I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 153

Oliven quickly looked out the window. Then he saw a magic circle woven like a spider’s web around the sky. The magic circle surrounding the Duke of Ambrosia’s family was not broken.

‘If she did teleportation magic, her body would have been shattered. How can she do that so easily……’

He admired his master. He deeply admired his master, who tried to live a life that did not express and wield her overwhelming power. So, unfortunately, Oliven had never fully experienced the power of his master. He just felt something huge that he couldn’t fathom.

“You look surprised.”

The voice of his master with a calm face sank low. Oliven felt like it was pressing hard on his shoulders. For the first time, he thought about how shallow the feeling of reverence he had was. While he barely expected this much, while conceited that even his master would not be able to break the magic circle easily. He dared to say he adored her.


Sarah was looking over his shoulder. The monsters of the monster realm, which were slowly walking this way, still scattered their killing intent and shone their eyes.

“I think we need a conversation.”

Sarah smiled as she said so.

“Of course, you don’t have to say it in words.”

As soon as she finished speaking, a sharp gust of wind blew like a blade. Her azure magic, drawn out like a thread by the wind, rushed straight toward the monsters.

Kkiaaaah. Kkyauuargh.

The monsters of the monster realm who were approaching with flashing dark blue eyes uttered painful screams all at once.


Oliven hurriedly created the shield, but Sarah’s powerful mana quickly broke it. His injured shoulder hurt like crazy. But he couldn’t be bothered with it.

“Master, I’m in a lot of pain!”

“Then should I not do this to you so you won’t be hurt?”

At Oliven’s scream, Sarah raised the corners of her lips and snapped her fingers. Then, a different level of magic from the previous attack rushed toward Oliven’s shield once more.


He hurriedly added magic once again, but the shield began to break with a squeaky sound. Black magic spewed from Oliven’s body, which was difficult to use black magic in front of his master.


Oliven’s body trembled a lot at the words of his master that came out unconsciously. Sarah’s face narrowed as if she was seeing something dirty, and that image stuck in his chest.

“I didn’t know that you had developed your power to this extent while avoiding my eyes, so I’ll admit that this is my fault.”

The voice that flowed through her lips was soft, but there was no emotion in it for Oliven. Oliven could feel that it was cutting his chest more painfully than the wound on his shoulder. He opened his mouth with a shrill voice.

“Eventually you will understand me. Because everything was for Master. I just wanted to protect Master.”

“For me……”

One corner of Sarah’s lips curled up obliquely. At that moment, the intense magic that was trying to slash Oliven and the monsters of the monster realm disappeared like a lie.

“Huh, huk……”

The shield he was barely maintaining collapsed like a sand castle breaking down. Oliven collapsed, holding the wound on his shoulder.

Kkuuh, kkuh……

Seeing that the monsters who could not hide behind Oliven’s shield had been slaughtered, the monsters beyond the gates of the monster realm also began to retreat. It was because they had tasted the power of the Absolute, which fluttered through Sarah’s azure eyes.

“Then let’s listen to my old disciple’s nonsense.”

With a soft, mellow voice, Sarah raised one hand and snapped her finger. Then, along with the sound of something falling apart, the flow of air changed significantly.

Kkukung, kkukukukung.

The first one to notice the change was Benjamin, who was holding Claude in his arms.

“The space……”

Half of Claude’s room was moving as if a lump were divided into two.

“I’ll allow you to have a private meeting. Without outsiders.”

Sarah frowned as she looked at Claude. And as she shook her hand horizontally, the space on Claude’s side was pushed out of the window. On Claude’s bed, Penelois muttered in a dazed voice.

“The room is flying……”

Suddenly they were pushed out of the window. It was a sight that they could not comprehend with their head even though they were seeing it with their own eyes. The place where they were originally just existed like a cliff in a black space as if there was nothing. Benjamin strengthened his hold on Claude and explained.

“She folded the space and pushed it away. Because she can’t teleport all these people within that magic circle.”

It was a power beyond the reach of any magician. The power to neatly float and separate the space itself with a high-level magic formula. Benjamin glanced up and looked at Oliven’s magic circle that surrounded the Ambrosia mansion. It not only made the situation from the outside unknown but also thoroughly interfered with the teleportation magic. Black magic and white magic were at odds. Even if Benjamin and Belluna worked together in that circle of black magic, the magic circle would only create a small crack. However, his master pierced through that and moved to this place from a long distance at once.


At this moment, Benjamin desperately realized that his master was the Great Elder of the magic tower and the strongest magician in the world. It was probably better known to Oliven, who has to deal with Sarah’s wondrous powers in person. Benjamin shook his head at Oliven, who was staring devastatedly at his master. In front of the overwhelming power she displayed, Oliven seemed to have lost his will.

“Young Master Claude, hold on a minute, please. I’ll be right there to give you a hug soon.”

“Nanny, it’s dangerous! Come here!”

Claude shook his head and reached out to Sarah. He knew that his nanny was strong. He also knew that his nanny was safe no matter what. But his anxious heart was beating like like crazy and all he could hear was his own heartbeat.

“Don’t worry. It’s a little messy outside, but Belluna and the Knights were there……”

Sarah smiled at Claude and waved her hand again. Then, the space where Claude and his party were embracing slowly fell from the bed to the bottom of the window.


“It’s dangerous, so please stay still, brat.”

Benjamin squeezed Claude’s tiny body as he was about to run to Sarah and hugged him tightly. Oliven, who was watching the scene, sarcastically spoke in a tired voice.

“……Will it be safe to get out of my sight?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the door of the monster realm behind him collapsed with a squeaking sound.


The monsters roared bitterly and struggled to get out, squeezing the closing door. Sarah looked at them with cold eyes, then immediately swung her hand like she had sent Claude outside earlier.


Then, the space where the gates of the monster realm were located was easily folded, and the space where the monsters protrude themself fell out. It was a very swift process, unlike the gentle lowering of the space where Claude’s party was. Most of the monsters in it were seriously injured and would not be able to use even half of their power. It would probably be taken care of by Belluna in no time.

“You worry about your safety.”

Sarah, who looked back at Oliven, had no emotion left on her face.

“You’re alone with me, aren’t you?”


Sarah slowly approached Oliven. With each step she took, Oliven felt as if something huge was pressing him down. Cough, he let out a cough mixed with blood. It was an internal injury. It was because he just had his insides twisted to endure Sarah’s power.

“My power is disgusting, but Ambrosia’s power is okay?”

Oliven sarcastically wiped the blood running down his lips.

“I learned black magic to protect Master. In order not to let the dirty Ambrosia’s power harm Master.”

“For me?”


Oliven nodded as if there was no lie. He seemed to have no doubt that everything he had done was for Sarah’s sake.

“The power of Ambrosia is killing Master. Even if it’s the other side’s soul, in the end, that person is still Master. Why are you sacrificing yourself? What the hell are they?”

His clenched fists were trembling. His lips, which had been chewed to contain his resentment, seemed to burst and spill red blood at any moment.

“Why does Master have to do that?”

“Ah ah…… That’s right. Our Oliven was dissatisfied with that.”

Sarah nodded with a small sigh. Then she reached out and caressed Oliven’s pale cheek.

“Then I’ll do what you want.”

Oliven’s eyelashes trembled at his master’s touch, which he had not felt in a long time, and he blinked slowly. In an instant, a faint red glow appeared on his pale cheeks.

“What do you want me to do?”

“I just want Master to live in peace……”

“Do you want me to live in the magic tower, studying magic? Or should I find a man who will calmly inherit the family and do the Small Count’s duty? Which one do you want?”

Sarah’s voice was bright, speaking of the future like an excited person. As if she were drawing a life with the same results as her dreams.

“If I get tired of that, how about living the other life in another world? With the soul that I tried to kill, but you saved. How is it?”


However, unlike Sarah’s voice, Oliven’s face hardened little by little.

“What’s wrong? I’m asking for permission. What kind of life should I live, what would you like?”


“Oh, my. You don’t look so good. Don’t you like how I say this? What should I do?”

Oliven chewed his lip and bowed his head. There was a sound of breath leaking through Sarah’s lips and a despondent sneer.

“I said something you didn’t like, so now it’s your turn to shut my mouth with the black magic you’ve learned for me.”

“Master! Please!”

Oliven shouted, unable to bear the blatant sarcasm. Raising his trembling body, Oliven shook his head. The eyes looking at Sarah as if trying to get her sympathy were mournful.

“Don’t do this, please.”


“I really did my best for Master.”

“Oliven, you have to talk straight.”

Sarah continued, clicking her tongue and tapping Oliven’s nose with her fingers.

“It’s for you.”


Oliven’s green eyes, wide with shock, showed Sarah’s expressionless face.

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