well what she wanted. The Empress was hoping that the Emperor’s troubles would deepen. If Sarah solves the Emperor’s troubles, the Empress’ enemies would not be the only one.

“I don’t think anything will be as good as the friendship between me and Your Majesty the Empress.”

Sarah held the Empress’ hand. It was because there was no need to soar outside of her eyes, who rose to the position of the Empress Dowager in ‘Flower of Darkness’ and wielded more power than the Empress. The help of the Empress was needed for the future, even for Claude.

“……You know the answer that makes me happy.”

“Thank you.”

Only then did the Empress show Sarah a peaceful smile once again. Then she said in a voice that peeled off the boundaries.

“I don’t care about the First Prince. Get rid of him.”

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