I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 149

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From the window of Claude’s room, huge mana spears were constantly shot. They hit the monsters falling to the Ambrosia mansion without any mercy. The screams of the monsters echoed out of the window like thunder. Belluna murmured as if she was tired of looking at the bodies of dead monsters burned helplessly like ashes flying in a bonfire.

“He’s holding back his excitement.”

Due to Benjamin’s character, if this happened, he would have been the first to jump out and enjoy the festival of slaughter. It was challenging for him to blow the magic spears calmly in Claude’s room. Ignoring the efficiency of mana lightly, the magic spears that were blown was very heavy one by one. It was as if he had put up with his temper to the fullest.

“Yeah, kill them all. Kill them all.”

In spite of the overwhelming sight, Belluna simply organized her clothes and so on with a dignified face. She looked very calm. She even showed a belief that the outside situation would be sorted out with that. The servants, who were embracing each other in fear, were rather reassured by the sight. They cleared their trembling voices and opened their mouths.

“Miss Belluna, I can’t see Mr. Butler and Mrs. Head Maid, shouldn’t we go looking for them?”

“I already found them.”

Belluna could read May’s signs of waving her hands toward the air, mesmerized by the magic thread that was drawn long and sent to various parts of the mansion. Next to her, Veron and Ronda were crawling on the floor.

“They seem to be wandering around the mansion under hallucination magic.”

She gritted her teeth in a terrible mood. It was a magic that Belluna was all too familiar with.

‘It’s a magic that blinds one with fear, so it’s perfect for Benjamin to be caught and killed by the little things he couldn’t handle.’

Fortunately, she knew how to break this magic. But in order for her to do so, she had to leave the servants for a short time. Belluna glanced out the window.

“Those who break through the mansion door can’t help it! Don’t chase, keep the lines!”

“Push away the dead monsters and block the hole with their dead bodies!”

In the mansion, there were the remaining Knights of Ambrosia that did not follow Ethan and Sarah. They were dealing with monsters that had stepped on the ground to avoid Benjamin’s fierce magic.

“Focus on defense! If you escape while chasing monsters, everyone will die!”

The number of monsters that survived Benjamin’s magic was overwhelmingly greater than the number of remaining knights. The knights kept their backs on each other while maintaining a round formation and facing the monsters. It was the Knights of Ambrosia with superior skills, but due to the difference in number, monsters were invading areas that they did not pay attention to. It was probably just a matter of time before the monsters attacked this place if they went on like this.

‘Even if I go as fast as possible, it will take at least 10 minutes to break the hallucination magic. It’s enough time for the monsters to reach here.’

She couldn’t ask Benjamin for help, who was dealing with the monsters pouring out of the air right now. If he stopped the attack, the knights facing the monsters below would be in danger.

‘Should I abandon the many for the sake of the few……’

Belluna pondered for a moment. It was a fleeting moment, but Ambrosia’s servants approached Belluna as if they had noticed her troubles.

“We’re fine, so go ahead.”

“But soon the monsters will smell the humans and head here……”

Belluna spoke in a worried voice. Outside, the knights’ swords and Benjamin’s magic were killing them, but the monsters were monsters. Each one of the chimeras was also improved by black magic. One small village could easily be erased from the map with just one chimera.

“If it’s Miss Belluna, you’ll be back soon, so we can hold out until then.”

“That’s right, so hurry up and go.”

“What if Mr. Butler and Mrs. Head Maid are injured?”

The servants enthusiastically nodded and pushed Belluna’s back. With those fearless, active hands, Belluna clapped her hand and said.

“Those aren’t ordinary monsters. Locking the door to ensure your safety isn’t……”

Belluna’s words slowed down as she turned around to avoid the hand pushing her back.


Ambrosia’s servants were lifting weapons one by one that she did not know where they had come from. Some had a mace, some with a spear, some with a big axe, some with a sword. Belluna blinked slowly because their form of holding weapons looked so familiar. Ambrosia’s servants said with embarrassed smiles as they saw Belluna’s face.

“In fact, we also know how to protect our own body.”

“That’s right, the weak cannot survive in Ambrosia.”

“A person who cannot protect himself cannot be hired by Ambrosia.”

Some of the small maids pulled out small assassin weapons from their arms and put them between their fingers, smiling brightly. Until a few days ago, they were the maids who were touching Belluna’s hair and laughing. The assassin weapons they took out were sparkling in the cool air one by one as they were well maintained.

“I was half scared before……, but now I’m settling.”

“Wouldn’t anyone be distracted by the numbers?”

“Still, the knights below take care of most of them, so we only have to deal with a few.”

The servants laughed and talked among themselves. Now some approached the window and cheered for the knights fighting hard.


Looking at them, Belluna began to seriously consider who the servants she had seen so far were.

“To attack Ambrosia right away because Master isn’t here.”

“I guess we looked too shallow.”

“They wouldn’t have dared to try if Master was here.”

But she only worried for a while. After remembering who their master was, Belluna immediately understood.

“Indeed, Duke Ethan Ambrosia.”

Like the owner, even the family servants were unusual.

“Then I’ll be back quickly. Please hang in there until then.”

“Please leave it to us. We’ll get the hang of it after a few encounters, so it might be helpful.”


The people who she thought she should protect just now seemed more reliable than anyone else at this moment. Belluna smiled faintly and immediately ran out with mana on both feet.

“See you later!”

The remaining servants waved their arms over their heads and sent off Belluna. And the moment Belluna completely disappeared from their sight, their gaze immediately changed.

“Fu……, I’m nervous, but let’s all do what we’ve learned.”

“Of course. Miss Belluna will be here soon, so can we not hold out during that time?”

The servants hid their faintly trembling hands and fixed their weapons. Although they pretended to be strong for Belluna,this was the first time for the servants to deal with such monsters. They began to strengthen their will to shake off their fears.

“Everyone, think about how the monsters will ruin the beautiful Ambrosia mansion.”

“N, no…… My garden!”

The first to cry was the gardener. His bloodshot eyes turned to the garden where the monsters were trampling.

“I can’t forgive you.”

The pruning shears in his hand shone bright blue.

“Are they going to walk the mansion with those dirty feet?”

“They’ll be drooling too.”

The maids and attendants in charge of cleaning were furious as they each grabbed their weapons.

“What if they go into Master’s dressing room?”

“If they touch anything valuable, I will kill them. I’m sure to kill them.”

The maids also shed their killing intents and stepped forward. From afar, they could feel the cries of the monsters coming closer and closer.

“Let’s protect Ambrosia.”

“Let’s protect it!”

“Let’s kill them!”

“It’s time to see the blood!”

The servants encouraged each other and fixed their weapons. When Ambrosia’s hidden force was ready for battle.


Oliven, who was watching all this from afar, let out a displeased groan.

“Ambrosia is holding up well. Well, thanks to Benjamin.”

Oliven’s voice, which had no warmth, was calm even though things didn’t work out as well as he thought. As if he had expected this to happen.

“If Master had been there, it would have been over right away…… As expected, she wasn’t here?”

Oliven licked his lips and smiled brightly. Then a black magician approached him and asked.

“What should we do?”

“What do you mean? We’ll shake them a bit more. I don’t even see a small gap now.”

Oliven looked at the mana spears that were constantly fired from Claude’s room with numb eyes.

“I didn’t expect Benjamin to be so calm and protecting the brat.”

If this was the case, the angry Benjamin would have jumped out to kill Oliven. But he held it in and blew magic spears like that. It wasn’t like Benjamin.

“Ambrosia left all our children behind. Including Master.”

Without hiding his displeasure, Oliven gritted his teeth.

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