I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 152

Oliven’s lips trembled. He unwittingly collected the spear he had summoned to attack Benjamin. Then, he struggled to squeeze out a voice that didn’t come out with words at the tip of his tongue.

“……Ho, how.”

[Did you think I didn’t know you’d come out like this?]

Sarah’s voice was calm and cold. Everyone here knew that it was beyond the level of anger she could tolerate.

“Great, Great Elder.”

“……We’re screwd, it’s over.”

The black magicians were frightened by Sarah’s voice and backtracked. They, too, were once magicians of the magic tower. They were also people who knew the power of Sarah, the Great Elder, better than anyone. One of the black magicians shouted in an angry voice.

“How did this happen, Oliven! You said you put a magic circle so that she can’t know what’s going on inside from the outside!”

“……I didn’t know that Master had prepared something like that.”

Oliven stared blankly at the mirror emitting light from the air. He had looked down on his master. He thought he had found a loophole in her attempt to make things look as if she were in the mansion. Didn’t he gain confidence in the fact that his master didn’t notice by releasing a huge number of monsters in Ambrosia? But he could see his master’s eyes in that small mirror. When he looked at her, the eyes that always smiled warmly were numb for the first time. As if she was looking at something of no value.

“Still, Master can only exercise power through that artifact.”

Oliven clenched his teeth as he seized the spirit of shattering. The dense magic circles he spread throughout the Ambrosia mansion was to prevent external magic from entering the interior. In order to break the magic circles, his master had to come to Ambrosia’s mansion and use her powers. However, the master who hid her power and identity in the Empire could not come here easily.

“Break the mirror.”

This was commanded decisively by the evil Oliven. The black magicians who gained courage from those words memorized the formula and prepared to attack.

[You know I’ll just wait and see.]

Sarah’s voice contained a faint smile. The black magicians, who were ready to launch magic at any moment, flinched. Sarah laughed aloud and said, as if she could see their figures so clearly.

[Let me tell you today that this amount of power is enough to deal with trivial things, you foolish. Learn well.]

As soon as Sarah finished speaking, the flow of air changed. The black magicians, who were trying to send their attack magic in a hurry, realized that their bodies were strange for a moment and moaned a little.

“……Uh, why.”

“My body is weir―.”

They lowered their gaze with their hands that could not be lifted. It was only then that the flow of transparent mana that tied their bodies began to be seen. By the time the faces of the black magicians were stained with frustration, Sarah’s sneering voice was heard.

[Attacks are not foretold. You have to prepare in advance.]



Sarah’s azure magic blazed around the black magicians like a flame. The black magicians screamed in pain, but they couldn’t see what was going on inside because they couldn’t see it.

[And there should be no hesitation.]

With Sarah’s cold warning, the magic that enveloped them disappeared.


Then only the robe worn by the black magicians fell to the floor. They disappeared without even leaving a form.


Oliven, who lost the black magicians in a single spell, clenched his teeth and rushed towards the mirror. But Benjamin stopped him.

“You can’t forget me just because Master is here.”

Benjamin threw a magic spear with all his might at Oliven, who showed a gap in agitation.


Oliven groaned and clenched his wounded shoulder with his hand. Blood poured down from the neatly penetrated shoulder.

[Oh my, so grotesque.]

Soon there was the sound of snapping fingers in the mirror. Then, the red blood flowing from Oliven’s shoulder turned transparent.

[It’s not good for Young Master Claude’s education, really.]


At those words, Penelois, who had been watching the situation, opened her mouth. She wondered what would be different in this situation by changing the blood to be transparent. Penelois, who looked around in panic, could see five people nodding their heads in admiration of Sarah’s words.

“As expected, Lady Sarah!”

“Countess Millen is very exquisite, isn’t she, Veron?”

“Yeah, I should learn this.”

“Right, right. Nanny is the best.”


May, Ronda, and Veron glowed with admiration. And now, Claude, who wiped his chest with a relieved face, and Benjamin, who silently nodded his head.

“……I really don’t know.”

Penelois gave up lightly on understanding the Ambrosias. Still stunned, she hugged Elexa, who did not wake up, and decided to be relieved that her child had not seen this spectacle.

“It hurts, Master.”

Oliven narrowed his brow and appealed to Sarah in the mirror. As if asking for a little understanding of his heart, as if playing a fool. But Sarah’s kindness could no longer reach Oliven.

[You look fine compared to Benjamin’s injury.]


Oliven watched Sarah’s affectionate appearance worrying about Benjamin. And again Sarah’s gaze toward him showed nothing.

[You can’t even handle an artifact. If you’re not going to follow my teachings, shouldn’t you show yourself a better way?]

Sarah’s words lengthened slowly. It was like holding back the boredom. Oliven bit his lip without realizing it.

“You’re so mean to me.”

[That’s what I’m gonna say. Look at the Ambrosia mansion. I don’t know how to look at the Duke……]

The mirror reflecting Sarah shook from side to side. From afar, she must also have a troubled face, shaking her head like a mirror. One could tell without looking closely.


It was only a small mirror, but when he heard Sarah’s voice, he could imagine her appearance. Although she wasn’t there, it felt as if she was there, so Claude let out a relaxed, tense breath without realizing it. Now he seemed to be a little reassured.

“Are you okay?”

May asked, gently stroking Claude’s back. Claude nodded his head slightly and looked around. The situation that had been unsettling until recently was cleared up in an instant. Although incomplete, it was because Sarah appeared.

“I have Nanny, so it’s okay.”

Claude’s eyes were filled with tears. However, the child lifted the hem of his clothes as if he would not spill it and wiped it around his eyes. Tears were about to pour out of relief. It was not even completely over yet.

[Our Young Master Claude, are you hurt?]

“I’m fine, but Uncle is……”

Claude looked at Benjamin with concern. He had shed a lot of blood and his face was pale. Benjamin said as he pressed his hand to Claude’s head.

“I won’t die like this.”

His voice was as calm as ever, but Claude could feel Benjamin’s palm wet on his head.

[Good job, Benjamin. You’ve been through a lot.]

“It wasn’t much, Master.”

Benjamin looked at Oliven with a sly gaze, raising one eyebrow in response to Sarah’s compliment. The smirk at the end of his gaze was blatant.

“Foolish disciple.”


“I told you not to call my name, you black magician bastard.”

Saying so, Benjamin once again made a magic spear in his hand.

“If you don’t have any tricks to do more, you’d better quit now.”

“You don’t think I’m here?”

Oliven gritted his teeth. Claude and Benjamin look friendly, and the master’s kindness embraced them. The whole thing made him feel like throwing up.

“……You’ll regret it only after you lose Master, Benjamin.”


At the meaningful words of Oliven, Benjamin narrowed his brows and asked back. But Oliven glared at the mirror floating in the air past him.

“I’ll protect her in my own way.”

In an instant, Oliven’s body was wrapped in dark magic. The explosive dark magic was different from other black magicians. It smelled very dangerous and destructive.

[Foolish child.]

For the first time, Sarah’s voice toward Oliven was filled with sadness. At the same time, a black hole appeared behind Oliven’s back as if he was opening his mouth. In the space where the depth was unknown, bright red eyes appeared one by one.

“Ki. Kiki. Kik.”

The cries of non-human things were leaking from the hole. It was clearly different from the cries of the monsters they dealt with a while ago.

[You brought things from the demon realm.]


Everyone’s faces hardened at Sarah’s words.

Demon realm.

Hell was called the land of demons. The temple always spoke of the horrors there and spared no warnings. Even if you are an imperial citizen without a state religion, you must have heard the warnings of the temple at least once or twice in your life.

“I’ll see if you can protect the brat against these things. Of course, you’ll have to dodge my attacks as well.”

Oliven warned in a faint voice. In the end, Benjamin, who couldn’t hold back, bit his lip tightly and created mana. Oliven’s killing gaze turned to Claude. Everyone here knew who the resentment was directed at.


Then Sarah in the mirror quietly recited a number. And at the same time, complex magic formulas began to flow from the mirror like a long thread. The magic formulas, which flowed out so fast that they surrounded Claude’s room at once, spun with a burst of bright light all at once.



“In the end, you are calling me directly here.”

Sarah, who existed in the small mirror, was clearly revealed.

“This makes two.”

Laughing colder than ice, Sarah warned Oliven, whose eyes widened in surprise. Of the three opportunities she foretold, he had already used two.

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