I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 151

Kkwaang, kkwang!

Without a break, their mana collided and collided with each other. While blocking the attacks from all directions, Benjamin hit even the attack headed toward Claude.

“Damn you, bastards.”

Benjamin swallowed swear words and memorized formulas nonstop. If he were careless, even for a moment, an attack full of killing intent would penetrate through that gap.

“Why are you exaggerating? You have to deal with this.”

“You’re not coming out here?!”

“I don’t like it, what if I go out and get hit by you?”


“You too, mongrel bastard.”

Benjamin gritted his teeth and knocked out the balls of fire that Oliven sent with an ice spear.

“Aiya, you’re so good!”

He would have to put a magic spear on the face of Oliven, who was happy and clapped his hands. Benjamin decided to do so and re-arranged his mana again.

‘……He doesn’t actually use lethal magic. What is he up to?’

While nervously hitting the flying magic, Benjamin calmly calmed down and calculated in his head. It was clear what Oliven wanted. He wasn’t the kind of person who would come all the way here to have an unnecessary war of nerves. He was sure Oliven was after it, but he acted as if the purpose was to get on Benjamin’s nerves. It was even more suspicious.

“Do you have time to think about something else?”

The quick-witted Olive sent Claude a more powerful mana attack this time.


Taking advantage of Benjamin’s gaze toward him for a moment, other black magicians invoked the trapping magic on Benjamin.


Black magic chains were wrapped around Benjamin’s wrists and ankles. He hurriedly tried to break the chains with mana around his limbs, but the chains made of black magic were different from ordinary magic, so it took a long time. And, Oliven did not miss the opportunity. 


“……Young Lord Ambrosia!”

Benjamin’s defense magic surrounding Claude’s bed was broken. The broken defensive magic fluttered like shards of glass. Pieces of mana falling over his head were shining beautifully inconsistent with the situation. Oliven’s hoarse voice fell over Claude’s head as he stared blankly at it.

“You’re gonna die, brat.”

Oliven’s magic spear was precisely aimed at Claude’s head. Claude couldn’t even scream and closed his eyes tightly. In his mind, he remembered the first day his father hugged him tenderly and the smile of Sarah who smiled brightly at him.

‘Trust Benjamin a little more, Young Master Claude. That child really likes Young Master Claude, so he’ll do his best.’

By the time he remembered Sarah’s voice, who was affectionately stroking his head, Claude realized he wasn’t hurt.


When he gently opened his tightly closed eyes with a puzzled face, the first thing he saw was a wide, firm back guarding in front of him.

“Un, Uncle……”

It was Benjamin who stood in the way of Claude. With his side opened to Oliven’s magic spear.


Benjamin glared at Oliven, blocking the dripping blood with his hand. Oliven stiffened in shock as he saw Benjamin standing in front of Claude using his body as a shield. His white eyes shook violently.

“Why are you doing this?”


“What is that, why are you even doing this?”

Oliven’s voice trembled faintly. It was trembling, not knowing whether it was anger or sadness. Benjamin sarcastically spewed blood from his mouth.

“I don’t need you to understand.”

Oliven’s mana was flowing through the wound, mudding the inside. Blinking his eyes to secure the blurred vision as much as possible, Benjamin hid Claude behind his back more.

“Uncle, are you okay, Uncle?”

Claude wept as he saw the blood running down Benjamin’s legs. Benjamin said, pressing Claude’s head with his other hand.

“I think I saved your life just now……, am I still Uncle? Damn little brat.”

“It’s not time to joke!”

Claude frowned but did not shake Benjamin’s hand stroking his hair. Claude’s hand trembled faintly as he grabbed Benjamin’s hand. Unknown feelings flowed between the two of them. Oliven, who looked at them, clenched his teeth, feeling like he was going to vomit.

“Benjamin……, what the hell happened to you?”

“I guess I’m like Master.”


“An excellent disciple follows his master.”

Benjamin seemed to understand a little why his master Sarah pampered Claude. If one looked at his eyes, staring at him with those tearful eyes. Of course, he didn’t intend to make a fuss like his master and Belluna. He said, pointing his finger at himself.

“I am a good disciple who follows my master.”


The finger pointing at Benjamin slowly turned to Oliven.

“You are a foolish disciple who can’t keep up with that.”


Enraged, Oliven screamed and ran towards him. Benjamin pushed Claude back and once again created magic in his hand.

“How dare a black magician bastard like you call my name?”


When the two collided with each other, an unparalleled wave occurred.


As Claude fell backward helplessly, Penelois ran and caught him in her arms.

“Young Lord Ambrosia, are you okay?”

“……Un, Uncle is……, Uncle Benjamin.”

“He’s all right, he’s still all right.”

Penelois looked around with nervous eyes, hugging Claude, who was shedding tears. The black magicians stopped attacking and were watching the fight between Oliven and Benjamin. Sarah once said that magicians tended to forget other things when they were obsessed with something interesting. The fight between black magic and white magic seemed to have caught their interest.

‘We need to get out of here.’

Penelois quickly rolled her eyes. Then she looked at May, who soon began to wake up little by little as she lay on the bed. Beside him, Ronda and Veron were also quietly examining the situation with their eyes open.

“……Uh uh, what is this?”

Penelois quickly approached May, who was shaking her head and trying to come to her senses.


“Lady Penelois?”

“Do you know what the situation is now? We must get out of this place with Young Lord Ambrosia right now.”


At Penelois’ quick whisper, May shut her mouth and looked around. She then looked at Ronda and Veron as her face hardened in astonishment. They also witnessed the situation that became a mess after being fainted, so they did not seem to have a proper grasp of the situation yet. At that time, May hurriedly searched through her arms and took out something, and held it out.

“Lady Sarah left something for me in case this happens.”

“What is it?”

“I don’t know either. She told me to use it when I thought it was really dangerous……”

What May held out was a round, tiny mirror.

Where and how the hell am I supposed to use this?

It was when everyone looked at the mirror blankly with troubled faces, Claude grabbed the mirror from May’s hand with a grim face.

“……Nanny told me to crash into it if there was something I didn’t know.”


“Can I throw this?”

“To where?”

At May’s question, Claude silently looked at Benjamin, who was fighting in a vortex of flashing lights. Now the most dangerous was Benjamin. Benjamin’s face, which had been severely wounded by covering Claude, was pale and tired.

“……I’m sure Young Master Claude knows Lady Sarah’s intentions the best.”

May nodded and looked at Claude. Claude also looked at Veron and Ronda as if asking for consent.

“Do as you please.”

“Do whatever you want.”

They also nodded and stroked Claude’s trembling shoulder.


Claude nodded solemnly and clasped the mirror in his hand. The mirror fits snugly into little Claude’s hands. The grip was very good as if it had been made to be thrown.

“Then throw it!”

Claude threw the mirror as hard as he could at the place where Benjamin and Oliven were fighting. The first to witness it were the black magicians who were watching the battle in full swing.

“……What is that?”

“A mirror?”

It was when they stared blankly at the flying mirror in a gentle curve. The moment the mirror, which was spinning and flying, received the dim moonlight coming through the broken window, it began to scatter brilliant light.



It was enough light to catch the eye of Benjamin and Oliven, who were bombarding each other with dangerous attacks.

“What is that……”

Oliven muttered while narrowing his brow, at that moment, a voice that should not be heard here began to resonate in the room.

[You’ve gotten worse while I haven’t seen you, Oliven.]

A beautiful, soft, friendly, relaxed voice. Everyone’s faces, including Claude, turned bright in an instant. It was Sarah’s voice.

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