I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 148

“What, what should I do?”

Penelois couldn’t even turn her head and stuttered at the slowly opening door. Benjamin couldn’t take his eyes off what he saw with Elexa and her.

‘But I’m scared!’

Penelois, who had had all kinds of experiences in her life, which was neither short nor long, was experiencing something like this for the first time. This was a world she did not know.

“Don’t take your eyes off it. I don’t think there’ll be anything even if that door opens.”

“Can I just do that?”

“Yeah, it’s a magic trick that that guy likes to use. It’s perfect for taking people.”

Benjamin sighed and looked at the door reflected in Penelois’ eyes. It was a hallucination magic that stimulated the fear that humans can feel and showed more than you could imagine if you imagined it. With the exception of Benjamin, Belluna, and the Knights of Ambrosia, who have considerable strength and mental power, everyone would all fall into this hallucination magic. That guy was a man who was preoccupied with such useless things. So he must have been interested in black magic or something.

“If you think there is nothing wrong, it will disappear without you seeing anything.”

“What if I think about it?”

At Benjamin’s words, Elexa looked up at him as if crying.


Benjamin looked away from Penelois’ eyes for a moment and looked at Elexa.

“What are you usually afraid of?”

“My nanny.”

“Then that’s enough.”

At Elexa’s words, Benjamin raised his hand and patted his head roughly as if to be relieved. The child’s fine, soft hair ruffled under Benjamin’s large palms.

“Are you sure it’s okay?”

“Yes. Because your nanny is alive.”


Elexa tilted his head sideways as if he did not understand Benjamin’s words. But Penelois, who was listening quietly next to him, understood the meaning very accurately.


She closed her eyes tightly. He told her not to think, but she almost imagined it for a moment with that word.

“So it’s showing the dead?”

“Yes. So be careful. Belluna said it was terrible.”

Claude was startled by Benjamin’s words.

“Sister Belluna suffered this too?”

“Yeah, she got caught off guard.”

Unfortunately, Belluna was next to him at the moment when Oliven first developed and first used this hallucination magic. Every night, the villagers who had been slaughtered turned upside down the entire magic tower, claiming that they were chasing after her with horrendous insolence. Only after their master had shattered the hallucination magic that Oliven had cast, Belluna could barely escape. After that, Oliven often used this hallucination magic on the people of the magic tower, apparently for fun. Each time he was caught, he was beaten to death by Belluna.

“Are other people okay with that?”

Claude, who had been listening to Benjamin, looked out the window with worried eyes. It was because it was clear that May, Ronda, and Veron were also afflicted with this hallucination and could not return here.

“They’re fine. Because Belluna is supposed to take care of the servants.”

“Sister Belluna was attacked, too!”

Benjamin nodded his head in acknowledgment.

“She was often attacked.”

“Then how?”

“What do you mean? You don’t have to worry anymore.”

Claude crumpled his face with annoyance at the subtly superficial conversation.

“Why aren’t you worried?”

“Are you an idiot?”

“Why am I an idiot? Uncle is an idiot!”

“Is Belluna the type to stay put after she’s been beaten up?”

“I don’t think so……”

Claude remembered Belluna, who had always been kind to him. Benjamin looked at Claude’s face and snorted.

“Among Master’s disciples, Belluna has the most terrible personality.”

“Not Uncle?”

“Yes, Master acknowledged it, so you can ask later.”


Claude looked at Benjamin with suspicious eyes, but he only shrugged. After being beaten by Oliven once, Belluna clenched her teeth and found a way to break this magic. She was deliberately subjected to the same prank over and over again.

“And I only know how to avoid this hallucination magic, I don’t know how to break it.”

“Can’t you just break it?”

“No. This is mental magic, so if you break it unilaterally, it will damage those who have been enchanted.”

“……Uncle is useless.”

Claude’s eyes grew a little colder.

“It would be thanks to me to make sure nothing happens until Belluna comes.”

“That’s all.”

“……You tend to ignore me very much sometimes.”

“Not sometimes, I always do.”

Looking at Benjamin and Claude, who were about to start arguing again, Penelois and Elexa exchanged anxious eyes. It was so scary that they had to look at that door only visible to them until Belluna eventually came, but when they saw those two, the fear eventually turned into a backstory. Penelois, who had barely calmed down, asked Benjamin, who was grinding his teeth.

“So, is it safe to stay like this?”


“What do you mean no?”

“That’s just one of the tricks that Oliven can play. And……”

Before Benjamin had even finished speaking.


One of the servants screamed out of the window. And at the same time, the whole house began to shake with a loud roar.



Penelois lost her balance and fell backward. Elexa was startled and tried to approach her, but at the same time, Benjamin, who was next to him, moved faster.

“Keep your head down!”

When Benjamin shouted, Claude quickly plunged his head into the bed. And a winged monster that broke the window narrowly flew into Claude’s room.


Before the monster entering the room could raise its large claws, the mana spear made by Benjamin pierced his chest.

“Heok, heok.”

Surprised Claude took a breath and slowly raised his head. The monster he saw for the first time in his life was shaking and dying in front of the child’s eyes.

“Un, Uncle……”

“This is more real than a hallucination magic spell. Something that can hurt people.”

Benjamin memorized the circle with both hands full of mana.


Then, countless mana spears appeared above his head. Spears of dark red mana filled Claude’s room as if blood was pouring down as rain.

“Don’t touch it even if it’s strange. Your skin will rot as soon as you touches it.”


Elexa, who was trying to reach out for a mana spear, swallowed his breath and withdrew his arm. Then Penelois, who lifted her fallen body, opened her mouth with a pale face.

“Out, outside the window……”

At that vain voice, Claude and Elexa’s eyes turned to look out the window. And their faces became as pale as Penelois’.




All kinds of monsters were pouring out of the black hole in the air. The red sky looked so black.

“What’s all that?”

Benjamin replied in a sighing voice to Claude’s unknowingly muttering words.

“They are chimeras made with black magic. They’re test subjects against monsters.”

“How, how……”

“So this time, quietly stay by my side, brat. Because I’ve never look after anyone before.”

Benjamin said so and sent Penelois and Elexa to Claude’s bed. And on Claude’s bed, he began to spread a double and triple defensive magic.


Occasionally, one by one, they dealt with the monsters coming through the broken windows.

“……I’m scared.”

Elexa shed tears and held Claude and Penelois’ hands at the same time. Claude held Elexa’s hand tightly and did not take his eyes off Benjamin. Benjamin continued to build up the magic circle that surrounded Claude’s bed while dealing with the monsters.

“Uncle come here too!”

“I can’t. Then the attacks of the demons will be concentrated.”

“What if you get hurt!”

“……Are you worried about me now”

Benjamin smirked and stepped on the head of the trembling monster on the floor.

“It’s useless. There’s no way I’m gonna get hurt by this.”

Saying that Benjamin gathered the mana spears he had created in the air into one.


Then the huge spear was made into one, colored with blood. The spear, which started to swirl with a huge blast, quickly shot forward at the touch of Benjamin’s gesture. The huge spear that was shot forward hit the black hole where the monsters were pouring out.


A great roar resounded throughout the house. And even louder than that, the monsters screamed and fell powerlessly, charred.

“Saw that?”

Benjamin shrugged and looked at Claude. Looking at Claude’s face, which had been dazed for a long time, he felt relieved. Claude, who saw Benjamin smirking slightly, closed his wide-open mouth and stared at him with a sharp look. Then he muttered in a curt voice.

“It’s annoying to show off.”

“……You! Where did you learn to say that?”

“From Uncle.”


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